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Instagram Story Viewer: View and Download Stories Anonymously

Instagram Story viewer allows anyone to watch Instagram Stories from public accounts and save them. Users can save them anonymously, completely free, and without installing any third-party app. Use this IG Story viewer on any device to explore, view and download public Stories and Highlights. All you need is the username of the Instagram profile you’re interested in. Give it a try now.

All data is protected and Terms of Service apply.

View Instagram Stories

Path Social’s free online service lets you view Instagram Stories and Highlights made by public Instagram profiles.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

There you go — sit back, relax, and enjoy the free views on our anonymous Instagram story viewer. You can also download these Stories and save them to your devices. Note that you can only access Stories and Highlights of public Instagram accounts.

Best Instagram Story Viewer

You might agree that viewing Instagram Stories is more of a pleasant indulgence when done with anonymity. Path Social has the best IG Story viewer someone can use any time they want from any device. The best part? You can view content without logging in to Instagram. Download Instagram Stories and Highlights and watch Stories anonymously. The account won’t receive a notification that you viewed or downloaded their Story.




I’ve been involved in the fitness and modeling industry for over eight years now. Sponsors are looking at how many followers you have and your engagement rate. I started working with Path Social a few weeks ago, and I’ve already noticed incredible results.



Very helpful customer service! This service has helped me get people to my page and interact!



I greatly value your pragmatic approach and prompt customer service. Thank you for helping me boost my Instagram presence in a natural way.


You can’t be an anonymous Insta Stories viewer if logged into Instagram. Path Social’s Instagram Stories Viewer gives you direct access to public Stories and Highlights. You can view them without signing into your Instagram account and remain anonymous. All you need is the IG username of the account whose Stories you want to view.

As long as the Instagram profile’s Stories are shared publicly, you can view their Stories even if they blocked you. Copy their profile URL and paste it into the Instagram Story viewer tool. Unfortunately, if the Stories are from private accounts, just like other viewers, we cannot access them.

Active Stories are only accessible for 24 hours after the user posts them. However, our Instagram viewer for Stories allows you to access Highlights without logging into an Instagram account. So you can watch Stories past their 24-hour mark as long as the owner has added them to their highlights. You may download and save Instagram stories as well.

Path Social’s Instagram Story viewer serves as your private access point — so you can view Stories while staying off the platform and remain anonymous.

When you use the Instagram Story viewer, you’ll also have the option to download any publicly shared Story. There is no need for screenshots. You can save Stories or Instagram highlights on any device — Android, iOS, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Yes. Path Social’s Instagram Story viewer — as well as many other tools — is entirely free. You can use this online web tool to view as many Stories as you want anytime, anywhere.

Absolutely. Your identity is kept private, and you can enjoy anonymous Story viewing. You won’t be required to provide your personal or Instagram profile information except for an email address. The site is also secure.

Path Social offers other Instagram tools that you can use for free, including an Instagram Video downloader. You don’t need an Instagram account to do it. Again, take note that you can only use these tools for Instagram photos and videos that are shared publicly.

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Path Social is not Instagram affiliated or a host for Instagram content. All data and content belong to the owner of the Instagram account. For any questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected].
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