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Instagram 101 | May 29, 2024

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You’ve heard of this happening to people but never thought it would happen to you. Hacking is just an excuse people use for messy tweets and inappropriate posts, right? It’s not a real thing. After all, why would they hack you? You are an up-and-coming content creator with a small yet loyal audience. They should be going after the extensive profiles. That’s what you think. These hackers can be indiscriminate. It’s best to know how to report Instagram account hacks. Better yet, you should minimize the likelihood altogether. Well, if that is possible.

If this happened to you, you’re probably thinking back to every sketchy link you clicked on, that weird email you didn’t double-check, and that time you didn’t buy Instagram followers safely with our tips. Sometimes you were being very careful. Constantly having to watch your back in these Instagram streets is stressful! Having to google if a particular site is safe or calling your friend to make sure they were the ones to send you a link is no way to live.

With hackers developing new ways to hack your account from diverse places worldwide, Instagram has become the literal Wild Wild West.

But this is the cost of using this social media platform. The reach and potential to change your life using Instagram as a content creator are palpable. So we must continue our love/hate relationship with this photo-sharing app. Let’s make the best of it. The social media experts here don’t just care about you achieving rapid growth. We care about securing all that you have worked hard for. And hint: we don’t advise you to trust account recovery services. To report Instagram account hacks, check out our tips instead.

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When Should I Report Instagram Account Hacks?

Is someone attempting to hack your Instagram?

A few warning signs could mean someone is trying to steal your Instagram account. No, you’re not paranoid. You’re just protective of all that you have worked to build. Consider the following red flags and signs that you should  report hacked Instagram accounts.

That Random Email From Instagram

If someone tries resetting your password, Instagram will send you an email notifying you of the change. Now, if this was you, you have nothing to worry about. You must immediately act whenever you receive a notification or email from Instagram informing you that there has been questionable behavior on any accounts you oversee.  

Someone may be trying to hack your Instagram account if you get an email saying someone has asked you to change your password, but it wasn’t you. Are you saying you weren’t the one trying to change your password? Keep reading.

Click the “Secure My Account” link in the email you received from [email protected] if you weren’t the one who requested that the email address linked to your Instagram account be changed. Make sure you check this email address! These fake emails are becoming very convincing. Some messages that are from Instagram may be hacker scams or phishing attempts.

The scammer might have changed your password if the login screen hadn’t let you in. By asking for a login link or security code, you can still get assistance from Instagram.

The email should send off alarm bells in your head. Or, at the very least, a yellow flag. If you receive such an email, take it seriously. The peace of mind after taking action will be worth it. You could avoid having to report Instagram account hacks.

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How to Prevent a Hacked Instagram Account

We hope you never even have to report Instagram account hacks. It’s an anxiety-riddled experience that costs you time and potentially money. A hacked Instagram account harms your brand’s reputation. Recovering your account may not save some irreparable damage.

  • Activate the Two-Factor Authentication Process

If you’ve heard of this, you should have it by now. Every time you log in to a new device, customers who use the two-factor form of authentication must enter a security code received via text message (SMS) or authentication software on their phone. 

This method is an excellent deterrent to scammers. Meta provides this service, and you can set it up using the security section of the app. This small extra step could save you from having to report Instagram account hacks in the long run.

  • Verify Your Log-in Behavior

Watch your login activity, accessible through the app’s security area. There, you can see a list of all the devices currently logged into your Instagram account and a map showing the location of each. Unless you are a digital nomad or have outsourced your social media management to someone in another country, your login should show where you are. You can log out of those devices if you notice any strange behavior on your current device.

  • Create a Strong Password

I know, I know. This one is the kindergarten suggestion for an MIT- level act. Entering your account by guessing your password may not be the average 2023 hacker route. However, it is a good measure to have in place.  So yes, include those numbers, uppercase, symbols, and squirrel noises. I guarantee you will facepalm if you report hacked Instagram accounts because of weak security.

