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Instagram Growth | May 07, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

To have a unified look on their feeds, people and businesses build Instagram themes, which are visual aesthetics. Instagram themes assist social media content creators in curating various forms of content into a digital theme that gives the profile a balanced feel.

When you’re reflecting on the growth of your page, you have to consider what impression your page gives off. Instagram is the most visually appealing social media platform available today. What you post and how it appears to have a direct impact on engagement, followers, and how your brand is perceived online. 

Using a consistent Instagram theme, your brand could successfully implement a campaign, promote a product, or convey a value proposition. When in doubt, pick a simpler subject that allows you to be imaginative and try new things without veering too far from the main theme.  

Instagram is a visual platform first. Curating an aesthetic theme for your brand is necessary. The social media experts here will show you how to make the best of Instagram themes, regardless of your niche.

How Do I Create Instagram Themes?

We can’t stress enough that each page requires its unique approach. Cool tones or monochrome aren’t for everyone. However, a certain rule of thumb makes them qualify as Instagram themes. Let’s get into it!

Be Committed to the Theme

Whatever theme you choose, consistency is an essential aspect of any Instagram theme. When creating an Instagram theme, you must select a color scheme to follow. You may choose the colors that appear the most in the photos. 

 It’s important to use a limited palette of colors throughout all of your material. When posting visual content to Instagram, maintain consistency so your followers know what to expect from your page.

Is this too limiting? Your feelings are valid. Our suggestion: use color blocks to change up your motif.

Make Smooth Transitions

We have discussed picking colors you can use over the long term. But what if this means forgoing some great photos because they don’t fit the current color scheme?  The best photos may have no connection to any one color at all. Do you just not share your vacation to sunny Jamaica because t clashes with your monochromatic feed?
So, we present color transitions as the exception to this rule. You can have colors merge into one another with each photo on Instagram rather than using the same color scheme across the feed. Doing so allows you to insert more pictures without being constrained by a certain color.

Color transition from purple to orange.

You don’t want to pick an Instagram theme you can’t keep up with. If your Instagram theme doesn’t accurately represent you, you won’t want to pour into it. Don’t fall into the black, white, and gray color scheme just because everyone else does it.

Use Professional Programs for Instagram Themes

To streamline your process, you’ll want to keep a design tool close while modifying multiple posts with the same theme each week. 

This isn’t a small task. You need a good eye for detail to design a theme independently. Some people employ actual content creators to get this job done. But, if you’re a hands-on kind of creator, or a professional designer just isn’t in the budget, you could use a design program.

Some design programs use various features, such as pre-set filters, color palettes, and graphic elements. However, if you have a complex theme to maintain, some of these applications also come with more sophisticated functions like video editing and layout previews. Here are some programs for Instagram themes you could check out:

This is a name you’ve probably already heard of. When choosing an Instagram theme, Canva can be a potent photo editing tool. You can modify your photographs by adding text, shapes, and textures for more abstract themes that combine graphic art and imagery. With the help of the picture editor, you can import your image and alter it by changing the levels, adding filters, and other special effects to give each piece of content a distinct style that is your brand.

There are over 200 VSCO presets to choose from. They offer designs by Kodak, Agfa, and Ilford if you need to create an Instagram theme quickly. You may utilize the same presets from the photographs if you plan to include video in your Instagram post lineup so that every square of content, regardless of format, merges into the next.

We promise no one will know you aren’t a professional graphic designer with these tools. Not sold on these programs.? We will suggest some other themes.

Camera in the grass.

Other Tools for Instagram Themes

You won’t have to worry about your profile looking exactly like someone else’s, as you have full control over your theme with Instagram theme tools. Content creators get to decide what their Instagram themes will be.

Yes, “Photoshop” with a capital “P.” This editing program is very effective at producing Instagram themes. Photoshop will do the trick if you are a detailed-oriented person with the patience to go above and beyond and fine-tune every aspect. 

Photoshop is excellent for quickly batch-processing identical edits over a number of photos due to its practically infinite editing, filter, and adjustment possibilities. You could get lost exploring its capabilities.

Use Photoshop to adjust an image’s composition and background and delete undesired elements. You won’t have to supplement your editing capabilities with another program, so you’ll also improve your workflow. 

Don’t have the capital for a full-blown program right now? The app’s fundamental editing functions, such as brightness, lighting, cropping, and filters, are all available in the free edition. You have more precise control over retouching and background editing in the pro version. 

Woman with red hair and freckles holds white flowers.

You can use FaceTune Video to make fine edits for video clips directly from your mobile device. You’ll only need to download the app separately to access that feature. FaceTune2 is an inexpensive tool you should attempt if you’re beginning to determine whether an Instagram theme is appropriate for your brand.

These options offer a great way to get creative with your Instagram feed.

Instagram Theme Ideas

We will suggest some Instagram theme ideas for your page. However, brace yourself! There are a lot of options out there. 

We suggest keeping your brand in mind as you read through our suggestions. Naturally, some themes seem more of a better fit than others.

