High Quality Followers Instagram: Where to Find Them

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Instagram Tips | May 24, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

The adage, “Choose quality over quantity,” is very apt for Instagram followers. Tens or hundreds of thousands of followers are impressive at a glance. But prioritizing high quality followers Instagram targeting translates into more meaningful connections and engagement and a successful brand on the platform.

Getting high quality followers for Instagram is no small feat, however. Keep reading to find out how to accomplish this herculean task by leveraging social proof through legitimate growth services.

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Why Is Quality More Important Than Quantity?

Using high quality followers Instagram strategies is the only way to survive and thrive on the fiercely competitive platform. But many brands take the shortcut to growth on Instagram by boosting follower numbers with bots and fake accounts.

But high follower numbers don’t count for much if your followers don’t give you anything. It’s like filling the seats in a theater with dummies instead of a real audience. You spend money to get the dummies, but you don’t get anything in return.

What do you get from high quality followers for Instagram? Here are the primary advantages of having high quality Instagram followers.

  1. Users who help build a real and loyal community around your brand.
  2. Consistent and meaningful engagement in the form of likes, comments, sales, etc.
  3. Validation of your credibility and authority and the quality of your content and products/services.
  4. The means to reach more people.
  5. A competitive advantage.

Only followers genuinely interested in what you offer will actively engage with your content and patronize your products or services. Indeed, users won’t interact with a brand with low follower numbers. So how can you boost your follower numbers if nobody wants to interact with you?

Identifying your target audience and giving them precisely what they want is the first step in any high quality followers Instagram growth plan. Just keep your eye on the prize, which is gaining high quality followers. Don’t get distracted by quick and ineffective solutions. This guide will help you stay on the right growth path.

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How to Gain High Quality Followers for Instagram Real Quick

So you’re keen to know how to gain high quality followers for Instagram real quick! You need the numbers to make a good impression on your target audience and potential followers. You need to “look successful” to be successful.

There are quick solutions to Instagram growth, for sure. But the more important question is, “Are these quick solutions worth it?” It depends on the solution, but more often than not, the answer is no.

A great example of a quick solution that’s also a terrible idea is buying followers just for the numbers and not the quality. We’re talking about the ubiquitous bots and fake accounts that are a menace on Instagram and other platforms.

You can try these high quality followers Instagram solutions that are less quick than buying followers but are infinitely more effective in delivering meaningful growth.

  • Brand or influencer collaborations. You can immediately widen your target audience reach with such partnerships. If you choose the right brand or influencer to team up with, expect a big and quick surge in your follower numbers.
  • Instagram contests. The bigger the prize, the quicker you’ll get high quality followers on Instagram. It will also help if you boost your contest posts in your feed and your Stories. Don’t forget to promote your contest on other platforms.
  • Attending events. Events for your industry or niche are opportunities to connect with your target market and introduce them to your brand. Make sure to point them toward your Instagram via your promotional paraphernalia. Generate a QR code that attendees can simply scan to instantly be redirected to your page.

Can You Buy High Quality Instagram Followers?

Is it possible to buy high quality Instagram followers? Definitely! But there are two caveats. First, you shouldn’t prioritize immediate or unrealistically quick numbers boost. Second, you should ensure the company utilizes a well-founded, two-pronged approach that involves precise audience targeting and “organic” or human-powered content promotion.

Paying for Instagram growth by subscribing to the services of a credible growth company delivers better results than paying for ads or influencer marketing. Instagram ads are algorithm-based, while influencer marketing is limited by each promotion’s duration or high visibility window of each promotion. On the other hand, a good growth service company combines AI targeting technology and the expertise of social media specialists. Time-wise, the growth is steady and continuous, month in and month out, for as long as you are subscribed to the service.

To boost high quality followers for Instagram, you can leverage the social proof phenomenon so that your growth eventually progresses with a life of its own. Having high quality followers on Instagram will naturally influence the behaviors of other users.

They’ll be encouraged to follow the trend of following your brand. Organic social media sharing will increase. Customer word-of-mouth promotion and even celebrities’ and experts’ stamps of approval will also follow.

Now let’s take a closer look at your options for high quality followers Instagram services.

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Where to Buy High Quality Instagram Followers

If you’re keen on buying followers, make sure you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. And don’t compromise your account’s safety for a promise of instant growth. Keep these in mind when choosing a high quality followers Instagram service:

  • Make sure the site is SSL-secure to keep your payment information safe.
  • Check if the site delivers high quality followers Instagram growth slowly over a reasonable period.
  • Read both positive and negative reviews from the company’s clients.
  • Find out if you’ll lose the followers delivered to you when your subscription ends.
  • Make sure the company provides good customer support.
  • Make sure to read the company’s refund policy.

