Barbiecore Aesthetic: Bold, Glamorous, and Pretty in Hot Pink

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Instagram 101 | Jun 14, 2024

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When you picture hyperfeminine clothes, glamorous sparkles, and the color pink, no icon comes to mind as quickly as Barbie. This fashionable doll lives in the heart of every little girl, even long after they’ve grown up. But what was once just a “toy” has evolved into one of the most popular aesthetic styles today—Barbiecore aesthetic.

From fashion influencers to lovers of all things pink, so many women have picked up on this Instagram trend. Embracing Barbie’s iconic girly style has led to content such as hot pink OOTDs or ultra-glam makeup looks.

But what does Barbiecore really look like, specifically in fashion, and how do women present themselves unapologetically? Keep scrolling to learn the elements of this bold, vibrant style to emulate in your everyday life.

A young woman with pink clothes and sunglasses next to a vintage Barbie toy camera.

What Is Barbiecore Aesthetic?

Anyone who isn’t chronically online or doesn’t keep up with fashion trends might ask, what is Barbiecore aesthetic? The style is exactly how you would picture it. It’s everything the iconic Barbie doll by Mattel is—hyperfeminine, vibrant, outgoing, and clad in gorgeous pink. It’s a little more understated and structured than maximalist fashion but definitely more eye-catching than the subdued, clean-girl aesthetic.

Barbiecore has always been popular, but people regard it as quite kitschy and niche. However, in the last few months, it has seen a bit of a resurgence and has become stylish again.

You can thank Greta Gerwig’s 2023 “Barbie” movie starring Margot Robbie for that. The L.A. Times reports it was the highest-grossing film of the year, closing at $1.36 billion at the box office. The movie’s marketing team left no stone unturned, promoting not just the movie but Barbie’s fashion and “life in plastic.” They even got Margot Robbie to dress almost identical to Barbie at all of the movie premieres and press junkets.

It was only a matter of time before people—women especially—rediscovered their love for Barbie and all things feminine. The rekindled love for Barbie inspired grown women to dress like the doll they admired as girls. This nostalgia resulted not only in long lines at the movie premieres but also in a newfound love for Barbiecore.

What’s great about modern-day Barbiecore is that it’s a lot more inclusive than Barbie from decades back. Today, anyone can dress like Barbie if they want, even if they don’t have a slim figure of blonde hair. It’s become the perfect, classic, signature style for anyone who wants to use their femininity to stand out.

A woman wearing a hot pink dress sitting on the floor with her guitar in front of a life-size Barbie box.

7 Key Elements of Barbiecore Fashion

How does this feminine style look when translated into clothes and personal style? Here are some of the key elements and hallmarks of beautiful, brazen, and bold Barbiecore fashion.

1. Anything Pink and Pastel

There’s nothing more emblematic about Barbiecore style than how much you see the color pink in it. Barbie loves all shades of pink, from baby pinks and carnations to magenta and hot pink. It’s undoubtedly her signature color. So, if you want to emulate her sense of style, wear lots of pink.

Of course, Barbiecore-inspired wardrobes include more than just pink. You can also replicate that sweet, romantic girlishness with pastel tones, from baby blues to pale, light yellows. They also create a whimsy look.

A blonde woman with a vibrant, hot pink jumpsuit sitting on a pink couch.

2. Unapologetically Feminine

Barbie can wear anything she wants, but most of the time, her clothes are unapologetically feminine. So, if you’re going for a Barbiecore look, go for feminine silhouettes that are flirty and show off your curves. Go for A-line or pencil skirts that accentuate your figure or perhaps hyperfeminine crop tops and sundresses. This aspect of Barbiecore is like the cuts and pieces you’ll find in coquette clothing, but bolder and more vibrant.

3. Evokes a Sense of Nostalgia and Girlhood

Although Mattel’s empire has exploded thanks to the success of Barbie, don’t forget that she started as a doll. For many women, she’s a symbol of their youth. So, Barbiecore is full of nostalgic elements that bring women back to the days of their innocent girlhood. Accessories like retro-inspired film cameras (preferably pink) or nostalgic products like Lip Smackers are awesome for emulating Barbiecore.

4. Glittery, Sparkly Fabrics

There’s no one glitzier and more glamorous than Barbie. She can always dazzle others with sparkly dresses and bejeweled accessories, all while being unapologetic about it.

Therefore, Barbiecore is also characterized by glitter, sparkles, metallics, and rhinestones—more ultra-feminine elements. Don’t be ashamed of wearing eye-catching sequined tops or shimmery dresses in bright colors. These captivating elements in your outfits are exactly what will tie you to Barbie’s signature style.

A woman with a sparkly party dress posing in front of a mirror.

5. Bold, Eye-Catching Prints and Patterns

Barbie’s clothes are never boring. If they’re not interesting through their color, they’re always enchanting because of their bold prints and patterns. From leopard prints to posh polka dots to girly florals, patterns help add extra pizzazz to any Barbiecore outfit.

Aside from making outfits look more striking and dramatic, these prints also evoke a sense of nostalgia. Stars, hearts, stripes, and more might remind some women of their favorite patterns as young girls. That makes Barbiecore even more enmeshed.

