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Instagram Auditer for Clout, Legitimacy, and More

Free Instagram Audit Tool

How many times have you looked at an account on Instagram and wondered if it is actually real? You’ll be surprised to find out that a lot of Instagram accounts aren’t actually legit. Rather than wasting your time dealing with a fake account, simply use our free Instagram audit tool to quickly find out if an account is real or fake.

There are many ways to analyze an account and determine if it is real or not, but the main way is to look at the quality of followers and engagement rate. Want to check out a profile’s engagement rate? Or better yet your own? Use our free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator to see how you and others are really doing.

Instagram Audit

The best way to find out the legitimacy of an Instagram account is with Path Social’s free Instagram audit tool. The audit tool will break down the account’s comments, likes, and followers giving you a breakdown of the quality of followers and engagement.





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Your Free Instagram Audit Tool

Instead of spending hours analyzing an Instagram account and trying to see if it is real or not, you now have a nifty tool that can do this for you. Path Social’s free Instagram audit tool examines a user’s account and breaks down their followers, likes, and comments so you can determine the legitimacy of the account. 

A Free Alternative

Have you ever heard of Hypeauditor or similar platforms that analyze social media accounts? These services provide metrics that can help determine the legitimacy of an account. Don’t waste your money when Path Social’s Instagram audit tool provides essentially the same metrics, but for free!

Audit Influencers and More

This free Instagram audit tool is the best way to verify that the influencer you are working with is actually legit and has real engagement. This is great for companies who are thinking about working with an influencer and don’t want to waste their money and time on the wrong influencer.

Fast, Easy Instagram Auditing

Not only is Path Social’s Instagram audit tool completely free to use, it’s super simple and quick as well. Just enter the specific user’s handle you want to audit and voila! 

How Does an Instagram Audit Work?

You can audit any account on Instagram simply by entering the accounts handle into the tool. When you perform an audit, here are the steps you should be following: 

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