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Have you ever tried an Instagram growth tool or service? Thinking about trying one? Nowadays there is an abundance of tools and services claiming to grow your Instagram the best, so it can be hard to choose one. Luckily, we have extensively compared Path Social to all of the top Instagram growth tools and services so you can see how Path Social compares. The bottom line is you won’t find a more safe, efficient way to grow your Instagram at a steal of a price besides Path Social.

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Instagram Tools and Bots

Instagram services and tools that mainly use automation. These come with a high risk of blocks and bans, which is why many are switching to Path Social.


Social media software that automates actions. It’s high price and required technical skills turned many off.


A widely used Instagram automation tool that provides a ton of automation features. Sadly, Instagram cracks down on all Jarvee users.


A popular Instagram automation tool that uses the follow and unfollow method. Users reported little growth and many accounts were banned.


SocialCaptain is an automation tool that uses machine learning to analyze data and formulate strategies. 


Claims to be the most powerful growth tool on the market, but many users found themselves banned from Instagram forever.


Instazood is an automated Instagram tool that grows your account through automated likes, comments, and follow/unfollow.


Ampluence claims to perform follow/unfollow without automation, but many noticed many actions on their account are automated.


Combin provides good search results, stats, and app actions but little to actually grow your account’s followers and engagement.


Everliker is a Google Chrome extension that enables automatic actions through your web browser.


Gramista is like any other automation tool that would automate liking, commenting, following/unfollowing.


Ingramer is an Instagram growth service that uses automation but comes with a high risk of getting banned.


Instagress is an Instagram growth hacking tool that automates your Instagram engagements but comes with blocks and bans.


Instamacro uses automation software and requires technical skills to manage it. Most likely you’ll end up getting yourself banned on Instagram.


Trusy is an Instagram growth service that provides immediate engagement and followers, but they use bots for their service.


Massplanner uses automation software and while scheduling posts is a plus, follow/unfollow violates Instagram’s terms of service.

Social Meep

Social Meep is an Instagram growth service and tool that uses automation to grow your account. It often results in bans and little growth.

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