Instagram Bot Followers Could Be the Beginning of the End

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Instagram 101 | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

There are still plenty of people using Instagram bot followers to increase the number of followers they have on Instagram. There are alternative ways to expand one’s following and engagement on Instagram. This includes lawful, successful, and sustainable methods and offering organic followers interested in your content and highly engaged with it. 

However, in today’s hypercompetitive environment, simply finding your target audience is a challenge in and of itself. Expediting and automating your Instagram growth to increase follower count is tempting.  

Is it worthwhile to experiment with Instagram bots? Why do these bots follow me, and how do I spot them? Continue reading to gain more knowledge to make an educated conclusion regarding your business. 

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Instagram Bot Followers May Not Be the Best Idea

The software known as Instagram bot followers can automate your interactions throughout Instagram. Depending on the bot you use, it can follow new profiles, like posts, write comments, respond to polls, send direct messages, and answer polls on your behalf.

Using bots may make the tedious task of managing your social profiles much easier. We admit that they are also quick to drive audience growth. They may even utilize algorithms and information about your objectives to introduce you to new followers that you would not have discovered on your own.

When employed effectively, bots have the potential to be an invaluable asset in assisting with the launch of a social media presence and the development of a brand. However, if they are not utilized appropriately, bots may be a source of spam that is both obnoxious and will get your account banned. Instagram bot followers may be a bad idea for some people.

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Instagram Bot Followers: All Looks. No Substance.

Auto-Generated engagements aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The primary purpose of Instagram bot followers is to create the “appearance” that an account is more popular than it is by increasing the number of fictitious followers. Bots can also help you achieve your goal of significant growth in a concise amount of time. However, this is the last of the purported “benefits” they provide. 

The only thing that bots accomplish is the appearance of having large follower lists, but behind those numbers is an empty shell. As a result, you can’t anticipate getting any genuine or long-term benefits from them. 

It is not worth the tremendous risk of losing existing followers and future followers. You could cause your engagement rate to decline and get your account shadowbanned or canceled permanently. The so-called benefits of bots are small and only last for a short time. 

If you seek a trustworthy and reputable third-party app to assist you in growing your business on Instagram, your best chance would be an Instagram growth service such as Path Social. It provides genuine followers that are highly interested and engaged with your content. 

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The Truth About Free Instagram Bot Followers

Free followers are almost often Instagram bot followers or individuals who aren’t genuinely interested in you or what you post. They follow you because you did something in exchange for them following you. For example, you could have to complete a job in exchange for them following you on Instagram.

Most free Instagram bot followers are counterfeits and come from automated accounts. They are just there to serve as social proof. Since they do not intend to interact with your material, their interactions would mainly consist of spam and would not be the type of engagement you want.

This part of the article will discuss top websites where you may gain followers without paying any money. However, You must be aware that doing some chores will almost certainly result in a social cost to you.

  1. Mr. Insta– It utilizes a paradigm commonly referred to as the “follow-4-follow model,” in which you are requested to follow a predetermined number of individuals, and in exchange, other individuals are asked to follow your account.
  1. GetInsta provides its users with a starting balance of money that may be used to purchase additional followers. Following the conclusion of that one, you will be required to complete a series of duties to earn additional money. You may then spend this money to get further followers.
  1. The entry-level package from Poprey is completely free. It will immediately provide you with ten followers without requiring you to do a significant number of activities to earn them.  However, if you want more than these first 10 Instagram bot followers to follow you, you will have to pay for that privilege.

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Instagram Bot Followers Hacks You Need To Know

Fake followers hurt your reputation and credibility, and they cannot interact with your material or contribute to the growth of your actual audience. 

To preserve your account’s integrity, you must know Instagram bot followers hack or two. The following are some pointers that will assist you in identifying bot IG followers:

Do They Have Full Profiles?

Genuine Instagram users have full profiles that include a profile photo, a bio, and posts from their account. It’s common practice for fake accounts to have incomplete accounts that lack a profile photo or bio and have few or no posts. It is quite likely that a follower is phony if their profile does not have a profile photo and is otherwise lacking information.

Are They Inactive Accounts?

Fake followers won’t connect with your account or the stuff you post, and they won’t engage with it either. It’s a good indicator that many of your followers are phony if you have many followers but a low interaction rate overall. You can see how engaged your followers are by looking at the amount of likes, comments, and shares each of your posts receives.

Check For Fake Followers

You may recognize phony followers on Instagram with the assistance of a number of different tools that are now accessible. These programs analyze your followers and produce a report on the quality of those followers, including the percentage of followers who are likely to be false. 

When you use a fake follower checker, it will be easier to recognize fraudulent Instagram bot followers and take the necessary actions to delete them from your account.

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Why Are Bots Following Me on Instagram? Did I Do Something Wrong?