6. High Heels for Extra Height

Barbie is known for always being in high heels. That’s why Barbie dolls are always on their tippy-toes. They wait for their owners to put high heels over their feet. The 2023 movie even had an iconic scene that made waves on the internet, highlighting this quirk about the dolls.

The good news is now that you’re all grown up, you can also wear high heels, just like Barbie does. It’s a great way to add extra height to your outfit while looking more like a baddie. They make your overall appearance more sophisticated and sexier as well.

A pair of pink heels on a stand next to some pink sweaters on a rack.

7. Doll-Like Hair and Makeup

Barbiecore doesn’t stop at just clothes and shoes. To fully emulate the signature aesthetic, your hair and makeup have to match the vibe, too.

Let’s start with hair. People know Barbie for her long, beautiful blonde hair, which she can style in many ways. For that girly, doll-like look, try voluminous waves or high ponytails in your locks when you want to emulate Barbiecore. Add accessories like cute headbands and hairclips, too.

Makeup artists typically focus on beautiful pink tones. The bold eye looks, pretty lip glosses, rosy blush, and glittery shadows are terrific standing points for Barbiecore glam.

A woman with vintage buns in her hair applying pink-toned makeup on her face.

4 Ideas for Barbiecore Aesthetic Outfits

Do you love the elements above and want to wear Barbiecore aesthetic outfits on Instagram posts for everyone to marvel at? Here are some cute outfit ideas to emulate this happy, girly energy through clothes, no matter the setting!

1. Occupation-Themed Outfits for Career-Driven Women

In recent decades, the iconic Barbie doll went from just feminine to teaching girls how to be anything they want. Mattel came out with variations of the doll in all kinds of jobs, from corporate Barbie to police officer Barbie. A terrific way to emulate Barbiecore while still dressing appropriately for work is through outfits like these.

For example, if you work in an office setting, level up your OOTDs by going for a pink power suit. Pastel-colored blazers and skirts are also perfect for this. It’s a great way to look put-together and work-appropriate still while unleashing your inner Barbie girl.

A woman with curly hair wearing a pink suit, smiling, and holding a cup of coffee.

2. Y2K Barbiecore Outfits To Tap Into Your Inner 90s Kid

Because nostalgia hinges on Barbie dolls, Barbiecore outfits typically feature retro and vintage touches, too. For example, many lovers of the aesthetic express themselves through Y2K Barbiecore outfits. Not only is it an homage to their favorite doll. It’s also a nod to their identity as a 90s kid who lived through the 2000s.

There are so many feminine fashion pieces that scream both Barbie and Y2K. Crop tops embellished with glitter and rhinestones would pair well with retro, low-rise jeans or denim miniskirts. If you want something more practical and comfortable to move around in, look at pink velour tracksuits. For shoes, opt for platform heels or wedges. Don’t forget to accessorize with chunky hoop earrings, anklets, and bangles for this cute, retro-inspired look!

3. Neon, 70s-Inspired Outfits for Pops of Color

One of the most vibrant and colorful eras for Barbie was in the 70s. During this decade, she wore roller skates, neon leggings, disco-themed dresses, and other eye-catching pieces that were definitive of the time’s trends.

Bring this psychedelic aesthetic back with much more feminine versions of 70s classics, like pink bell-bottomed pants and huge sunglasses. Oh, and take the extra time to give your hair a blow-out for that quintessential 70s bombshell look!

4. Outfits That Embrace Barbie as a Brand

The easiest way to emulate Barbiecore and honor your love for Barbie dolls is by donning clothes embracing the brand. These might include Mattel merchandise with the official pink Barbie logo on it, such as charming graphic tees and jackets. Pair them with feminine pieces like pink headbands, pastel-colored skirts, and girly pants to add extra Barbie flair to your look.

A woman wearing a Barbie T-shirt paired with a pink skirt and cap smiling at the camera.

Other Ways To Express Barbiecore on Instagram

Of course, pink clothes and good makeup are rarely enough to emulate Barbiecore on social media. If you really want to express yourself online in true Barbie fashion, you have to get creative with your posts.

Barbiecore may primarily be an aesthetic style, but it’s also an energy you bring to the table as a woman. It’s a vibrant, bold, and unapologetically feminine spirit. You’ve already got your stunning Barbie-inspired outfits down. It’s time to pair them with Instagram content that shows that you love Barbie’s lifestyle and what she stands for, too.

Here are content ideas for anyone who wants to replicate Barbiecore not just in their appearance but their feed, too:

  • A house tour showing your followers your very own, real-life Barbie dream house. Make sure to decorate your house with as much pink as possible to really evoke that sense of feminine pride.
  • Videos showing off your Barbie collection through the years.
  • Beauty how-to’s teach other women how to tap into their feminine side and explore Barbiecore as a fashion style. Highlight aesthetic Barbie makeup looks and outfits to inspire others to embrace Barbiecore, too.
  • Day-in-the-life videos of a career woman inspired by Barbie’s advocacy of letting girls be whatever they want to be.
  • Women empowerment posts and thought pieces about feminism and the power of leaning into your girly side.

A woman with a pink crochet top, denim mini skirt, and pink sunglasses leaning against a wall.

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Barbiecore isn’t just a colorful, whimsy aesthetic. It’s a language that all women understand as glamour, women empowerment, and being unapologetically yourself. So, don’t be surprised if you see an uptick in your following once after posting Barbie-inspired outfits and other content.

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