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Buy Instagram Followers: Pros, Cons, Tips, and Safe Strategies

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As all social media gurus know, having an influential Instagram profile is essential for people, businesses, and organizations. Unfortunately, one strategy that some people use to quickly increase their follower count is buying instant Instagram followers. However, this approach can have serious consequences that ultimately damage you or our brand’s reputation and put your social media accounts at risk.

In this post, we’ll explore why some people attempt to purchase active Instagram followers and the potential repercussions of doing so, as well as some strategies for growing your account organically.

We’ll also discuss practical strategies for growing your account without using bot followers. By practicing the best Instagram marketing strategies, like posting engaging content, using hashtags, and community-building tactics, you’ll be on your way to a high follower count in no time.

By the end, you’ll clearly understand how to cultivate an authentic fan base and grow your Instagram presence with social proof.

Let’s explore why buying followers may seem like an appealing option for some users on Instagram.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Deciding whether to purchase Instagram followers can be tricky, with obvious advantages and disadvantages. Buying followers can be a viable option for businesses hoping to boost their visibility and attract potential customers. However, it’s important to note that many of these purchased accounts may be inactive or fake—meaning they won’t interact with your content or add any real value to your account.

The best way to do this is by researching reputable marketplaces and services where you can purchase organic growth from real users at an affordable price. It is also wise to check that the provider has a good standing and guarantees quality outcomes to avoid being taken advantage of financially.

Increase Your Follower Count, Leading to More Engagement on Your Posts

Buying Instagram followers can help you build your brand quickly, increase your social media presence, and connect with more potential customers. 

More Followers Translate to a Higher Following Rate

Social media users are a trend-based audience. If they see two companies in the same niche, they often choose the brand with the most social media followers. If your business has a low follower count, your sales, revenue, or reach may suffer. So, by buying Instagram followers, you can bridge that gap from having a new account with no followers.

Better Engagement With Instagram Users

With constantly changing social media trends, staying relevant can be challenging. However, continually growing followers can help you stay relevant and engaged with your users. By buying Instagram followers, you can often get noticed more quickly. The only risk is that you must be mindful of the low engagement and interaction rates the purchased followers can sometimes have. You should always buy active Instagram followers from a trusted service or website.

Costly With No ROI Guarantees

The fact of the matter is that buying the best Instagram followers can be expensive. You need to buy at least a couple thousand followers to make an impact. And if you don’t take the time to research and buy from reputable sources, you might not see the ROI that you were hoping for. So, you need to be cautious and tactical before purchasing a lot of followers.

Damaging Your Reputation

Buying your way into a market always comes with a certain amount of risk. Consumers can quickly form negative opinions about your brand or account when they discover a fraudulent rise to power. And this is a truth that has never been more obvious than it is today, with the insight that one can gain from social media sources. If you decide to buy a large number of followers and don’t have the quality to back it up, it can backfire on you tenfold, leading to a complete loss of reputation.

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Key Takeaway: Buying followers can be risky; it might quickly inflate your numbers, but you should ensure that the accounts are genuine and will interact with your content. It's also possible for Instagram to ban or remove purchased accounts if they detect inauthentic activity - so research reputable services and guarantees before investing in paid followers.

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How To Buy Real Instagram Followers Safely

When selecting a service to buy followers from, you should consider where you are buying from, what type of account (premium or regular), and how many at once, based on the size of your current Instagram community and IG algorithm preferences. Also, remember that while purchasing followers may give an initial boost in follower count and engagement metrics, this will likely not convert into more sales or brand awareness if those purchased accounts do not actively engage with content regularly after purchase. 

Therefore, taking the necessary precautions when making such decisions is essential for enduring success. It’s important that if you choose to buy followers, you buy real followers. You can find more reviews and comparisons of services that claim to provide you with real Instagram followers here.

Before investing heavily in purchasing large amounts of IG followers, doing your due diligence is essential. For example, opting for smaller packages until you’ve built enough organic traction might be wise if you’re just starting to grow your Instagram presence. Otherwise, Instagram may perceive this sudden influx in activity as suspicious behavior and consequently flag or remove the account due to its ‘inauthentic’ nature. Acquiring authentic Instagram followers is an excellent way to expand your nearness on the platform quickly, yet it’s essential to be watchful while picking a supplier. Now that you know more about buying real active followers, let’s look at common questions and concerns regarding this process.

