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Instagram 101 | May 28, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

An Instagram Shadowban is when a user’s material is hidden or restricted without the user being informed that this is occurring.  

In the event that you have been shadowbanned, your posts will not display on the feeds, Explore pages, or hashtag pages of other users unless they are already following you. This occurs most frequently when a user has broken Instagram’s community rules or when the post itself is found improper in some other way. Through shadowbanning, Instagram can eliminate user accounts that do not conform to their guidelines. 

Some people try to grow their IG following using dishonest means, such as buying followers or utilizing many hashtags per post that have nothing to do with their posts. Others utilize automated bots. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense for Instagram to conceal material from those accounts to ensure that only legitimate and useful information is pushed to users.

You’ve been shadowbanned if you’ve seen a dramatic decline in the number of likes and comments your posts receive. Another way to know is that your posts have stopped displaying for particular hashtags or on the Explore tab. Need more information on facing a possible shadowban on IG? Keep reading.

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You Could Be Facing an Instagram Shadowban  If Something Feels Off

An Instagram Shadowban could mean the slow death of your Instagram page. When your account is shadowbanned, it implies that the postings you make on that account are hidden from view. They are not being discovered using hashtags, nor do they appear on the explore pages of those who do not already follow you on Instagram. This has an effect on the discoverability of your content through hashtags, which are one of the primary methods to connect with new audiences.

When you make use of hashtags in your social media postings, you increase the likelihood that those posts will be noticed by a larger audience. This audience is especially interested in and looking for the kind of material that you are publishing.

Therefore, be concerned if your posts are not appearing in the hashtag searches and explore pages on Instagram. You are missing out on a significant chance to connect with a new audience and expand the reach of your account.

There has been some discussion around whether or not shadowbanning on Instagram is indeed a phenomenon that happens. However, the fact that IG does not use the phrase or promote it in any way does not indicate that the phenomena being described does not exist.

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Use an Instagram Shadowban Test To Verify if Your Account Has Been Shadowbanned

There is a relatively easy way to determine if you have been affected by an Instagram shadowban. Check out these tips:

  1. Search hashtags to see if our post shows up.

If you want to know whether or not you have been shadowbanned on Instagram, listen up for the easiest and most reliable way to do it. Regardless of whether you own a company, see if your posts show up on the results pages for relevant hashtags

How do you go about doing that? You will need access to another account not following the one you want to verify. You should utilize this second account as soon as you have finished posting anything to IG. You can click on the hashtags you used and check to see if your post is included in the hashtag search results.

  1. Manually check for restricted hashtags that may result in a shadow ban.

You may be surprised to learn that some hashtags are not allowed to be used and are thus limited or prohibited. Searching for a hashtag is the most effective approach to determine whether or not it has been restricted manually. If it does not display and there is no hashtag with that name, then it is likely that IG has prohibited its use.

Hashtags that have been restricted or blocklisted will continue to exist. Still, when you click on them, you will only see a small selection of relevant posts. This is opposed to a lengthy page of information that you may scroll through indefinitely. Follow your gut and avoid using it.

How did it go? Did your account pass the Instagram Shadowban test?

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What Is Shadowban on Instagram and Why Did It Happen to Me?

An Instagram shadowban involves hiding your content from Instagram users that don’t already follow you. It limits your discoverability and thwarts your growth. Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share and discover content, so you need to be discovered.

But there’s no need to panic since we can sort this out. The first thing that must be comprehended is the rationale behind an Instagram shadowban. From there, we can avoid performing the things that trigger shadowbanning on Instagram. Your account will return to steady growth in no time.

  1. You’re over-engaging. 

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? The answer is yes. When you ramp up your liking and commenting to overly passionate levels, IG can perceive you as less-than-genuine in your engagements. It may even think you’re a bot. Keep it genuine, and don’t be too impulsive with double-tapping if you don’t want to risk getting shadowbanned.

  1. You’re buying followers, and IG knows.

Purchasing Instagram followers may not be a good use of your money. If Instagram discovers that any of your followers are spam bots or fake accounts, they may not look favorably upon your account. What you want is actual, organic growth and followers that are engaged in what you post.

  1. You are not acting in accordance with the rules of the community. 

If you violate Instagram’s community standards, there is a significant risk that the site may take action against you in some way. Instagram takes its community guidelines very seriously. IG wants to keep the platform a supportive place. It would be wise to ensure you always adhere to the content guidelines.

Now that you know what Shadowban is on Instagram, you know what not to do.

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Using Insights To Check on Instagram Shadowban

Utilizing Instagram analytics is yet another approach that may be taken while verifying if you have been shadowbanned. You may check to see whether your engagement rate has suddenly dropped by analyzing the number of visitors to your profile, impressions, and other relevant indicators. 

Even while it might not be a clear indicator that anything is wrong, it can undoubtedly convey the impression that something is wrong.

If you were shadowbanned soon after your most recent post, try removing that post to see if it helps your engagement levels return to normal for subsequent posts.

What does an Instagram shadow result from an algorithm altering what is trendy at the moment? Instagram can make these decisions if it chooses.

If your Instagram performance is slow or you are upset after being shadowbanned, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing plan. Get creative and develop a new growth strategy to get high-quality followers.

