How To Buy Real Instagram Followers for an Authentic Fanbase

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Instagram Tips | May 30, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Many influencers and business owners believe that getting more Instagram followers indicates success on the platform. Because of that, people fall into the temptation of buying followers online. Sadly, some people pay hard-earned money to end up with fake followers that don’t even engage with their content. We don’t want you to be like them. So today, we will talk about how to buy real Instagram followers.

While a huge follower count is important for any brand, a real audience is even more helpful. You could have tons of fake followers and inactive accounts on your Instagram profile. But if they don’t like and comment on your posts or buy from your business, they’re pretty much useless.

That’s why ensuring that you only buy from suppliers that can give you real followers is of the utmost importance. Keep reading to learn more about how to buy only genuine, authentic followers that can help boost your brand.

You should always be careful when buying Instagram followers online.

In a World of Sketchy Sites, Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Let’s be realistic. Everyone wants more Instagram followers. For influencers, it increases their reach and credibility, making brands want to collaborate with them more. For business owners, it means getting more people to see their products, which helps yield more sales.

And because so many people want loads of Instagram followers, plenty of sites sell them. The trouble is that many of these sites are sketchy.

Some of these sites and apps aim to steal your login details to take hold of your Instagram profile. Others will only give you inactive accounts as fake followers, which ends up hurting your engagement rate later on.

That’s why it’s important to know how to buy real followers on Instagram, not fake ones. But in a space where there are so many sketchy websites waiting to scam you out of your money, can you buy real Instagram followers? Are there safe, legit options out there?

Thankfully, yes—there are a handful of websites you can trust to sell real followers. You just have to know how to look for them.

Having a real audience is pertinent to any brand. Active users will engage with your content the way fake, inactive accounts never will. They may even share your content on their Instagram Stories if they like it enough—and that means more reach. Plus, you can’t close a sale with a fake follower. So, yes—it truly is in your best interest to buy real followers.

Only real followers will like and comment on your posts. Fake, inactive accounts won’t.

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers Only, Never Fake Ones

The most important thing about how to buy real Instagram followers is to be extremely discerning about where you buy them from. If you buy followers from the wrong website or app, you could end up with bots and fake followers instead of a real audience.

It can be difficult to scout places to buy real followers. It’s best to buy followers online from websites and marketing agencies that are experts in Instagram growth. Avoid those one-and-done websites that get your money and give you followers at the touch of a button.

Want to know exactly how to weed out bad websites and only purchase Instagram followers from legitimate suppliers? Keep reading to find out in the next section.

Where To Buy Real Instagram Followers: Weeding Out the Fishy Sites

Step one of how to buy real Instagram followers is to look for where to buy real Instagram followers. However, it can be a daunting task. Some websites offer fake followers that won’t do your Instagram profile any good. Others are even sketchier and will try to steal your Instagram login credentials.

So, how do you spot a legit seller of real followers on Instagram?

One way to tell that a website is legit is that they have plenty of reviews. Check their website to see if other brands and influencers had a good user experience with their services. Then, double-check those accounts, too, to ensure that they are real Instagram brands.

Aside from talking about their user experience, these reviews may also mention whether the followers they earned were real people.

Another way to see if a website selling followers is legit is if they have an excellent social media presence. Reliable, reputable social media growth brands will have their own Instagram profile or Facebook page. Look through their social media accounts and read through the comments to see if it’s a legit company.

Be as discerning and skeptical as possible when scouting for a website to buy Instagram followers from.

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers: What’s the Price Like?

Now that you have an idea of how to buy real Instagram followers from legit sites only, you’re probably wondering about costing. How much do these websites and apps charge for real followers?

The answer is that it’s different per website. Some sites charge as little as $1 for 100 followers, while others ask for hundreds of dollars for thousands of followers. The more Instagram followers you’re trying to buy, the more you should expect to pay.

Aside from quantity, quality also plays a role in the pricing. The cost of Instagram followers varies depending on the actual services these websites provide. If they’re secretly selling you automated bots, fake followers and inactive accounts, expect to get it cheaply.

Growth tools, on the other hand, work on proprietary, advanced algorithms and technologies to give you high-quality, engaging followers. None of it is automated, so they’re more likely to give you real followers instead of fake ones. So, they might price their services higher.

Path Social: The Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers by Organically Pushing Out Your Content

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to do research so that you only buy Instagram followers from legitimate websites. And if you’ve done casual research online about how to buy real Instagram followers, you probably have already heard about us, Path Social.

Path Social is a team of social media specialists focused on Instagram growth. Our proprietary AI algorithm helps push out your content to a real audience likely to engage with it. As they hit “like” and “comment” on your posts, you’re also extremely likely to get more followers—all of them 100% real.

What’s cool about our Instagram growth service is that you can choose your target audience. Specify the age, gender and interests of the people you want to reach.

Then, sit back, relax and wait for our technology to do its magic. In a few days, you’ll see an uptick not just in your follower count but in your engagement as well.

And unlike other websites that sell Instagram followers, we will never ask for your Instagram password. We also will never sell you fake followers and bots nor practice follow-unfollow schemes that make you lose your followers in days. At Path Social, organic outreach is the name of the game.

