Cheap IG Followers: Get Fans Fast Without Breaking the Bank

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Instagram Tips | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Everybody knows that the higher your follower count, the more popular and credible you seem on Instagram. That’s why plenty of influencers and brands work themselves to the bone to try and get tons of followers. But while organic followers are awesome for sustainable growth, gaining these fans can be tedious. That’s why some brands look for websites to buy cheap IG followers to boost their fanbase.

Sure, buying Instagram followers is quick and convenient, but is it a good idea? Are there any consequences when you buy these followers? Are these purchased fans real users or just fake followers? You’ll see the answers to those questions in this guide—plus how to get affordable followers in the first place! Keep scrolling to discover all this and more.

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Is It Okay To Buy Cheap Followers on Instagram?

For some, buying followers online is an open secret and standard practice to grow brands. But for others, it might seem unfair—like you’re somehow “cheating” the Instagram algorithm. So, is it okay to buy cheap followers on Instagram?

To be quite honest, there are many risks associated with purchasing Instagram followers from third-party websites.

Perhaps the biggest one is getting flagged by Instagram itself. See, the app prohibits any type of inauthentic activity. If the system flags your account for buying followers online, it could place you on a shadowban. This type of ban lessens your visibility on the IG feed, plummeting your engagement rate if you post new content.

Another huge risk of buying followers online is that you’ll end up with low-quality followers. These might include bot accounts and ghost followers—both of which are inactive and won’t engage with content. That’s because there are no real users behind these accounts, essentially making them fake followers with no use. This also decreases your engagement rate, affecting your overall reach and visibility on Instagram.

That said, buying cheap followers on Instagram isn’t technically banned. You still have some options if you want to try it out.

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Where Can You Find Cheap Instagram Followers for Sale?

There are plenty of third-party apps and websites that have cheap Instagram followers for sale. You just have to pick the right one to buy from to make sure you get real, high-quality followers.

To do that, do your research on trusted websites that sell followers for cheap. Sift through testimonials and online reviews to see how people’s experiences with those sites have been.

It’s a good sign when a website doesn’t ask for your Instagram password. That means they’re not just “selling” you something to steal your sensitive information. Look for services with customer support and secure payment methods—these are also green flags for sites like these.

One website that promises real followers on Instagram that doesn’t break the bank is Viralyft. This app delivers tons of new followers to your page within 1-3 days. If you need help, they have 24/7 support and even a phone team to assist.

What’s great about Viralyft is that you can customize your follower packages. You can choose between high-quality or premium followers and choose how many new followers you want. The packages go from 100 followers to a whopping 100k new followers.

You can also check out SocialPros. This site maintains low prices because they believe everyone should be able to grow their Instagram account fast. When you buy from them, you also get to choose how many followers you want. They also have features that give you peace of mind, like order tracking, live chat, and no password requirement.

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How To Get Cheap Instagram Followers, Step by Step

Do you want to know how to get cheap Instagram followers from a third-party website? Check out this step-by-step guide to how it typically works to familiarize yourself with the process before buying followers.

1. Find a Trusted Website That Sells Followers for Cheap

First, do your research and look for a service that you actually trust. Go for websites that have lots of good reviews and are renowned in the industry.

Don’t go for websites that have insecure payment methods, sketchy layouts, and bad reviews. If you want to hear people’s experiences with a specific service, look up YouTube reviews and forum posts about it.

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2. Choose from the Available Followers Packages

Each website selling cheap followers will have different follower packages available. Some might sell you high-quality followers, premium followers, global users, and more.

Check out how many followers you can get in each package, too. Most sites typically offer different package sizes, from as little to 25 followers to over 100k followers in one purchase.

Make sure you scope out the price points for multiple packages across different websites. That way, you can choose the one that gives you the most cost-effective deal.

3. Give Them Your Instagram Username (Never Your Password!)

Legitimate websites that give you followers will ask for your username and maybe your email address, too. But they shouldn’t ask for your password. Never compromise the security of your account by giving out your password to any third-party website.

4. Check Out Your Purchase With a Secure Payment Method

After selecting your package and giving them your Instagram handle, it’s time to check out your purchase. Pay only with secure payment methods that encrypt your financial information. This lessens your vulnerability to fraud. It’s also a good sign that the site you’re buying from can be trusted since it has good security measures.

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5. Wait for the Service To Deliver Your New Instagram Followers

After confirming your payment, it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for your new followers to roll in. Some services promise instant delivery, while others take a few hours or days. Just be patient because soon, you’ll be rewarded with a significant increase in followers. And all you had to do was spend a few dollars and tap on some buttons to do it!

You Can Also Technically Buy Real Instagram Followers From Growth Services

An Instagram growth service is a service that helps brands sustainably get more followers. These services execute key promotional strategies to help your page reach its intended target audience. And while you don’t exactly buy real Instagram followers through that, you end up with high-quality fans anyway.

One such service is Path Social. Our AI-powered algorithm quickly reviews your profile and its most engaging audiences. Then, we use that info to target more people like them through influencer shout-outs, email marketing, hashtag strategies, and more. You’ll even get 24/7 support and a dedicated account success manager if you purchase a premium package!

In no time, you’ll see a significant increase in followers that are 100% real, never fake or inactive. It’s a must-try if you have a budget for growing your page but don’t want to buy followers straight up.

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Make It Extra Affordable: How To Drive Instagram Growth for Free

Cheap followers might be affordable, but they still cost a small amount of money. If you really want to save money while growing your Instagram page, try creating an organic growth strategy. This will allow you to get free Instagram followers without worrying about whether they’re fake or inactive. Here are our top 3 tips for any successful organic growth plan:

  1. Use popular hashtags in your post captions. These tags can boost your visibility on Instagram’s Explore page, allowing you to reach people who don’t follow you yet. Remember to use a mix of trending and niche hashtags to reach as many diverse audiences as possible.
  1. Don’t limit your posts to just feed photos and videos. Experiment with other types of content, like Instagram Reels. According to DemandSage, Reels outperform the view rates of regular feed videos by 0.8%. So, it’s wise to use this popular video format to reach wider audiences.
  1. Cross-promote your Instagram posts on other social media channels. If you have a Facebook or TikTok page, make sure to link your Instagram content there. Remember—not everyone you want to reach in the world is most active on Instagram. Maybe they love other platforms more. By cross-promoting your content, you can reach people who aren’t so active on Instagram but fall within your target market.

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Want To Invest in Something Bigger Than Cheap IG Followers? Let Us Help!

It’s hard to say no to an awesome deal from a site selling Instagram followers for cheap. For just a few bucks, you can see a quick increase in followers. Who wouldn’t want that?

But if you were to buy cheap fans online, make sure they’re real, active followers—not fake, low-quality ones. That way, you can make sure these new followers actually engage with your content, thereby improving your overall Instagram performance.

Are you looking for ways to invest in your Instagram growth aside from buying cheap IG followers from random websites? Work with us at Path Social!

Our proprietary algorithm assesses your profile and looks for the best target audience for your content. Then, we execute effective promotional strategies to push out your page and content to them. This boost in visibility gets you tons of new followers—all of them real users, never fake followers. And from there, you can sustainably build a community of fans with whom your content actually resonates. Grow your page the right way and earn more followers with Path Social!