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How To Remove Shadowban on Instagram if You Think That You Are a Victim

You’re convinced that you’ve been shadowbanned. Now you need to know how to remove Shadowban on Instagram. So, what steps can you take to unban yourself from IG once it shadowbanned you? We can help you. Do you want to prevent becoming shadowbanned on Instagram or get back on your feet after getting shadowbanned? Follow a few easy principles to accomplish either of those goals.

  1. Did you know that Instagram users don’t allow allied unlimited daily interactions?  This includes followers, likes, comments, and direct messages from other users. If you discover that you are over-engaging, you should make an effort to dial it back. Your account is not flagged as encouraging behavior that is similar to spam.
  1. Get rid of any broken, restricted, or prohibited hashtags. Using our tips above, you will know which hashtags to target. This will show IG that you are following their policies and not publishing anything considered unsuitable.
  1. Concentrate on developing in an organic way and publishing material that is both high quality and entertaining.
  1. Observe all of Instagram’s community’s rules and regulations.  Make sure you have a good plan for using hashtags that considers the possibility that some hashtags may be prohibited.

You can file a complaint with IGif you think you have followed all of the criteria but are still subject to a shadowban. Do this by going to Settings and selecting the option to Report a Problem from the menu. Thank us later!

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Enough Already! How Long Does Instagram Shadowban Last

So you’ve made the changes that we suggested above. You want the Instagram shadowban lifted. Unfortunately, you don’t see any changes. You’re wondering. “How long does Instagram shadowban last, anyway?” This is decidedly upsetting.

The length of time that an Instagram shadowban will continue to influence your account negatively is unknown, which is a disappointing fact. A shadowban on Instagram can last from a few days to weeks. And if you do nothing about it, it can also become permanent if you don’t take action.

Due to the fact that Instagram’s algorithm is always being updated, you may notice that your interaction varies from time to time. Suppose you actively engage on Instagram without engaging in a bot-like activity or using restricted hashtags. In that case, you do not need to be unhappy about an Instagram shadowban for long.

Do you include relevant hashtags in your Instagram photos? Rightfully so, as it has always been one of the simplest methods to build an organic following and attract conversation on the platform. Simply select the suitable ones to utilize, and avoid overusing them in any posts you create.

Instagram Shadowban: Stay Away From These Hashtags

You may avoid having your account become subject to an Instagram Shadowban by being familiar with and adhering to Instagram’s policies. Use best practices such as conducting appropriate research on hashtags.

Speaking of hashtags, there are some that you can steer completely clear of. According to Andrew Lee Ventures, these are the banned hashtags as of 2023:

  • #alone
  • #assday
  • #ass
  • #antivax
  • #beautyblogger
  • #bikinibody
  • #boho
  • #brain
  • #costumes
  • #curvygirls
  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #dm
  • #elevator
  • #graffitiigers
  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #happythanksgiving
  • #humpday
  • #iphonegraphy
  • #italiano
  • #kansas
  • #killingit
  • #kissing
  • #master
  • #models
  • #mustfollow
  • #nasty
  • #newyearsday
  • #petite
  • #pornfood
  • #pushups
  • #saltwater
  • #shit
  • #shower
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skype
  • #snap
  • #snapchat
  • #snowstorm
  • #sopretty
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #tag4like
  • #tanlines
  • #teens
  • #thought
  • #undies
  • #valentinesday
  • #workflow

Some borderline content could be questionable. However, you may not even post inappropriate content but be subject to a shadowban on Instagram.

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Remember To Keep up the Good Work During an Instagram Shadowban

Don’t let an Instagram shadowban get you down. You’ll only hold yourself back even more if you sacrifice content. Here are some free content ideas::

  1. Pay close attention to the caliber of photos and videos that you publish. Users who post photographs of poor quality will always do worse than feeds that select images that are attractive to the eye. You can’t blame a shadowban on Instagram for that!! An objective on Instagram should be to build a gorgeous grid that compels visitors to click the “follow” button, regardless of the theme you choose for your feed.

You should strive for excellence in every facet of your information. Photos should have a good resolution, graphics should appear to have been produced by a professional, and captions should be written well. Concentrate on developing material that you are pleased with. This should be both fascinating and relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. This is how you boost your engagement levels.

  1. Tagging your location is yet another solution to the problem of a drop in engagement. You are doing the equivalent of checking in at a spot when you tag your location, regardless of whether that site is a traditional store or a major metropolitan area. When you include a location tag, you will not just be able to make your content available in a search for that place. You will also be able to increase the amount of interaction you receive.
  1. Include calls to action inside the captions of your images. Be sure to include lines such as “Help me choose!” or “Has this ever happened to you?” to stimulate answers and general involvement with the content.

Don’t forget to repost it on your Instagram story.

Life After the Instagram Shadowban

Once you lift the Instagram shadowban, you can return to organically growing your page. This is a promise from us.  Over the past decade, the talented social media team at Path Social has been consistently putting in long hours of labor. They have been working on an internal platform for Instagram influencers and a unique artificial intelligence targeting algorithm. The comments and suggestions that our clients made speak for themselves.
We can attract organic consumers that are intent, enthusiastic and engaged via this strategy. If you apply our guidance, you can develop a robust Instagram community. To the best of our knowledge, no one else has been able to reproduce our findings successfully. You should get right to work immediately, increasing the number of people who follow you on Instagram. Start growing your audience on Instagram as soon as possible and accumulating followers.

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