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Key Takeaway: Buying followers can quickly boost your Instagram following, but exercising caution and selecting trustworthy sources is essential. To avoid suspicion of inauthentic behavior, start small with smaller packages until you have organic traction first.

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Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Path Social

Sure, we might be biased, but we believe in and back our service, so we think Path Social is one of the best sites for real high quality Instagram followers. Their service promises organic growth and engagement from open accounts that will help build your brand’s presence on the platform over time. Additionally, Path Social provides a range of packages tailored to different requirements, so you can find the perfect option without spending too much.


Twicsy offers “Real Users, Real Accounts” that are quickly delivered. They specialize in providing authentic followers with no fake or inactive accounts mixed in—perfect if you want to avoid any potential issues with Instagram’s algorithm or community guidelines. Plus, they have some fantastic deals available, too. 


Kicksta is another excellent option for acquiring premium followers safely and securely. Their 100% all-natural organic growth services guarantee only real people who are genuinely interested in your content—not random bots and inactive accounts like other companies might offer. This means more likes, comments, and shares—and ultimately, more exposure for your profile.

Look for sources like Path Social, InstaFollowers, Buzzoid, Twicsy, or Kicksta, which all promise high quality Instagram followers that will engage with content genuinely over time.


Great content doesn’t always translate to high engagement these days. Instagram has over a billion active monthly users, but getting new followers on the wildly popular platform has become a Herculean task. So, should you bite the bullet and buy cheap Instagram followers to grow your business? Can you buy Instagram engagement that will lead to significant and quantifiable results? Or is it just a fake-it-til-you-make-it strategy? Keep reading to find out if buying IG followers is a risk worth taking.

Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

You can definitely buy Instagram account followers. The process is pretty straightforward—after you pick a provider, you choose a package (usually based on how many followers you want to buy), and then you make your payment. What happens next? 

“Instant delivery. 100% real followers!” Many growth services promise to deliver anywhere from 100 to 10,000 followers instantly. But how reliable are follower packages from these hyped growth services? Even if your follower numbers shoot up, does it add real value to your business?

Should You Buy More Instagram Followers?

Buying cheap IG account followers may provide you with a quick and easy way to grow your followers, but it’s different than the strategy used by the most prominent Instagram influencers. You must find the right balance between quantity and quality when it comes to real users. After buying tens of thousands of followers, your big follower numbers may impress curious visitors to your profile. But the advantage usually begins and ends there. Here are the reasons why you should seriously reconsider this “investment.”

Does Buying Followers for Instagram Work?

Buying cheap Instagram followers may provide an easy fix to your Instagram page struggles, but it’s only an illusion of a solution. You may also see it as a shortcut to growth and success, but you’ll only be paying for the appearance of success. 

Remember that people will only know how many followers you have if they get curious enough to check out your profile. They may be impressed by your high follower numbers, but most of these interested visitors will only hit the follow button after they’ve browsed through your posts and if they decide that they want to see more of your content based on what they’ve already seen. 

If your goal is to make your Instagram profile stand out with the appearance of success, then buying followers for Instagram may work temporarily. However, you will need more than padding your follower numbers with fake or bot accounts to build a more substantial presence on the platform through increased and active engagement. If you want to get more followers from real people by creating the illusion of popularity, prioritizing quantity over high-quality followers will ultimately fail as a success strategy.

Is It Legal/Ethical/Safe to Purchase Instagram Followers?

The legality of buying followers varies by country, so you should research local laws and regulations before making a purchase. Generally speaking, though, buying followers isn’t illegal or unethical as long as they are real accounts from legitimate users who have opted in for such services. It’s also generally safe if you buy from reputable sources—but there is always a risk when providing payment information online.

Will My Engagement Metrics Improve if I Buy More Followers?

Purchasing fake or inactive accounts won’t help your engagement rates because these profiles only engage with content as real people do. If you want to increase your follower count while improving your engagement rate, consider buying organic growth services instead—this will ensure that all new followers are genuine and active users who will interact with your posts regularly.

