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Massplanner for your Instagram

Have you ever tried or wanted to try Massplanner before? Massplanner is a software that will automate your publishing, unfollowing and post Scheduling. People who used Massplanner got their account banned or blocked. That is why people started using Path Social. Here’s why

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Massplanner The Instagram Bot

Is your account safe with Massplanner?

MassPlanner uses bots and automation to grow your account. Its automation features allow you to follow and follow, comment and upload posts for you in which case people have experienced their account either being temporarily blocked or permanently banned from Instagram.

Instagram’s term of service is always keen against automation and massplanner is no special case and would really be a matter of time until the system catches on.

This is where Path Social becomes relevant. Path Social grows your Instagram Account for you safely and 100% Organically. You can rapidly expand your audience followers by widening your exposure, getting more likes and real followers in a fast and safe way possible.

With Massplanner:

With Path Social, on the other hand:


Why did 24,000+ people choose Path Social

Our users adore how easy it is to achieve growth with Path Social. Check out why you should be starting with Path Social Now to grow your Instagram Fast.

Do you need assurance that you use the best tool to grow your Instagram? Here are some of the main reason why people are switching from Massplanner to Path Social:

2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Instagram Followers

Smart features Massplanner lacks

Path Social’s built-in Advanced AI will give you a regular improvement suggestion to make sure you grow your Instagram safer and faster. You can check out the features page to discover them or sign up now!


Massplanner pricing and features

Massplanner may look a bit accessible at first but the pricing differences come with a very high risk of your account getting banned for life. Path Social’s features are all about safety precision and organic account growth.


$  49 /mo


$  49 /mo
Why the price difference?

Still uncertain because of the price difference between MassPlanner and Path Social? Get in touch now and talk with our dedicated growth team and we’ll see the best price match for you. Contact us!

What's Massplanner?

Massplanner is a 100% automation bot that promises to help you grow your account by randomly interacting with people on your behalf. This used to be amazing until Instagram changed its Algorithm and is very keen in shutting down bots and banning people who used them in the process.

How does Massplanner work?

Massplanner works exactly like any other bot out there. Through your PC, you set your target and the bot engages them to profiles that match your selection. (Including fake and inactive profiles)

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Is Path Social better than Massplanner?

Unlike Massplanner, Path Social will increase your instagram in all different aspects but still making sure that it is 100% safe. You also can choose to zoom in with your target audience and build your high intent followers.

Do you have a guarantee?

With Path Social, you can start seeing the difference in 2 days and if there is no growth with your account within 14 days, we refund you 100% with no questions asked.

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Path Social is hands-free

Path Social guarantees your Instagram growth while you rest and without worrying that your account will be banned. Here’s how it works:

Add Your Account

Add your Instagram account and specify what type of account you run.

Smart Targeting

Add relevant hashtags, similar accounts, and locations you want to target.

Path Social Gets To Work

Path Social engages with real Instagram users turning them into real, relevant followers.

Grow your Instagram

Check the analytics dashboard and see how you get more followers day by day.

You're in good company

Now with tens of thousands of happy customers, Path Social got you covered. Enough Talk, just see for yourself what our customers have to say!


We’re using Path Social to grow our engagement with our branded location and hashtags. Works very well.


We’re using Path Social to grow our engagement with our branded location and hashtags. Works very well.


We’re using Path Social to grow our engagement with our branded location and hashtags. Works very well.


Industry-awarded customer success team

Our customer success team has been awarded the “Best industry first-time-to-response” award along with a few other industry awards. Once you sign up, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager to whom you can reach out any time. Sign up today and become popular on Instagram!

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