Check out reviews from the Path Social clientele to see how happy they are with their huge community of real followers. Plenty of influencers and brands have seen what our growth tool can do. It is, without a doubt, the best site to buy Instagram followers from indirectly. You might be the next one to gain real followers from our tech!

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers on Path Social

The actual process of how to buy real Instagram followers from Path Social is super easy. All you have to do is choose between two bundles—Instagram Elite and Instagram Core. Both of these bundles have the following:

·   A growth in real followers in as fast as two days

·   Support from our Los Angeles-based team

·   Active followers that engage with your content

·   Guaranteed growth, or we’ll refund you!

The only difference is that Instagram Elite can give you 2,000 to 3,500 followers per month. Meanwhile, the Core bundle gets you 800 to 1,500 followers. The Elite bundle also gives you access to our 24/7 support team and advanced AI targeting platforms.

Once you choose your bundle, the only thing left to do is give us your Instagram handle and target audience demographic. Then, let us take care of the rest and watch your follower count grow.

Get Followers Likes: The Best App for Buying Real Instagram Followers With Virtual Coins

If you have a small budget and want an uptick in your follower count, you can also turn to apps like Get Followers Likes. Instead of paying cold, hard cash for followers, they have a virtual currency you can use to buy new followers. It’s the best app for buying real Instagram followers with coins. However, note that the app is currently only available on Android devices.

What’s cool about this app is that it’s not just a place to get real, active followers. It’s also a photo editor and captioning tool to make your content more engaging. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

But we must say that while apps like these are excellent for getting real followers, engagement isn’t always guaranteed. If you’re looking for how to buy real Instagram followers that will like and comment on your posts consistently, you might not like this.

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers on Get Followers Likes

This app turns buying followers into a fun game. Instead of paying cash for followers, you earn virtual coins by doing tasks such as surveys and commenting on social media posts. You can then use those coins to buy followers and boost your audience.

The app is quite straightforward. First, you log in. Then, perform the listed tasks to collect coins. Once you’ve earned enough coins, spend them on followers you want to buy. It’s great if you want an uptick in real followers and don’t mind if they don’t always engage with your content.

Now You Know How to Buy Real Instagram Followers… But Should You Do It?

Before you contemplate how to buy real Instagram followers, you should know that it’s not for everyone.

Some influencers and business owners get super dependent on growth sites and apps. Instead of working on creating interesting, engaging content, they’ll simply buy more followers.

So, should you buy real Instagram followers? Our take on it is that if you have the self-control not to rely on it after a while, you should. Buying followers is great for jumpstarting your Instagram profile. But after that, putting in the work and engaging your audience with relevant content should come next.

Plus, there are risks involved in buying followers online. You could get entangled in fraud and identity theft if you’re not discerning enough about the websites you buy followers from. Worst of all, you might even be banned by Instagram. Read on to see how to avoid all that when buying Instagram followers.

Never give your Instagram login details to websites selling followers.

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers and Likes While Keeping Your Account Safe

The first thing you should watch out for when buying followers is whether the websites ask for your password. Services like these will get you in trouble.

Aside from risking the integrity of your account, it’s also a tell-tale sign that a supplier is selling you automated, fake followers.

When looking for how to buy real Instagram followers and likes, always avoid sites that ask for your login details. Many of these sites will direct you to a phishing site disguised as the Instagram login page. Your account will be compromised as soon as you log in with your username and password.

Someone with your login details can hack your account and steal your online identity. They may even try to scam your friends and followers under your name. It also locks business owners out of their source of online income.

Sketchy websites that sell fake followers might also steal your financial details too, such as your credit card information. Double-check to see if the payment gateway is legitimate when paying for followers. If the payment page looks suspicious for any reason, exit out right away.

Be careful which websites you give your financial information to when buying Instagram followers online.

How To Buy Instagram Followers Without Getting Shadowbanned

Another reason why you should be wary about buying Instagram followers online is that it could lead to a shadowban. Shadowbanning refers to Instagram filtering and deprioritizing your content if they find inauthentic activity in your account. This includes buying followers.

Here’s the secret to how to buy Instagram followers without being shadowbanned: don’t buy followers too often.

If you buy followers frequently, Instagram will flag this as suspicious activity and look into it further. Buy real followers just one time and then focus on engaging them and growing your account organically afterwards. The more organic engagement you have on your Instagram profile, the less the platform will look into your activity.

How do you engage your new audience organically after you buy them? Here’s how to buy real Instagram followers and then build a relationship with them immediately after:

·   Post compelling, aesthetically pleasing content that is relevant to your new followers.

·   Engage with them in the comments section or DMs when they interact with your feed posts or Instagram Stories.

·   Encourage them to share your posts or make user-generated content about your brand.

And That’s How To Buy Real Instagram Followers To Boost Your Page

Now that you know how to buy real Instagram followers, it’s time to boost your Instagram profile the authentic way. Only pay for growth tools and followers if you trust the company selling them. Better yet, only go for those that give you access to advanced technologies and algorithms that give you a real audience. When buying real followers on Instagram, Path Social is your best bet. While we don’t sell followers directly, our targeting algorithm pushes out your content organically. As a result, you’ll reel in tons of new followers, all of them authentic and never fake. Start growing your brand on Instagram with our help today!