It likely isn’t your fault. Instagram bot followers can autonomously accomplish particular activities in a rapid and scalable manner. It is a device that may be put to either beneficial or destructive use. If you don’t take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and your company, malicious bots can cause major harm to your company. This will seriously disrupt your everyday online life. But why are bots following me on Instagram in the first place? 

Not only are bot IG followers engaging in the typical social engineering tactics of direct messaging (DMing) or following you, but they also send you obnoxious reminders that they like your tale. These are a few reasons why:

  1. This may occur if a user wants to access your stories behind your back, despite the fact that you may have blocked them or just don’t want them to be seen. There are websites that can assist them in this endeavor, and among other things, these websites will generate bot accounts on their behalf.
  1. The bot is trying to have you return the follow so that it may send you private messages containing spam or phishing efforts.
  1. Instagram Stories likes can also be generated by bots. Bots need to do so since like stories are considered to be an “authentic behavior” on Instagram, which means that actual people engage in this activity. If these accounts lacked the most fundamental amount of activity, monitoring systems would be more inclined to mistake them for bot accounts.

Instagram bot followers will follow you and then unfollow you several times until you follow them back and reciprocate the favor. Don’t take the bait!

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How To Get Bots To Follow You on Instagram if You’re Interested

Some Instagram bot followers bots are driven in part or entirely by artificial intelligence, while others operate with a human-powered team to expand your interactions. Some people wonder if it is even safe to buy Instagram followers. Regardless of where you stand on how to get bots to follow you on Instagram, here are some options:

Sides Media

Do you want more actual followers on Instagram, but you don’t have the time to wait for a bot or an organic service? If you purchase Instagram followers from SidesMedia, you can be assured that you will receive quality at amazing pricing without sacrificing the followers’ quality.

SidesMedia has spent years cultivating a network of individuals that will follow your account and interact with their material. This is how they can deliver authentic Instagram followers and likes without lowering the standard of your profile in the process.

SidesMedia is an excellent choice as a one-stop shop for all your social media requirements. They provide a wide range of volumes and pricing points. Additionally, they can assist you with expanding your presence on other social media platforms.


Nitreo provides services for increasing the number of followers on Instagram and has a relatively solid track record overall.

Nitreo offers two distinct monthly plan choices and the possibility of paying for the service annually, should you find that more convenient. 

Obtaining a larger number of genuine Instagram followers can be challenging. You may not be able to reach your full potential without the assistance of a third party. Consider Nitreo, or one of the other services on our list.

Avoid Instagram Bot Followers With Growthoid

Growthoid has put in a lot of effort to develop a service that not only brings you actual followers but also ensures the entire safety of your account. It helps an Instagram follower growth plan that is sustainable over the long run.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager when working with Growthoid. They will be the subject matter specialists in locating the appropriate accounts and conversing with them.

Growthoid asserts that it does not use Instagram bot followers and denies that it will provide you with any false followers. It is all in your head.

The Growthoid plans are reasonable; they provide two different monthly payment choices, and neither requires a commitment. In addition, they provide a money-back guarantee and pride themselves on having the most helpful support staff and account managers of any Instagram growth firm in the area.

You should check out Growthoid if you want to work with a leading organization that manually facilitates the growth of high-quality Instagram accounts.

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How To Stop Instagram Bots From Following You When Trying To Grow Your Community

The following is a list of some of the methods you may use to prevent Instagram bot followers from following you, contacting you, and liking your stories on Instagram:

  • Tags and Hashtags

Steer clear of widely used hashtags since automated programs tend to monitor conversations that include widely used hashtags and then begin to spam everyone who uses them. In addition to following you, they will clog your notifications with pesky comments and useless likes. Therefore, you may lessen the likelihood of being targeted by bots by being selective about the tags you employ.

In the same breath, you may have to avoid tagging certain accounts because of this same problem.

  • Go Private

Converting your Instagram account to private mode is the quickest and easiest fix. If you do this, you will be alerted when you get spam, and you will have the option to select at that time whether or not to follow the individual who sent the spam. It’s also impossible for spam accounts to like your posts. This avoids getting useless notifications. You can limit the people whose messages you get to only those you are following by going to the Privacy settings section of the Messages section.

  • Remove Suggestions

Turning off Instagram’s follow suggestions is one way to reduce the number of bots that access your account. However, some users prefer to keep their profiles public. You may reduce the likelihood of being followed by bots on Instagram by going into the app’s settings and turning off the follow recommendations feature.

These are a few tips to avoid Instagram bot followers. Hopefully, you are informed on how to stop Instagram bots from following you.

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Don’t Want Instagram Bot Followers? We Can Help

Therefore, is it risky to purchase Instagram bot followers?

The solution is to check that the followers you acquire are authentic and not fraudulent versions of themselves. And this is where well-respected organic growth beast agencies such as Path Social come into play.

We do not engage in business with fraudulent followers that put your account in jeopardy. We search for individuals who are REALLY interested in what you are advertising using a combination of influencers and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. That’s right—we’re talking about intended audiences for genuine, long-term expansion. Start your growth journey today!