Active Instagram Followers: Quality Over Quantity

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Instagram 101 | Mar 23, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Social media platforms use key demographic details (gender, age, and location) to find target audiences. Businesses and creators can specify their target demographics when boosting posts and creating campaigns. They can further narrow their target audience based on user’s interests and habits (affinity segments) or relevant keywords (custom segments). But how do you target active Instagram followers?

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How To Get Free Active Instagram Followers: 7 Tips for Active Engagement

You can quickly get free active Instagram followers if a celebrity or any user with a massive follower base or most liked IG posts share your content. If you can get their attention with a fantastic content strategy, you can just as easily capture the interest of active Instagram followers on your own.

How do you define active followers? These are followers who actively engage with your content. They double-tap most of your posts, regularly leave comments, or share your posts with their friends. They are followers who genuinely appreciate your brand, products, creative output, aesthetics, and voice.

They are users who enjoy actively participating in their chosen Instagram communities or shopping through Instagram. They are followers who organically contribute to your strong presence on the platform.

Herd active followers to your page with these seven tips!

1. Get Active Instagram Followers With a Clear Value Proposition and Brand Voice

If you want many active Instagram followers, your value proposition and brand voice must be what they’re looking for. Don’t try to appeal to everybody. Know your audience based on your brand’s identity, aesthetics, and mission. Pick three to five content pillars relevant to your niche and audience and focus on these when creating your content.

If your value proposition is about styling tips, your content pillars could include topics on body positivity, styles for all sizes, and everyday fashion. If your page is all about food content, your primary areas of interest may be street foods worldwide, exotic dishes, and the best fusion cuisines in different countries.

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2. Create a Strong Brand Aesthetic

Building a brand on Instagram is, first and foremost, about presentation. You want to make an incredible impression on your profile visitors to convert them into active followers. Your main Instagram grid’s aesthetic must represent your identity, so first-time visitors can immediately tell what they can expect from you. At the same time, your brand aesthetic must appeal to your target audience.

It would help to keep in mind that your Instagram page serves as your resume and portfolio. Your visual identity should convey a look and feel your target audience can relate to, enjoy, and want to see more of.

You can base your brand aesthetic on a color theme, personality style, unique point of view, or subject matter.

3. Optimize Your Captions

Instagram is a visual platform, but users interested in what you have to offer won’t be able to appreciate your content unless they see it. With optimized captions, you can help active Instagram followers discover your content and get all the double taps you need for your posts.

You can optimize your captions with hashtags, location tags, user tags or mentions, and keywords. You don’t need to use all 2,200 characters (the maximum limit for captions) to ensure easier discoverability. You can score the top spot in Instagram search results and recommendations if you use the right combination of hyper-relevant hashtags and keywords. Don’t foget to add the appropriate tags and a catchy description.

4. Keep Active Instagram Followers Engaged Through Consistent Posting

Consistency breeds familiarity and top-of-mind brand awareness. You can set your audience’s expectations and meet them through consistent posting. When you meet your audience’s content consumption needs, you give them a reason to stay actively engaged.

Especially when you’re new on Instagram, it’s crucial to know the best times to post for each day of the week to ensure maximum audience reach. Find out when your target audience is active on Instagram, and post your content to coincide with their Instagram browsing habit.

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5. Optimize Your Content for Accessibility

Some of your potential active Instagram followers may be vision- or hearing-impaired. Make your content accessible to anyone and every one by doing the following:

  • Add descriptive alt text to your Instagram posts.
  • Add subtitles or text overlays to your Reels, Story videos, and other content.
  • Verbalize visual details when creating videos.
  • Capitalize each word in your hashtags so screen-readers can read them aloud properly.
  • Create screen-reader-friendly content. Use emojis and text overlay in moderation.

6. Run an Instagram Contest To Motivate Active Instagram Followers

An Instagram contest is the quickest and most effective way to get new followers and stimulate engagement. Give active Instagram followers an incentive to make your contest post “busy” with a fun contest and great prizes.

Keep your contest simple and easy to follow. Don’t create too many contest requirements for those who want to join. Ask your followers to share your post and tag their friends. And promote your contest on other platforms.

7. Score a Mutually Beneficial Collaboration to Target Active Instagram Followers

Reach a pool of potential new followers through a brand collaboration. Collaboration doesn’t have to be a paid one. Create a list of potential partners to whom you can send free products. Ensure each of the influencers or businesses on your list has a big enough follower base whose interests are relevant to your brand. Choose potential partners with high engagement rates. When you send them your products, propose a content collaboration via a product feature.