Can You Get Banned For Buying Instagram Followers?

Yes—Instagram has strict rules against inauthentic activity on its platform, which includes buying likes and follows from third-party sites or bots. If detected, Instagram may remove purchased accounts from your profile or even ban your account entirely, depending on the severity of the violation. So, to stay safe, make sure you only buy high-quality premium followers from real users who opt-in for such services voluntarily—not bots or fake accounts created solely to boost numbers artificially.

So, should you buy Instagram followers? We strongly recommend against it. Prioritizing quantity over quality will severely damage your account’s performance and reputation. You will lose any progress you have gained before repurchasing more followers, and you’ll have to work much harder to set things right again. Growing your Instagram organically is always the best option.

Know the Risks of Buying Instagram Followers

The best marketplaces and services for buying real organic growth come from companies that back their users with a guarantee if they don’t meet your expectations. When looking for reliable sellers, check out social proof and ratings on external websites or query people who have used the service. 

Also, be aware of any “too good to be true” offers, as these could lead to fake accounts or inactive ones being added to your profile instead of actual users engaging with your posts. Finally, if you’re still considering buying active followers for an instant and significant boost in numbers, you should know exactly what you’re paying for.

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You Get Fake IG Followers

Despite Instagram’s severe and effective crackdown on fake accounts, bots, and fabricated follower numbers, Google search results still deliver tons of vendors promising “100% real followers instantly!” But vendors have smartened up and changed their strategy, providing followers gradually over a period of weeks or months. More often than not, however, these followers are fake and won’t help improve your engagement metrics. Fake followers are usually accounts explicitly created to pad follower numbers and deliver supposedly organic engagement for a price. In addition, large click farms or other shady social media tactics often control multiple fake IG accounts.

You Expose Your Account and the Accounts of Your Followers to Bots

Thanks to ever-evolving AI technology, bot accounts are becoming increasingly realistic. They exhibit online behaviors that may pass for organic under initial scrutiny. But with a bit of detective work, it’s easy enough to identify these automated dummy accounts.

Even when you try to buy premium followers, you’ll likely end up with bots. You can expect automated follows and likes and generic comments that are not consistent with your brand identity. If many of your followers are bots, your published content might not reach an authentic audience. Your posts may even become hidden from your real organic followers as a direct result of a significantly reduced engagement rate, which, in turn, also lowers your posts’ relevance to more organic followers.

Increased Long-Term Engagement Metrics

Purchasing followers will only result in increased long-term engagement metrics if they’re fake accounts or inactive ones—only real people who engage authentically will do. Instagram could ban or remove them if they detect inauthentic activity on the platform. While this is likely only if many purchased accounts suddenly appear all at once (which would look suspicious), it’s still worth pausing before relying on purchased followers.

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Key Takeaway: Buying followers on Instagram is risky, as it can lead to legal issues and account bans. However, if done right by purchasing organic growth services from reputable sources with real users who voluntarily opt-in for such services, one may increase their follower count while improving engagement rates without fear of repercussions.

Follow-for-Follow Arrangements That Don’t Deliver

Some services offer to follow other accounts on your behalf based on criteria you specify, such as account type, location, and hashtags used. This targeted following strategy aims to earn back followers, but this only works when the targeting is practical. This means you’re following people you know will be interested in what you offer. 

However, most companies that offer this service do automate follows based on poor or even random targeting, with complete disregard for the Instagram algorithm. As a result, you’ll end up following many new accounts, with very few of them following you back and accounts that belong to someone else’s target audience.

Your Followers Will Include a Lot of Inactive Accounts

Eventually, the fake followers you bought will become inactive. Why? Because they were already paid for. After increasing your follower numbers and providing engagement, the vendor and people controlling these fake accounts can quickly disappear. 

While buying Instagram followers will inflate your numbers, the dormant and dummy followers will shrink your performance metrics. And if one of your business goals on Instagram is to boost sales or generate leads, your fictitious followers would be utterly useless.

The Top Eight Reasons to Be Cautious of Buying Followers on Instagram


There are no trusted sites for buying Instagram followers. You should be especially wary of sites that ask for your Instagram username and password.


