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Let Path Social help you download Instagram video content with ease. Use this free Instagram video download tool to save Instagram videos to your desktop or mobile device. Watch your favorite video content whenever you want, wherever you are.

You can download and save any Instagram video from a public profile. If you find amazing public video content on the platform, you can easily and safely save it for future reference. Or, share your favorite clips with friends offline. The best part? You can use our Instagram downloader for video content for free. All you need is the Instagram video's URL. Instantly download the video by pasting the URL in the downloader tool below. Try it now!

All data is protected and Terms of Service apply.

How to Download Instagram Videos From the IG App

Using this free Instagram video downloader tool is as easy as copying and pasting. Here’s how to start downloading videos from IG:

That’s it. Now, you can download video from the IG app to your phone or computer. Yes, it’s really that simple. You can use the same process to download reels videos and Instagram Stories. However, keep in mind that an Instagram Story expires in 24 hours. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

How to Download Videos From Instagram Without the App

You can also use the Instagram downloader tool for videos to save content and Instagram posts from your computer.

Unfortunately, IG does not offer a “copy link” option to download Instagram Stories from your internet browser. However, you can download Instagram reels videos. When viewing a reel from your desktop, click on the three dots to the right of the content. Then, follow the aforementioned directions.

Give it a try now and download an Instagram video. Just paste the link at the top of the page.

How to Download Instagram Photos

Are you looking to download Instagram photos and videos? Path Social offers two downloader tools: One to download photos and one for video content downloads. Our Instagram photo downloader is easy to use. Like our video download tool, you only need the Instagram photo URL. Keep in mind you cannot download private Instagram photos from private accounts unless you follow them.

Here’s our very own Instagram photo downloader and everything you need to know about it. Including whether you can download multiple Instagram photos and images and other queries.

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I’ve been involved in the fitness and modeling industry for over 8 years now. Sponsors are looking at how many followers you have and your engagement rate. I started working with Path Social a few weeks ago and i’ve already noticed incredible results.



Very helpful customer service! This service has helped my get people to my page and interact!



I greatly value your pragmatic approach and prompt customer service. Thank you for helping me boost my instagram presence in a natural way.


Our video download tool for Instagram allows you to easily download and save Instagram videos straight to your device. You don’t need additional software or a browser extension. Path Social’s downloaders are easy and free of use.

The Instagram video download tool is entirely free. It’s just one of the many Instagram tools you can use for free on our website. Just provide your email; you can use any of these tools as often as you want.

Just find the Instagram video you want to download, tap or click the three dots in the upper right corner, copy the link, and paste the link into the download tool.

Using the video download tool, you can only download videos shared by public Instagram profiles. Private profiles restrict access to their content. Downloading and/or sharing their photos and videos without their consent violates Instagram’s policies.

Our Instagram video download tool is 100% safe and secure. No one is notified when you download a public Instagram video using our tool. But note that any content you download is for personal use only.

It’s absolutely free, and you can download Instagram videos quickly and safely! Save and collect Instagram videos that you find personally motivating. Or save content that inspires new ideas for your own Instagram business. You can use our video download tool for Instagram right from your phone, the Instagram app, or any browser. No subscription is required.

All our free tools, including our Instagram video downloader, are compatible with various operating systems. These include Android and iOS devices, Windows and Apple, and all the top browsers.

The duration of every download depends on the length of the video and your internet speed. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to one hour.

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Path Social is not Instagram affiliated or a host for Instagram content. All data and content belong to the owner of the Instagram account. For any questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected].

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