Nevertheless, if you still have to report an Instagram account hacks, follow our tips. 

Should I Report Instagram Account Hack When This Happens?

Suspicious Instagram activity comes in many forms. Hacking is a day job, so some people have time to be creative. Know this before you have to report Instagram account hacks..

It Goes Down in the DMs

Utilizing the Instagram Direct Message feature is a frequently used way to hack followers. When someone hacks your account, you may not be the person they intend to harm. Check your followers or the people you communicate with. There may be at least one person who the hackers want to extort for monetary gain. To mislead friends, family, and followers, hackers who steal your Instagram account log-in information will use you.

Your Instagram DM will be the primary way for many dishonest people to take advantage of those who trust you, whether by enticing them to click dubious links or send you money for a fabricated emergency.

Now, let’s consider this from another perspective.

Start giving your DMs the side-eye. The hackers could trap you if you click dubious links that take you away from the app and onto another website. It can happen right there through an Instagram DM. 

Avoid clicking any external links on Instagram, especially if you don’t know the sender, if you don’t want to jeopardize your safety. We advise you to be even more careful than that. It’s best to develop the habit of carefully reading links before clicking them, even if they come from people you know. Think of the scenario we described above. It might be coming from a hacker who has compromised someone you trust. If you know that person, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call. Find out if the message is legit. You can’t be too careful!

In either scenario, you should report Instagram account hacks pronto!

Scenarios That Could Lead You To Report Instagram Account Hack

Two potential scenarios hacking victims face before they report Instagram account hacks. Have either of the following happened to you?

Password Changed

Has your Instagram password been changed without your knowledge? Follow these tips. Instagram gives you an out. If you discover that your password is no longer valid, you should immediately set up a new one using the instructions provided by the Instagram app’s login screen. 

You can use a security code to log back into your account and change your password after receiving the login link through email or phone, which is the ideal scenario. Hopefully, your email and phone are still accessible. Please fix the issue, and you don’t need to contact Instagram to report hacked Instagram accounts. Contacting Instagram could cost you time.

Hacked and Email and Phone Number Changed

Unfortunately, there is an even worse scenario. The hackers have changed your password and email address. A hacker may have altered your email and phone number if you cannot log into your social media account and click the “Forgot password” link to seek a password reset. 

This kind of hacking is more frequent because con artists know you’ll want to reset your password on your own. They are a few steps ahead. They’ll want to control the account for themselves and ensure you can use the abovementioned tip.

Even worse, they can demand Bitcoin or other forms of ransom to release your Instagram account. If so, you must notify Instagram of the action by following the guidelines Instagram provided here.  

Report Instagram Account Hack! Can They Change My Email?

Instagram will send two emails to you asking you to accept or decline the request to change your email address. This is if the email on your Instagram profile has changed. Instagram sends two emails- one to approve the change and one to reject it. They are sent to the old and the newly proposed email addresses to confirm your request.

If you asked to have the email associated with your Instagram profile changed, the following is what should happen. You must approve the request from the new email address on Instagram. This enables Instagram to verify that you actually have access to the email address you’re asking to link to your Instagram account. 

Instagram will also email the primary email address in your Instagram profile, allowing you to cancel the request. Of course, if they have compromised your email already, the hacker can approve such a request from that email. If you become aware that this is what happened, you should report Instagram account hacks. It is stressful to have to report hacked Instagram accounts. Hopefully, the preventative measures are effective.

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You Need To Know How To Report a Hacked Instagram Account

You can perform numerous steps to secure your account if you believe your account has been hacked or hijacked. Visit this page on your desktop or mobile browser to secure your account if you cannot log in for tips on reporting the Instagram hack.

Ask for Your  Instagram login link.

You can ask Instagram to send a login link to your phone number or email address so they can help you prove that you are the account’s owner.

