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Everliker: The Chrome Extension

Thinking about using Everliker? Everliker is a chrome extension tool that enables you to automatically like Instagram content. Because the automation tool comes with a risk of getting banned, and it doesn’t do anything beyond liking, people are switching over to Path Social. Read on to learn more about why Path Social is so great. 

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Everliker: The Chrome Extension

Is Everliker worth the try?

Everliker is a google chrome extension tool that uses automation. People that have tried using Everliker got problems when Instagram updates algorithms that resulted in Everliker going down for a few days. At this time, people got temporarily blocked and others have been banned. It may be nice to engage on Instagram automatically, but losing your precious content is not worth it.

Instagram strives to eradicate automation because it is against Instagram’s terms of service so this will eventually be detected and get your account banned.

This is the reason why Path Social is preferable. Path Social grows your Instagram account through a dedicated growth team. You will get 100% organic growth and begin to see the results in days. You will get real people and a high rate of account growth based on your targeted audience.

With Everliker:

With Path Social, on the other hand:


Why Did Thousands Switch From Everliker to Path Social?

Path Social users love how much growth their account achieves in a short span without any automation whatsoever. Find out more why you should start utilizing Path Social to grow your Instagram account quickly and efficiently.

Want to be assured that you get the best tool  to grow your Instagram? Here are some of the main reasons why Instagram users switch from Everliker to Path Social:

1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram

Everliker Lacks Path Social's Smart Features

Path Social features a smart AI and state-of-the-art analytics dashboard. What does this mean? Fast, efficient growth and a dashboard that lets you track your account’s growth in real-time. Sign up today and sit back and relax while your Instagram flourishes in front of your eyes.


Everliker Pricing and Features

Everliker only likes Instagram content without directly providing growth for your account. The pricing difference comes with the multiple features that Path Social has, including increased engagement, build up with 100% organic followers, and an expertly trained growth team to help you grow your account.


$  49 /mo
+ 4.99 per in-app purchases


$  49 /mo
Why is Path Social Better?

Are you still feeling uncertain about which to use? Wondering about the price difference? People who are switching from Everliker to Path Social are getting more features for a great price. Your account actually grows without any risk of bans. Sign up today in just minutes.

What's Everliker?

Everliker is a chrome extension that allows you to automatically like Instagram contents. It is a bot and because of this, there is a high risk of your account getting blocked or banned when Instagram’s algorithm catches on.

How does Everliker work?

Everliker only works when your PC is on and Chrome browser is open. Liking posts can be filtered by setting up tags. The bot will interact on your behalf with posts that match your selection. It may seem great but no one wants to be on 24/7.

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Billed at $49/ mo

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Why Path Social is better than Everliker

Unlike Everliker, Path Social helps you increase your Instagram followers organically and safely. You may also choose your audience to build you the right and authentic community.

Path Social Comes With a Guarantee

Signing up with Path Social means you get a 7-day growth guarantee.

$1.63 PER DAY
Billed at $49/ mo

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Path Social is Hands-Off

How Path Social grows your Instagram quickly without any risks:

Just Add Your Account

Quickly add your account. No password needed!

Smart AI Targeting

Target accounts, hashtags, and specific locations which gets improved upon daily.

Path Social Does the Work

Path Social takes care of the nitty-gritty, getting you real followers quickly.

Grow Grow Grow!

Sit back and relax and watch your account grow!

People Love Path Social

Thousands are switching to Path Social and talking about the great success they are seeing.


Wow, I switched to Path Social from Everliker and I’ve been using them ever since.


We’ve been using Path Social to grow our Instagram and brand. We love them!


Loving the ability of Path Social to get us engagement in specific locations.


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