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Free Instagram Tools From Path Social

We know social media can be daunting and complex. That’s why we created free tools to help you get started and see how your social media trends. These tools are a significant asset in your social media plan and success. Whether you’re building your brand or revamping your profile. Take a look at our amazing list of free Instagram tools we created just for you. Do you have any questions about our tools or how we can help your Instagram presence grow? If so, feel free to reach out at any time. 

About Path Social’s Instagram tools

Many companies make you pay or sign up for a trial to use their tools and features, but not Path Social. If you are getting started, use the username generator to get the best possible name for your account. Are you already using Instagram? Then, try out the handy engagement rate calculator to see how well your Instagram really is doing. 

Looking for a way to boost your engagement and exposure? Use our popular hashtag generator to get the best possible hashtags to include on our Instagram. Our tools help with your key Instagram metrics and follower growth. We’ll help you grow an audience that is genuine and engaging.

Our #1 Tool

While the tools we offer are something everyone should utilize to boost their social media, nothing beats using Path Social. We provide real-time analytics available through your Path Social dashboard so you always have tabs on your metrics. Take the stress and worry of growing your Instagram entirely out of the equation. Allow Path Social’s award-winning growth team to do the work for you.

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Free Instagram Tools

We built these Instagram analytics tools for you so we can offer a robust social media management platform. No payment or sign-up is required. Additionally, you don’t need an Instagram business account or a Creator account to use these tools. Let Path Social help with your Instagram marketing efforts by using these optimization tools.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Are you struggling to find the best Instagram hashtags to optimize your content strategy? Path Social’s free Hashtag Generator for IG helps your profile by providing successful hashtags to pair with your content. Capture a prominent spot on users’ Instagram feeds, hashtag search results, social media analytics, and the Explore page.

No more guessing games; no more trials and errors. Enter your hashtag keyword in the Hashtag Generator tool below and give yourself the best hashtag advantage. Try it now and pair the results with your user-generated content. Add a witty caption, and you’re good to go. Sit back, relax, and watch your Instagram insights and hashtag analytics trend upwards in no time.

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Video Download for Instagram

Did you spot a video on your Instagram feed but need to return to it? Use our free Instagram video download tool to save Instagram videos online to your desktop or mobile device. Watch videos from your favorite brands’ Instagram posts whenever you want, wherever you are.

Web Viewer for Instagram

Want to view Instagram video content or images but don’t have an IG account? Path Social’s web viewer for Instagram gives you viewing access to any public Instagram account.

Instagram anonymous story viewer.

Instagram Story Viewer

The Instagram Story viewer allows you to watch Instagram Stories from public accounts. You can also save a Stories post anonymously, completely free, and without installing any third-party app. Use this IG Story viewer on any device to view and download public Stories and Highlights.

Instagram Profile Analyzer

Find all the data you need to know about an Instagram profile with Path Social’s Instagram Profile Analyzer. This free Instagram analytics tool is a reliable and advanced AI tool. It’s ideal for finding the right social media marketing strategy for your account.

The IG Profile Analyzer offers information and statistics such as engagement rates and follower counts. This monitoring and tracking feature also highlights posts per day, week, month, and the profile’s most popular post time.

Use it for free and with no log-in or app installation required.

Screenshot of Instagram influencer profile.

Instagram Fonts Generator

Elevate your Instagram’s aesthetics and make users stop scrolling with Path Social’s Instagram Fonts Generator. Choose from over 100 eye-catching font styles to give your bio, captions, and comments a unique visual appeal. Users will want to stop and view your content, and you’ll have an aesthetic leg up on your competitors.

Experience higher engagement and gain followers with a simple but fancy Instagram font makeover. Just enter any text into the templates and select your preferred font style. No need for complex editing. Try it now to stand out against other social media posts on IG.

Instagram Photo Download Tool

Instantly download photos from Instagram straight to your device with Path Social’s Instagram Photo Download tool. Save Instagram photos from any public profile with a simple copy and paste. No need to log into an Instagram account or install a third-party app. Try it now.

Screenshot of Instagram post overview.

Engagement Rate Calculator

Quickly find out your engagement rate with Path Social’s unique Instagram engagement calculator. This is one of our most popular free Instagram analytics tools. It’s also ideal for understanding how successful your social media campaigns are.

Use your results as a scheduling planner. You’ll know when to post your content to a broader audience for even more engagement. All you need is a username.

Path Social’s Instagram engagement rate calculator is free and easy to use.

Username Generator

Sharing is caring. So, we built a username generator that’s great for Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and other social media channels. In just a few taps, you’ll have a unique username that’s perfect to use across all your social media accounts.


Instagram Audit Tool

Have you ever looked at a profile and wondered if it’s fake? Now, you can easily find out whether or not someone is trying to cheat with Path Social’s Instagram audit tool. We know that authenticity is important, and this tool helps you decide whether to follow or unfollow users.

Like Path Social’s other free Instagram tools, enjoy the audit tool for free, and our interface is easy to use. Just enter the username.

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About Path Social

Path Social is a social media agency dedicated to organically growing Instagram followers and engagement. Complete your comprehensive influencer marketing platform with the help of Path Social.

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