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SocialCaptain for your Instagram

Getting into SocialCaptain? SocialCaptain is an automation tool that uses machine learning to analyze collected data and help users formulate strategies to drive following and conversions. But because some users got suspended, people started switching to Path Social. See below!

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SocialCaptain The Instagram Bot

Is SocialCaptain safe?

One of the things that irks us the most about SocialCaptain is that they are an Instagram bot. This means that if you know anything about bots, you might already be a bit hesitant to try them, purely based off this. 

They have everything on autopilot so that you can focus on making more content. Again, this is also the feature that is most likely to get them in trouble with Instagram.

This is where Path Social kicks in. Path Social grows your Instagram on your behalf, 100% organically. You grow your exposure, get more likes and followers faster, but without the risk of getting blocked or banned.

With SocialCaptain:

With Path Social, on the other hand:


Why did people switch to Path Social?

Our users love how easy it is to grow their Instagram with Path Social. Keep on reading to learn more about why Path Social is the better choice.

We know your time is valuable, but taking care of your Instagram account is important! Here are some of the main reasons why people chose Path Social over SocialCaptain:

1 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Instagram Followers Faster

The Main Feature SocialCaptain Lacks

Managing Instagram accounts takes lots of time and effort. Replying to comments, direct messages, and continuously search for new influencers to engage with can take up hours in a day. Path Social’s does this and more. Path Social has a built-in advanced AI that gives you periodic improvement suggestions so that you grow your Instagram faster and to keep your Instagram growing.


SocialCaptain vs Path Social

SocialCaptain is one of those companies that could be mistaken for a pretty good Instagram tool. But that pricing difference comes with a high-risk of getting blocked or banned. Path Social’s features are all about growing your Instagram organically and safely.


$  59 /mo


$  49 /mo
Why the price difference?

Still unsure because of the pricing difference between SocialCaptain or Path Social? Get in touch with our success team and we’ll see if we can find a price match for you. Get in touch!

What's SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain seems to be offering everything you could want in an Instagram growth tool, from being able to automate your following and unfollowing, commenting and liking, to being able to do so with targeted features. SocialCaptain, like many other companies similar to this in the industry, claims that it is safe to use and won’t get you in trouble with Instagram.

How does SocialCaptain work?

SocialCaptain much like most technologies and tools; can pick the sort of activities you want to execute, the target user, target hashtags set the tempo, and more that match that selection (fake or inactive profiles included!).

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Is Path Social better than SocialCaptain?

Unlike SocialCaptain, Path Social helps you target the right people to increase your Instagram followers and engagements in an organic and 100% safe way.

Do you have a guarantee?

Your experience and satisfaction are our top priority. That’s why when you sign up with Path Social you get a 7-day guarantee.

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Path Social is Totally Hands-Free

There are so many ways to engage an audience and showcase services. It can definitely become overwhelming and a bit confusing. If you want to experience growth and get real followers for Instagram, switch to Path Social now!

Add Your Account

Add your Instagram account in a matter of minutes.

Smart AI Targeting

Besides just targeting relevant hashtags, users, and locations, the smart AI improves upon the targeting daily.

Path Social Does the Work

Path Social uses organic methods to grow your Instagram while you kick back and relax.


Watch your account grow through the analytics dashboard.

You're in Fantastic Company

With thousands of happy customers, it’s no wonder why Path Social is the #1 growth company.


Path Social saved my brand and business, now I have thousands of customers. Amazing!


I was using SocialCaptain but saw little growth. As soon as I switched to Path Social I noticed a difference.


We’re using Path Social to grow our engagement with our branded location and hashtags. Works wonders!


#1 Customer Success Growth Team

Once you sign up, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager to whom you can reach out any time. Though, we doubt you’ll have much to ask as Path Social takes care of everything for you. Sign up today and see why everyone loves Path Social!

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