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Follow Liker Instagram Software

Did you come across Follow Liker or have recently used it? Follow Liker is a social media management software for Instagram. It will do the tasks you need to grow your account through automation. People who use it see little growth and lose their followers over time. Eventually, the automation gets them banned. This is why people deleted the software and switched over to Path Social.

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Follow Liker Automation software

Is it Worth it?

Followliker uses a software that you need to download to access and build your account. More recent feedback from people that have utilized this service say that this is no longer accessible for Instagram growth or they just have a little growth over time.

Since automation is against the terms of service of Instagram, users that operate through Followliker have a higher risk of getting their account permanently banned using it. Every day Instagram’s AI gets better and better at detecting such software.

That’s where Path Social is more applicable. Path Social securely grows your account the fastest way possible and gives you 100% organic growth.

With Follow Liker:

With Path Social:


Why do Over 20,000 People Trust Path Social?

Zero automation, zero technical skills needed, and zero risk. Path Social is the best way to grow your Instagram.

Want any assurance that you get the best way to grow your account? Here are the main reasons why people are now changing from Followliker to Path Social:

1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Follows and Likes

Smart Technology Ever Liker is Missing

Path Social features a smart AI that provides growth improvements so your Instagram grows and keeps growing. This combined with a personalized touch of a dedicated growth team means your Instagram will grow faster and more securely. Don’t miss out, see what Path Social has to offer by signing up in just minutes.


Follow Liker Pricing and Features

Followliker might look more appealing and more accessible for you but it would be a waste of money because of the lack in yielding the desired result. The price difference is in the quality and the quantity of growth you have overtime and Path Social provides you with that without wasting any of your efforts.


$  98 /mo


$  49 /mo
Why the huge price difference?

The features and high price of Follow Liker makes it appealing. However, many of the features are quite basic and don’t help growth much at all. You also run the huge risk of getting banned and losing your Instagram.

Still quite unsure of the price difference between Followliker and Path Social? Message our success team now and let us see how we can work with you to grow your Instagram.

What's Followliker?

Followliker is a software you need to download to access and automates the tasks for you. It includes fake accounts that you lose overtime.

How does Followliker work?

Just like any automation tool, you set the parameters for your tasks and Followliker will take over it by interacting on your behalf with the profiles matching your parameters. (fake or inactive accounts included).

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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