Buying fake Instagram followers goes against Instagram’s policies, which will put your account at risk of being temporarily suspended or permanently banned.


Instagram has implemented highly effective measures to spot unrealistic growth in follower numbers, i.e., too many high-quality followers, too many new followers in a short period of time, and bot-like activities, such as indiscriminate post likes, and account follows.


When you buy Instagram followers, you may get natural but random accounts (i.e., they do not belong to your target audience). These fake accounts may use stolen or fabricated identities and are often managed by a small group of individuals or complete bots.


These accounts will deliver minimal to zero engagement. You may get some likes and canned comments at the beginning, but these “followers” will eventually go dormant or unfollow you sooner rather than later.


With lasting and measurable engagement, your increase in follower numbers will positively affect your overall performance, drastically lowering your followers-to-engagement ratio.


Many sites that sell followers, as well as likes and views, engage in fraudulent and/or malicious activities that could risk your account’s privacy.


You will lose your credibility among your real followers and potential followers when they spot tell-tale signs that you boosted your first follower count, numbers with fake or bot accounts.

Strategies For Growing Your IG Following Organically

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Organic expansion is a fundamental element for an effective Instagram and social media presence, and there are numerous techniques to help cultivate your audience. Creating solid visual content and compelling captions on your Instagram posts will attract new followers while cross-promoting content across different social networks can also help increase brand awareness. Posting regularly and engaging with other users in the community are great ways to get more eyes on your profile as well. Organically growing your Instagram followers requires a combination of strong visual content and compelling captions, as well as cross-promoting across different popular social media sites and networks. Furthermore, specific methods can be employed to gain more followers; let’s peek at where you can acquire Instagram fans.


For those looking to boost their following, visuals should be of utmost importance—invest in top-notch photos and videos that will make an impression. Captions should also be carefully crafted—strategically using hashtags, asking questions, or sharing stories about your product/service can all effectively connect with potential followers.


Cross-promotion is another essential strategy for growing an organic following on Instagram. Posting connections to blog entries or website pages on different web-based social media accounts or destinations, for example, Twitter or Facebook can help attract more guests to your profile page. Collaborating with influencers who have already established themselves in a particular niche could also introduce you to a new audience.

Alternatives to Instagram Growth

Here are alternative options guaranteed to deliver accurate and lasting Instagram growth. Remember that when you get genuinely interested followers, you can expect them to provide genuine engagement, add value to your brand, and stick with you for a long time. Before you decide to buy Instagram followers, try these tactics first.

Before You Buy Instagram Followers, Make Your Instagram Account Available to the Public

A business account is set to public by default, and it would be in your best interest to keep it as it is. If you have a private account but wish to promote your brand to a larger audience, you can only maximize your target reach by making your account public. Limiting access to your content will also determine the opportunities available to you. Instagram’s Explore page, in particular, is a crucial segment you should tap into; your content can only appear on a user’s Explore page if it is public.

No Need To Buy Instagram Followers When You Consistently Publish Quality Content

Coming up with unique and engaging content regularly will put your creativity to the test. Knowing what your target audience is looking for, what will pique their interest, and what is relevant to the times should provide you with enough raw materials. Experiment with a variety of formats. Always use high-quality images. Get creative with your captions. Before you even consider buying Instagram followers, ensure you have an effective content strategy. Consistent posting is also important. Once you’ve figured out the types of content that appeal to your audience, you should always feed their appetite by posting regularly.

Maximize the Advantages of Instagram Features Before You Consider Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram’s native features are designed to maximize engagement. Use all of them to your advantage. Add one or two Instagram Live feeds to your monthly content schedule, a once-a-week Instagram poll/survey/quiz, a monthly IGTV post, and more. Publish Instagram Stories regularly to maintain your relevance and visibility to your audience. These features, when used creatively, can give you a significant boost in organic traffic. Take some time to figure out the formula that will work best for your brand, and buying Instagram followers will always be optional.