Bright Colors

There is no better way to convey playfulness, youth, vibrancy or enjoyment with your brand than to develop a feed full of vibrant colors. Bright colors are eye-catching and jovial, making them a good choice for drawing in a younger audience. Is the page for a kid’s store, candy shop, or bakery? Sticking to bright colors would be a perfect fit.

Pastel Colors

If you think bright colors are too garish for your brand, consider more pastel colors dominating your feed. Smart pink, pale blue tones and chartreuse may give your feed the intended look.

Pastel flowers, coffee and book.

Black and White Theme

On the other hand, a black-and-white feed may be ideal. If you want to make an incredibly unified feed but don’t want to stick with the one-color motif, consider using two colors. Using black and white can also help you build continuity across your website and other social media platforms, making your feed appear more ordered and tidy. 

Don’t think of monochromatic feed themes as boring. Rather the right audience will consider the page mature, sophisticated, and elegant. You could mix this theme with the black borders or white background theme.

Man on staircase.

Puzzle Theme

Making a puzzle out of your stream is challenging and requires advanced thought, but the uniqueness and audience engagement it can provide is substantial. You may need the help of a professional, but it could be well worth it!

There are even more Instagram themes to choose from.

Instagram Themes That Fit Your Niche Market

As you will see, the possibilities are endless for you. You may have seen influencers in your field use some of these.

 You aren’t bound to follow them. While themes may be tried and true for them, you don’t have to be predictable. Here are some colorful themes that could be right up your alley:

Travel Themes

Travel-related themes are among the most enjoyable to develop out of all the amazing Instagram feed ideas. Travel themes might concentrate on specific locations, such as tropical or beachy locales, or various editing styles, such as vibrant or somber. 

Travel isn’t limited in color. An Instagram page with a travel theme could feature many colors, from blue beaches to green mountains to stunning snowy mountains and endless dunes. It may need further streamlining. 

Two hands, each holding a passport.

Tropical Theme

This one is for the beach bums! A beautiful tropical theme is among the best Instagram themes to have if you spend a lot of time in areas with beaches and lush surroundings. You can create the most stunning tropical theme  using editing tools to increase turquoise blues in photos.

These two suggestions may be seasonal themes, depending on the time of year.

Areal view of the beach.

To distinguish from all the other Instagram pages in your niche, brands, and influencers must put in the extra effort. You might want to think about utilizing Instagram themes. If you want to use the app for business. Instagram themes are also great if you just want to display your artistic side. It’s simple to gain an advantage over competitors in your niche by sticking to a theme. You shouldn’t overlook aesthetic ideas when building your brand.

How To Change Themes on Instagram

Did you know you can alter the text and background colors used in your Instagram DMs and chats? One of the numerous new features recently added to Instagram is the ability to choose a color scheme for your direct messages. This is one facet of Instagram Themes that you need to know.

Thanks to a recent update, you can quickly change the theme of your conversations and direct messages on Instagram. You may also use dark mode to give Instagram a dimmer, higher-contrast appearance.

How to Change Themes on Instagram Chat:  

  1. Open Instagram, and then tap the messaging/DM icon in the top-right portion of the application.
  2. Open the chat you want to modify next.
  3. To access the Chat settings menu, tap the profile name.
  4. Select “Theme” from the Chat Settings section.
  5. Select your preferred theme from the Themes menu. You can also select a color from the Colors and Gradients area.

Anything to make your DMs a unique place for you and your supporters. Follow our tips on how to make a group chat on Instagram work for your brand. 

Learn How to Download Instagram Themes

Use Instagram chat themes to give your chats some personality. You can use them to express your mood, showcase your favorite colors, or spice up the situation. You can pick from various themes, so you’ll likely discover one that suits you.

  • Follow these instructions to alter Instagram’s chat theme:
  • Open the app, then navigate to your profile page.
  • Next, pick “Chat Settings” by tapping the settings icon.
  • Select a chat theme from the available options now.
  • Then, by choosing “Create Custom Theme,” you may create a chat theme that is unique to you.

Instagram themes are so much fun! When you find out how to download Instagram themes, your direct messages can be a safe place. Remember that Instagram notifies the other party in the chat every time you make a change.

Instagram Theme Pages Are Taking the Platform by Storm

We couldn’t talk about Instagram themes without mentioning the Instagram theme pages. Whether or not you know what they are, you have seen them on your feed and likely follow for yourself.

Instagram theme pages may not be easy to grow, but they could be lucrative. Most of the time, theme pages curate well-liked content from a particular subject area rather than producing their own. For these pages as well, the engagement rates are frequently high. Some may even buy Instagram followers safely to get a headstart.

The Content Is Already Successful

The page’s owner doesn’t make the content on Instagram theme sites. Ideally, they credit the original creator or image source while curating content on their account. These accounts include a sizable archive of videos and memes in a specific specialized area. 

Remember that these accounts repost content that is already viral. Their posts consequently frequently attract large audiences and receive a sizable amount of likes or video views. Think of tweets, TikTok videos, and existing Instagram videos. Theme pages repost this content, drawing people not on other platforms.

Due to the niche accounts’ frequent inclusion on the explore page, which boosts interaction even further and directs thousands of users daily to such profiles, engagement is usually high.

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