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Instagram Growth Service: Why Path Social Is The Best Choice

A strong Instagram presence. Organic growth. High engagement. These are more than just Instagram growth buzzwords; they are fundamental Instagram goals for every business or brand on the platform. Teaming up with an Instagram growth service is common practice — it may even be considered one of the best practices for effective Instagram growth if you find the right growth partner. Is paying a company to help you grow your Instagram a worthwhile investment? And how do you choose the right growth partner?

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Path Social is the Perfect Example of What an
Instagram Growth Service Should Be

An Instagram growth service grows your follower numbers and engagement rate by finding and delivering followers. There are different types of growth services. Some companies only let you buy followers; others use a follow-for-follow system; the most reliable ones employ advanced audience targeting and organic promotion to achieve sustainable Instagram follower growth. 

Keep in mind that even when employing an Instagram growth service, “organic” growth should still be your priority. Is there such a thing as an organic Instagram growth service? Think about it as hiring an admin assistant for your socials. This is exactly how teaming up with a growth service works — except it works on a larger and expert scale.

Instagram has more than a billion active users every month — and this number keeps growing day after day. There’s definitely plenty of followers to go around, but getting the right followers is a gargantuan task for many businesses because the platform is a crowded and busy place. If you want to get your audience’s attention and maintain high engagement, you’ll need all the expert help you can get. An Instagram growth service with years of experience in Instagram growth strategy, like Path Social, is your best bet.

Real, Organic
Instagram Followers

What Should You Look for When Choosing an
Instagram Growth Service?

An Instagram growth service should, of course, increase your number of followers. But the increase in numbers is not just about appearances or, more specifically, the appearance of success. You want this increase to also lead to higher engagement, more sales, heavier website traffic, etc. So when choosing an Instagram growth service, pick a company that offers an authentic growth package — one that contains real followers and quality engagement.

Here are the top three things a good Instagram growth service should offer:

  1. Advanced audience targeting capability
  2. A team of experts working behind the scenes
  3. Real followers and quality engagement that lead to lasting, organic growth

You should also look for the following when assessing the capabilities of an organic Instagram growth service company:

  1. Clear information about how their service works, i.e., how they target the right followers for your business and how they promote your content.
  2. Verified customer reviews.
  3. Access to your own dashboard with real-time and credible Instagram performance data.
  4. Quality customer support.
  5. A reasonable refund policy.
  6. Adequate experience in Instagram growth strategy.
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Why It’s Important to Choose a Reliable Instagram Growth Service

Instagram growth services that offer quick solutions without the assurance of proper audience targeting and organic content promotion, are not a good choice both in the short and long term. You don’t want to end up with fake followers, using fabricated, inactive, and/or bot accounts. You may get thousands of new followers, but your business will not experience any other measurable growth because these followers are nothing but numbers.

What you should always aim for are followers who are targeted, who belong to your niche and industry, and will be interested in what you have to offer. This is the only way you can guarantee that they will add value to your business and that they will stick with you for a long time. 

Here are the reasons why you should be more discerning when growing your Instagram and picking an Instagram growth service:

  1. An increase in follower numbers without a corresponding increase in engagement will adversely affect your overall performance.
  2. You want your content to be shown to users who will actually engage with you.
  3. Instagram users are very savvy and can easily spot fake accounts, and all it takes is one person exposing your exaggerated numbers for you to lose your credibility as a business and also lose your real followers.
  4. Sooner or later, Instagram will flag the existence of fake followers in your account and you may be suspended or banned from the platform.

With Path Social’s reliable and effective organic growth strategy, you can rest assured that you’ll experience lasting and rewarding growth, with real followers who are genuinely interested and who will delivery quality engagement.

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Why Is Path Social the Best Instagram
Growth Service Around?

  • Path Social’s audience targeting is not random. They have a proprietary and advanced AI targeting algorithm that ensures you’ll get only genuinely interested followers. Because if your followers are not interested, then what’s the point? You want followers who actually care about your brand and what you have to offer — whether you’re looking for increased engagement or more customers.
  • Path Social has a team of social media specialists who get your target audience’s attention to organically promote your content. You will have growth strategists managing your content promotion — doing all the heavy lifting and tedious work for you.
  • Path Social collaborates with thousands of influencers from all industries. Whatever niche/industry you’re in, Path Social can connect your brand with the right influencer/s and their large audience base — made up of people who are a perfect match to your content and products/services.
  • You’ll get access to your own analytics dashboard that’s packed with advanced features to help you keep track of your account’s performance in real time.
  • You’ll have access to Path Social’s support team any time, anywhere, as well as a dedicated Account Success Manager.
  • Path Social offers affordable and competitive plans: Instagram Elite for $69 and Instagram Core for $49.

Affordable, Accelerated, Organic Instagram Growth.

Instagram Elite


Sign up in seconds, only Per Day

The best way to grow quickly and with more advanced targeting. Ideal for fast growing influencers and brands.

Instagram Core


Sign up in seconds, only Per Day

A great way to start growing your account organically. Ideal for personal profiles and small businesses.

How Does Path Social Work?

When you choose Path Social, you can rest assured that you’re teaming up with a trustworthy Instagram growth service. Signing up is quick and easy:

  1. Click on the “Get Started” button on the Path Social home page.
  2. Select your plan and click on “Start Growing Today.”
  3. Enter your Instagram username and email.
  4. Complete the payment process.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be asked to identify your target audience by specifying their age, gender, demographic, location, etc. And then Path Social gets to work!

Path Social Free Instagram Tools

If you’re not ready to sign up for a Path Social account, you can still get amazing help managing and growing your Instagram by using these free tools:

Get More Instagram Followers With Path Social

With the right Instagram growth service as your partner, you’ll have more free time on your hands which you can spend on creating quality content and interacting with your highly engaged followers. When your Instagram starts growing with genuinely interested followers, your credibility grows, too — and this will naturally lead to more organic growth and more opportunities.

Path social will ensure that your account is not only consistently growing, but growing in all the right ways — with real followers who deliver quality engagement time and time again. Get closer to your Instagram growth goals more quickly and more efficiently with Path Social’s tried and proven strategy.

Path Social is not Instagram affiliated or a host for Instagram content. All downloaded data and content are the property of the Instagram content creator. For any questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected].

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