As much as possible, find out the company’s process to target followers. This will tell you a lot about the quality of followers you’ll get. For example, does the company take the time to find out who its target audience is? Do they ask you to specify your audience’s demographics and interests? Questions about your target audience indicate that the company understands the importance of precise audience targeting.

Let’s get down to business and check out these trusted, high quality followers Instagram services.

High Quality USA Instagram Followers

For high quality USA Instagram followers, these are your top options.

  1. Path Social. This company stands out from the rest because it offers a monthly subscription service. This means you’ll get high quality followers for Instagram every month for as long as you’re subscribed. Their subscriber packages don’t specify a fixed number of followers. Instead, they provide an estimated monthly growth range, which is a realistic plan for real and organic growth. The Instagram Core plan delivers 800-1,500 followers per month for $49. The Instagram Elite plan provides 2,000-3,500 followers per month for $69.
  2. Soclikes. The company delivers “exclusively genuine followers.” They “never use ‘dead’ pages or bots because we care about the safety of our clients and understand that only top-notch services will help them succeed at social media promotion.” You can choose high quality followers Instagram packages. 100 followers priced at $4.99 and 5,000 followers priced at $69.99 or up to 50,000 followers priced at $549.99.
  3. The Royal Key. This company offers high quality followers Instagram packages per country. For USA followers, prices range from $10 for 100 followers to $150 for 7,500 followers. The Royal Key has a referral program for existing customers. When you refer a friend, and they make a purchase, both of you will receive Instagram followers for free.

High Quality Instagram Followers UK

Looking for high quality Instagram followers UK? Check out these sites!

  1. The Royal Key. For high quality followers Instagram UK packages, the company offers 100 British followers for $15 and up to 4,000 British followers for $150. Take note that deliveries happen within 24 hours after a purchase is made. So if you want a slower influx of new followers, you can buy smaller packages separately and over an extended period.
  2. Buy Instagram Followers UK. This company assures clients that their reputation and privacy won’t be put at risk when they buy followers because they only deliver real, high quality followers Instagram solutions. You can get 100 followers for just £1.99, 500 followers for £5.99, or up to 1,000 followers for £10.99.
  3. IGfollowersUK. Whether for personal or business Instagram needs, they deliver high quality followers for Instagram to increase your social credibility. Packages range from 100 followers for £1.99, 500 followers for £6.99, 5,000 followers for £40, and up to 25,000 followers for £164.99.

Where to Get Cheap, High Quality Instagram Followers

If you’re just starting on Instagram and have a limited budget, you can check out these companies for cheap but high quality Instagram followers.

  1. Rushmax. Rushmax delivers real followers with real IG accounts that stick with you for the long term. The company usually delivers high quality followers Instagram growth within minutes of purchase. But you can get them in smaller increments over an extended period. Prices range from $2.97 for 100 followers to $49.99 for 5000 followers.
  2. Followers.io. Another cheap option for high quality followers Instagram growth, Followers.io offers packages from 100 followers for $2.87, 5,000 followers for $38.97, and up to 10,000 followers for $89.97. You can also choose between instant or gradual delivery.
  3. Trusy. You can get Trusy’s Grow Organic plan’s 14-day trial for just $1! The company boasts of “ 100% human-powered service to grow your Instagram audience and your sales.” Considering that their Professional plan costs a whopping $397 per month for just 300-800 high quality followers on Instagram, you should definitely take advantage of the 14-day trial period that’s practically free.
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Aim for Quality Followers for Lasting and Meaningful Growth

There are many high quality followers Instagram strategies you can try to ensure lasting and meaningful growth for your brand. You must absolutely avoid simply padding your follower numbers with random and inactive followers or, worse, bots and fake accounts. Growing up on Instagram involves persistence, hard work, and some social media marketing skills.

When you focus on gaining high quality Instagram followers, sooner or later, their influx will naturally snowball even with minimal audience targeting effort. Of course, consistently delivering quality content and products/services are always a must!

You can get started on the right path to rewarding growth with a high quality followers Instagram strategy that leverages advanced audience targeting technology combined with organic content promotion. Path Social offers both.

Operating almost as long as Instagram has been around, Path Social is trusted by more than 20 thousand Instagram brands. Take advantage of their proprietary AI targeting technology, which ensures precise audience targeting, to reach real users who are right for your brand. The technology works for any niche! Path Social’s in-house social media specialists and their vast network of Instagram influencers will then do the hands-on work of organically promoting your content to your target audience.

With Path Social as your partner, you can expect ongoing and meaningful organic growth! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!