Use Hashtags for a Successful Content Strategy Instead of Buying Instagram Followers

Keep up-to-date on trending hashtags that align with your brand’s identity and messaging. Using the right hashtags will help generate buzz around your work and make you stay relevant—and there’ll be no need to buy Instagram followers. But remember that your hashtags must also be pertinent to your specific content and brand. Don’t just use a trending hashtag to jump on the bandwagon; you must have something valuable to add to the trend to capture people’s attention. Your target audience’s interests should help you choose the right hashtags for your content, and/or you can create content based on the hashtags they’re interested in. Stay within your niche/industry as much as possible, as what you offer will be most relevant to them.

Why Buy Instagram Followers When You Can Actively Engage With Other Accounts

Instead of buying Instagram followers, put yourself out there and actively interact with other accounts and their followers. Do it courteously; that is, don’t blatantly attempt to drive your competitors’ followers to your page. Your goal is to increase awareness of your brand without hard-selling yourself. Instead, like, comment on, and share posts to foster meaningful conversations. Always take advantage of every opportunity to interact directly with your followers. Reply to their likes and comments as soon as possible; listen to their feedback, as well, and use it to improve your work and keep your audience satisfied.

Conduct Giveaways/Contests/Challenges Instead of Spending Money To Buy Instagram Followers

These are tried and tested strategies for brand promotion. If you’re willing to spend money to buy Instagram followers, you’ll be better off spending it on promos that will benefit your brand and followers. Contests are a great way to increase your visibility and social proof and encourage people to give you a follow.

Invest in Instagram Ads Instead of Buying Instagram Followers

Again, instead of buying Instagram followers, you should invest in Instagram ads and sponsored content. Ads are designed for more advanced audience targeting and content promotion. Well-curated content and correctly identified metrics, ads, and sponsored content can get you significantly closer to your growth goal, and you can expect the results to last.

Opt for Influencer Marketing Rather Than Buying Instagram Followers

If you partner with the right influencer, you’ll be able to tap into their vast follower base. You can be sure that most of their active followers will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer, and they will likely give you a follow. Such a collaboration is more rewarding than buying Instagram followers.

Team Up With an Expert Instagram Service To Increase Your Genuine Followers

Your money will also be better spent when you team up with an expert in Instagram account growth rather than using it to buy IG followers. Your best investment option is an Instagram success service that delivers real and organic growth in quality Instagram followers, such as Path Social. A legitimate growth service combines innovative AI technology with the expert skills of real people.

Advanced AI tools perform the intelligent targeting functions necessary to sort through the hundreds of millions of active Instagram users and track down the groups of individuals that are most likely to be interested in your content based on your specifications. A team of social media experts, on the other hand, will provide the competent skills necessary to effectively and organically promote your content and generate real engagement.

By using a legitimate growth service, you will let their social media experts take control of the tedious task of increasing your followers and also take advantage of their AI targeting algorithm. Of course, the increase in your follower numbers will not happen instantly—as it would if you’re buying Instagram followers—but the growth you’ll experience will be authentic and come from genuinely interested individuals. As a result, you’ll achieve a good balance between the quality and quantity of followers.

And if you’re looking for social proof for our Instagram services, you can find many reviews here.

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Key Takeaway: Organically growing your Instagram following requires creating engaging visuals, compelling captions, and cross-promoting content across multiple social media platforms together. Purchasing followers is not a viable option as only real people who engage authentically will have a long-term impact on engagement metrics - fake accounts won't cut it.

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In Summary

Choosing to purchase Instagram followers can be a quick and easy way to increase your following on the platform. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when purchasing followers as it can lead to repercussions such as being blocked from the venue or having non-genuine accounts following you. So, if you buy Instagram followers, you can research reputable services before investing money. Additionally, consider growing your organic following by engaging with other users’ content and optimizing your profile for discovery using relevant hashtags and keywords.

Grow your Instagram following quickly and efficiently with our tailored solutions. Please take advantage of our experts today to start seeing instant delivery tomorrow!

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Gain the Best Quality Followers With Path Social

Accelerate your Instagram growth by placing your Instagram promotion in the capable hands of an expert in Instagram growth strategy—a company like Path Social. Build a strong presence on Instagram with a community of genuinely interested and highly engaged followers. Path Social’s proprietary advanced AI targeting algorithm, support team, and in-house social media strategists will get you closer to your Instagram growth and marketing goals more quickly and efficiently!

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