These are the primary security steps to obtaining a login link from Instagram:

  1. Tap “Get help logging in” on the login screen.
  2. Click “Send log-in link” after entering the user name, email address, or phone number linked to your account.  
  3. Click Next after completing the captcha to verify that you are a genuine human. (Just in case. You never know!)
  4. Then click the “login link” you received via email or SMS.

Verification of Identity

You’ll automatically receive an email from Instagram’s support team if you submit a request for verification for an account that lacks any of your photos.

If the Support Team sees you have Instagram photos, they will require you to upload a selfie video in which you look in different directions. They can check if you are the legitimate owner of your account using this way. Once you finish the verification, Instagram will review your request and reply.  

Instagram recognizes that you may not look like all the pictures on your Instagram feed, allowing you to apply more than once. If you ask us, it’s worth every try to get your account back. Knowing how to report a hacked Instagram account is one of the best skills you can master. 

How To Report a Hacked Instagram Account for a Friend

Why in the world is Janine asking me for money over Instagram? We are literally texting. This is very random. Something doesn’t feel right. 

You’re on to something there. You give Janine a call, and she confirms it wasn’t her. She is in a panic, and she wonders how many people have received the message. As her friend, there is something you can do. Yes, besides sharing a notice on your story. This is how to report a hacked Instagram Account for a friend.

  • Go into the chat with your friend. 
  • Click on the profile handle at the top of the chat.
  • Click on the three dots above “Options.”
  • Select “Report”
  • From the list of reasons, choose “Scan or Fraud.”
  • If you are sure, select “Submit report.”

It is not strictly the way to report Instagram account hacks, but it alerts Instagram instantly. Your friend can go on to fix the problem from her end using the tips outlined in this article.

In Jeopardy? Phone a Friend!
Instagram revealed that it was developing a new feature that would let users regain access to their accounts with the aid of other Instagram friends.  

The last password that users can recall must still be entered in the recovery process. Nevertheless, they will have the option to choose two accounts to aid with verification. 

Instagram will issue notification to the nominated accounts, and those friends must reply within 24 hours after the user has chosen two accounts for identification. Users can suggest another person for help if the two “friends” don’t respond to the notification within that time frame. A password reset link is issued once your nominated accounts have responded to the message and confirmed your identification.

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Extra Tips for When You Have To Report Instagram Account Hack

Many Instagram users have firsthand experience with social media account hacking. According to NordVPN, 37 percent of respondents claimed to have had their accounts stolen. Here are tips to mitigate the damage and likelihood.

Have a Backup Account

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram bio and seen a link to a “backup account”? The account is typically the same name as the primary one, except for a symbol or two. They will encourage your active followers to follow that account as well. It may not be very active, but it may have some shared posts with the primary account.
These pages exist if hacking happens. Followers can go to the page for legitimate updates regarding what happened to your page. This page can also be the starting place for a new page. That way, you don’t have to start from scratch after you report Instagram account hacks.

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Check Those Links!

Most hacks happen due to content creators clicking on links they get in emails or direct messages (DM) from hackers posing as real users. No, you’re not too old to be tricked, and your account is not too small to be targeted.

At first sight, the links they provide appear reliable at first sight, but you must guard against clicking without thinking. One groggy late-night or inebriated posting spree could end your Instagram journey. Hover your mouse over the hyperlink and look at the URL before clicking it. Is it suspicious-looking? If so, it’s best to err on the side of caution. 

Following these tips could save you from having to report Instagram account hacks.

Report Instagram Account Hack

Losing access to your Instagram account can be very distressing, especially if you regularly interact with your followers and follow our tips for Instagram growth and engagement. A hacked Instagram account can jeopardize years of labor, drastically interfere with ongoing relationships with followers, and destroy your credibility in the market. Of course, it will also cause you to lose a lot of followers, in addition to removing the ability to manage the page’s posts. 

We hope these great tips have been helpful in preventing a potential hack or giving tips on how to  report an Instagram account hacks. Remember to breathe and stay calm. Bookmark this page.

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