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Growing on Instagram with Path Social

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We got over 3,500 new Instagram followers our first month, and that helped catapult our personal training recruitment.



As an aspiring entrepreneur I really want to make myself stand out and have success. I turned to Instagram to show my knowledge and gain a community around myself, but I found it impossible to gain followers in such a competitive space. I signed up with Path Social and really didn’t think they would do much, but after two months I was already up thousands of followers and finally getting the engagement I wanted. Shoutout to Path Social for really helping me out!

I have been posting about nature for a very long time and besides my friends, no one seemed interested. I thought I could really use some engagement on my profile since that would be fun, but didn’t know how to. I tried Path Social and they really did help me find more followers that engage with my posts!

Running a fitness account on Instagram is hard. There are thousands of other fitness accounts so gaining a lot of followers is really tough. I’ve tried a few growth services to help me out but they didn’t do anything except cause me headaches. Thankfully I tried Path Social before I gave up because they have helped me so much. I’ve gained thousands of followers and I finally feel like I have an account worth running.

If you haven’t tried Path Social yet, then you need to. I am extremely passionate about books and bookstores but not everyone is like me. It was so hard to run my Instagram account because no one would follow or engage with my account. Well, after a few years I am still loving Path Social and they’ve done wonders to my account!

When I had a turning point in my life and I transitioned into a photographer and started traveling around the world, I used Instagram to showcase my new life. Path Social really helped me get my new page and life off the ground and I’ve never felt better.

As a nutrition coach, I feel like we are often overlooked in the fitness industry, especially on social media. Instagram is a great place for me to show off healthy foods, tips, and more but I just couldn’t compete with the big names. However, thanks to Path Social my profile looks fantastic, I get a ton of followers and engagement, and I have the most clients I’ve ever had!

Path Social has completely changed the game for me. I never thought as an architect that Instagram could be a platform I could leverage to grow my architectural business until I came across their service. My Instagram was severely lacking and I just wanted a quick boost to just make my business look good if people are interested and happen to go to Instagram. Well, fast forward a couple years and I’m still partnered and my business is thriving!

My Pomeranian account has become a source of inspiration, education, and joy for both me and my followers. The support and guidance I received have truly helped me showcase the beauty and charm of Pomeranians to a broader audience. I couldn’t be happier with the benefits Path Social has brought to my Pomeranian journey, allowing me to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for these fluffy companions.

As someone who has adored huskies in all their breathtaking variations for as long as I can remember. From the mesmerizing blue eyes of Siberian Huskies to the captivating masks of Alaskan Malamutes. It was only natural for me to create an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the immense beauty of these majestic dogs. However, my reach was limited, and I wasn’t connecting with as many fellow husky enthusiasts as I had hoped. That’s when I turned to Path Social, and the impact has been absolutely astounding. The likes, comments, and shares on my posts featuring these lovable huskies have multiplied exponentially.

As a music lover, we were hungry to share our music, our journey, and our thoughts with a wider audience. But despite our best efforts, our Instagram page was hitting a sour note. That was until we got in tune with Path Social. The transformation has been amazing! The increase in followers and interaction is like music to our ears. Our content is resonating with so many more people and the engagement is truly harmonious. Path Social has not only met but exceeded our expectations, and we’re more excited than ever to see where our music will take me next. They truly rock!

As a die-hard music fanatic, I’ve always dreamed of spreading my love for music far and wide on Instagram. I was sharing my reviews, insights, and performances but somehow, I wasn’t reaching as many people as I hoped. Then, I discovered Path Social. Wow, what a difference they’ve made! The growth in followers and engagement has been extraordinary. My content is reaching more music lovers than I could have ever imagined, and the feedback I’m receiving is incredible. I am not just satisfied but absolutely thrilled with the results from Path Social. They’ve truly tuned up my Instagram presence and made my music dreams a reality!

We run an Instagram page dedicated to Mental Health & Motivation and have been using Path Social for the last few months. Honestly, we are blown away by the results. Our followers have shot up dramatically and the engagement on my posts has reached levels I never thought possible! We’ve seen a surge in likes, shares, and comments, all thanks to the innovative strategies from Path Social. It feels so rewarding to know that our messages of hope and motivation are reaching and impacting a larger audience.

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