Path Social Reviews: What’s the Real Score

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Instagram Reviews | May 24, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Steady, organic growth for Instagram influencers is a steep climb full of obstacles, twists, and turns. Growing your brand with new followers and active engagement is a daily struggle these days. Why? Because of the platform’s ever changing algorithm. Because competition amongst Instagram influencers, in any niche, is fierce. Because you also have to compete against the biggest and long established names in your industry. 

There’s always paid advertising. But would your hard-earned money be better spent on an Instagram growth service like Path Social? Let’s take a look at and analyze Path Social reviews to determine if the service is worth a try.

Path Social home page.

How Does Path Social Work?

According to their website, Path Social can “power your Instagram growth,” work with any niche,” and “reach organic users who are targeted, interested, and engaged.” But how exactly do they do it?

During sign up, you will answer simple questions to help them “determine the perfect fans, followers, and/or potential customers for your account.” You’ll specify your target audience based on their location, gender, age, and other demographic information. You will also list your target hashtags. 

Next, Path Social’s advanced targeting algorithm gets to work. It uses a behavioral analysis of your existing followers, and an assessment of demographics, competitors, benchmarks and similar accounts “to better understand what excites your potential followers” and find your ideal audience. 

Finally, Path Social’s team of social media experts goes to work and promotes your account and content to the people who fit your audience profile. They also tap the services of influencers in your niche to increase your brand’s visibility and reach. They “bring the people” while “you focus on giving them amazing content.”  

Does Path Social actually deliver as promised? Let’s see what Path Social reviews reveal.

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Path Social Reviews: What Do Their Clients Say?

Without taking into consideration the Path Social reviews, the company boasts highly impressive numbers:

  • Trusted by over 24,000 influencers and brands for Instagram growth.
  • Delivering an average of 4,620 new Instagram followers per month.
  • 4.86/5 verified user reviews.

Let’s put some onsite Path Social Instagram reviews from clients across various industries back into the equation. We’ll skip the reviews from big names like Forbes and TechCrunch, and focus on reviews from individual users. We’ll look at these reviews vis-a-vis the growth you can expect with Path Social based on what the service promises to deliver.

Path Social Instagram Reviews #1

This Path Social Instagram review is from @JohnGrant:

“We’re a fitness and health brand, and in our competitive space, followers and engagement are crucial. We went from 5,800 followers to 42,000 in less than 4 months, and our engagement rate is at an all time high.”

Keep in mind that Instagram has follow/unlimit limits. And too many follows/unfollows within an hour or a day are flagged as bot-like activities. According to Path Social’s subscription plans, you can expect to get 2,000 – 3,500 new followers per month on Instagram Elite and 800 – 1,500 followers per month on Instagram Core.

It looks like Path Social overshot @JohnGrant’s results by more than 5,000 followers per month, given that Instagram Elite’s monthly maximum is 1,500.

It’s possible to gain such a high number of new followers on a monthly basis if you’re a well-known personality on Instagram, the greater internet universe, and beyond. If this is the case, however, you won’t even need a growth service like Path Social. So @JohnGrant’s Path Social review may require a bit more scrutiny. Or perhaps he just makes truly amazing content!

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Path Social Reviews #2

Here’s another Path Social review from @MarianFowler:

“10/10, I got 2700 followers in my first month, and it’s just been growing like crazy!”

The review posted by @MarianFowler seems more believable as it falls within Instagram Elite’s monthly target. This can be considered fairly decent growth, too, for any influencer. 

Path Social Reviews #3

Another Instagram user, @Marcus24, has this to say about the growth service:

“The followers that I got from Path Social are higher engaging than my own followers, that’s insane. I never expected the quality of the followers that I got.”

According to Path Social, they track down and deliver followers based on who your target audience is. They look for real Instagram users who fall within your specified audience profile and are, already interested in what you have to offer. And then, Path Social’s team goes to work promoting your content to these users.

This way, said users are more likely to hit your follow button and engage with your content. So it’s believable that @Marcus24’s followers from Path Social are more highly engaged than most of his other followers.

