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Jarvee for your Instagram

Jarvee is one of the most popular Instagram automation tools. More specifically, Jarvee is an automated social media management software most often used as an Instagram bot. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts automatically, allowing you to follow, like, comment, and more. However, because many users got banned, people started switching to Path Social. 

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Jarvee The Instagram Bot

Is Jarvee safe?

Jarvee is a popular social media automation tool. The bot has helped a good number of Internet marketers grow and scale their business but it also has some bad aspects that make it not all a bed of roses. 

In the end, most users got their account either temporarily blocked or permanently disabled from Instagram. Instagram began cracking down on Instagram bots like Jarvee so while it may work at first, it is only a matter of time until you are banned from Instagram.

This is where Path Social comes in. Path Social grows your Instagram on your behalf, 100% organically. You grow your exposure, get more likes and followers faster, but without the risk of getting blocked or banned.

With Jarvee:

With Path Social, on the other hand:


Why People Choose Path Social Over Jarvee

Path Social users are very satisfied with their experience. Fast ROI, better engagement, and great customer service are just some of the perks of Path Social. See below for more about why people choose Path Social.

Want to know why people are going crazy with Path Social? Here are some of the main reasons:

1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram Safely

Smart features the Jarvee bot lacks

Path Social has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of influencers, creators, and models achieve their engagement goals and popularity. With the help of its built-in advanced smart AI,  they were able to see periodic improvement suggestions so that you grow your Instagram faster and keep growing. Make sure you check out our features page yourself by signing up!


Pricing and Feature Comparison

Jarvee might seem a good tool because it can connect you to multiple social accounts. The pricing difference comes with a high-risk of getting suspended. With Path Social, you can grow your Instagram organically and faster.


$  69 /mo


$  49 /mo
Why the price discrepancy?

Still unsure about which one to use? Keep in mind that with Path Social, you will get your money’s worth. All you have to do is sign up then watch as Path Social goes to work for you.

What is Jarvee?

Jarvee is the most popular software that can automate a seemingly unlimited number of Instagram accounts.It used to work pretty good until Instagram changed it’s algorithm and shut down all the bots.

How does Jarvee work?

At a glance, using Jarvee might seem more difficult than just managing a social media account manually. Nevertheless, once you click around and customize the settings you need, your accounts will take a life of their own and start growing fake followers, gaining and giving out irrelevant likes.

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Is Path Social better than Jarvee?

Unlike Jarvee, Path Social gives a human touch for personalized growth with zero risk of getting banned. You don’t have to download anything at all. Just let us know what you want and we take care of everything for you.

Do you have a guarantee?

Jarvee does not come with a guarantee and you run the risk of getting banned. With Path Social, you get a 7 day guarantee for growth.

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Path Social Does the Work

Path Social saves your time and does the work for you even when you’re asleep! Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

Sign Up

Register and add your account that you want to run. Give us your audience and that's it.

Smart AI Features

AI suggests improvements to your target niche, so your account keeps on growing.

Path Social Works

Path Social uses organic methods to get you more followers and engagement.

Watch Your Growth

Watch your growth through the analytics dashboard as you relax.

You're in great company

With thousands of happy customers, Path Social is committed to providing high-quality services. See below what our customer have to say:


Path Social helped grow our Instagram while targeting our audience.


We’re using Path Social to build our Instagram and it works wonders!


We’ve been using Path Social for a while and we highly recommend them.


Voted #1 Customer Success Team

Our customer success team has been awarded the “Best industry first-time-to-response” award in 2019 along with a few other industry awards. Once you sign up, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager to whom you can reach out any time. Sign up in just minutes and watch your Instagram blossom!

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