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Can You Buy Real and Active Instagram Followers?

According to some sites, you can buy real and active Instagram followers. Whether or not you’ll get real followers who are highly engaged is another question. But the most critical question you need to answer is if you should buy Instagram followers.

What can you expect when you buy followers? Here are the potential benefits:

  • The boost in follower numbers can generate greater interest in your brand. You’ll get more profile visits.
  • Increased curiosity in your brand can lead to new and organic followers.
  • Profile visitors who like what they see may also increase engagement on some of your posts.
  • You may get new customers and experience increased sales.
  • You may get the attention of potential partners for brand collaboration.

You should also be aware of the risks of buying followers.

  • You will most likely get bots or fake/inactive accounts.
  • With bots/fake accounts, you’ll have increased follower numbers without a corresponding increase in engagement. This means your overall engagement rate will suffer.
  • A drastically reduced engagement rate will signal Instagram’s algorithm not to show your content to your followers and potential new audiences. This will cause your engagement to drop even further as fewer eyes will see your content.
  • Instagram’s algorithm can easily detect fake followers. Instagram promptly deletes fake followers, and the platform may penalize you for having them.
  • Instagram users can also quickly tell when somebody uses fake followers to inflate their follower count. You’ll lose credibility among your real followers when your account is associated with fake followers.

Best Site To Buy Active Instagram Followers

If your page needs a good push to attract authentic and active Instagram followers, you may still opt for a quick fix and buy your first 1,000 or so followers. What’s the best site to buy active Instagram followers? Check out these options.

  1. Gore Ad.IO. The site offers premium followers and active followers. Their packages for active followers cost more as the followers you’ll get have profiles that show decent Instagram activity. You can get 800 active followers for $15.99, 2000 followers for $39.99, and up to 12000 followers for $199.99.
  2. Buzzoid. Buzzoid’s premium follower packages deliver followers with profile pictures and regularly posted content. Premium followers also come with a 30-day refill; this means the site will refill followers that have dropped off within 30 days of your order. You can get 500 followers for $11.99, 1000 followers for $19.99, 2500 followers for $49.99, or 5000 followers for $84.99. Buzzoid also offers Instagram likes and Instagram views.
  3. InstaFollowers. The site’s premium followers are “real-looking followers who have a detailed profile and some followers. These followers are not indistinguishable from real organic followers.” You can select the number of active Instagram followers you want to buy, from 10 followers to a maximum of 100 thousand. The estimated delivery time depends on how many followers you buy. The site also offers ten free followers, which you can claim once per week.

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Tips When Buying Active Instagram Followers

If your brand can benefit from buying active Instagram followers, keep the following things in mind to minimize your risks.

  • Find sites that offer a free trial. Take the service for a test drive before making a purchase.
  • Make sure the site is secure. Look for the “https” in the URL.
  • Stay away from services that ask you to log into your account via their site or provide your Instagram password.
  • Read customer reviews onsite and on trusted review sites.
  • Make sure the site has a fair refund policy.
  • Choose a service that offers the option for gradual delivery. As much as possible, have your followers delivered slowly and in small batches. Instagram will flag a rapid and enormous increase in follower numbers as spam activity.
  • Don’t make a habit out of buying followers. You can take this shortcut to give your growth some momentum. But stick to the best practices for Instagram growth to gain real and active followers who are genuinely interested and will stick around for a long time.

Subscribe to Expertly Managed Growth to Gain Active Instagram Followers

Active Instagram followers can be any brand’s most significant asset on the platform. They deliver consistent and quality engagement. They can keep your comments section abuzz. They can help place your posts higher on users’ feeds and Explore. Active followers often become the most loyal members of your Instagram community.

You can get accurate, highly interested, and engaged followers through tried and tested best practices. Instead of buying followers, subscribing to a service that provides expertly managed growth is the better option.

A company like Path Social has been delivering expert growth management for Instagram clients for over a decade. They use advanced, proprietary AI technology to ensure precise audience targeting. This means they can track down your ideal audience based on the demographics, interests, and hashtags you specify.

You can also take full advantage of the expertise of Path Social’s in-house social media specialists. They’ll guide you through your growth journey and help you put your content before your target audience. You can expect active and quality engagement with the right eyes on your content.

Path Social delivers sustained growth in followers and engagement month after month. The increase in followers and engagement is gradual because Path Social helps you target real users. Targeting real users whose interests match your content is vital to building a community of loyal and highly engaged followers.

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