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What People Are Asking About Path Social for Instagram

Subscribing to a growth service like Path Social is just one path among many others that may lead to influencer success. If you’re an aspiring influencer, you can team up with another influencer who’s more well known. But you have to have something valuable to offer; or you can always pay them. You may also opt to spend your money on Instagram advertising. Or you can do affiliate marketing

Based on what Path Social reviews reveal, the service seems to be a good investment if you’re looking for organic and lasting Instagram growth. Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about the service to help you make your final decision on whether or not to sign up for a Path Social account.

Is Path Social Real?

Path Social is a real company that delivers a real and much sought-after service. The website is professionally made and highly informative. They have case studies which show some of their clients’ growth journeys. There’s a dedicated Path Social reviews page, but it’s worth noting that there aren’t a lot of reviews available. The site also offers a rich collection of free resource articles, as well as free Instagram tools which include:

  • Instagram Engagement Calculator
  • Instagram Audit
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Username Generator
  • Instagram Font Generator

Is Path Social Legit?

Based on available Path Social reviews on the site and considering the big names they have listed as among their clients list, Path Social appears to be a legit growth service. The process they use to target and deliver followers is not detailed enough to be really helpful. You would have to actually sign up first to see it in action.

Does Path Social Work?

Again, the onsite Path Social reviews point to “Yes.” While their explanation of how the service actually works is somewhat lacking, it still makes practical sense. Keep in mind that Instagram also uses an AI-based algorithm to promote sponsored content to the right audience. Path Social’s proprietary advanced targeting algorithm works on the same principle. 

What makes Path Social different is that they also use an actual team of social media experts and a network of influencers. There are real people who do the heavy lifting involved in promoting content and growing engagement.

Is Instagram Growth With Path Social Legit?

When we combine how the growth process with Path Social works and what the Path Social reviews say, it’s safe to conclude that Instagram growth with Path Social is legit. Additionally, the two Path Social plans set reasonable follower targets per month, considering that the followers they deliver are real and genuinely interested users.

Is Path Social Worth It?

Path Social’s pricing for Instagram Elite and that for Instagram Core are very competitive. At S69 and an expected minimum of 2,000 followers per month for the Elite plan, you’ll be spending a mere $0.014 per follower. With Path Social’s 7-day, money-back guarantee, the service is worth a try. 

If you need more convincing, you may first try out Path Social’s “Check My Growth” feature. You simply have to input your Instagram name to generate your estimated growth trajectories with and without Path Social. This should give you a good idea of how far your $69 or $39 could take you if you subscribed to a plan.

Side to side comparison of elite and core plan.

Why Choose Path Social for Instagram Growth

Should you choose Path Social for Instagram growth? Path Social reviews indicate that the service is, at the very least, worth a 7-day try. If you’re not 100% convinced that you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, you can spring for the cheaper Instagram Core plan. Try it out and see if you’ll get good results within the 7-day, money-back guarantee period.  

Organic and lasting growth with real and highly engaged followers is what Path Social promises to deliver. No bots and fake users. But the service is also forthright about using a “proprietary AI targeting algorithm” alongside an in-house team of social media experts and a wide network of influencers. 

Whether you’re already a certified Instagram influencer or still earning your stripes as one, having bots and fake accounts as followers and being called out for it is equivalent to being caught with your pants down. Credibility is an influencer’s number one asset. The quality of an influencer’s followers contributes to their credibility. Their credibility, in turn, helps them gain more of the same followers. 

So does Path Social help grow and maintain credibility with the followers they deliver? The process they employ to deliver real and genuinely interested followers seems sound. Keep in mind, however, that putting your content in front of the right audience does not guarantee that the audience will follow you and engage with you. You still have to produce amazing content. With Path Social’s help, you’ll have more time doing just that. 

Take advantage of Path Social’s advanced AI targeting capability to find real and genuinely interested followers. Let their in-house team of social media specialists put your content in front of the right audience to generate quality engagement. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!