Instagram Growth Service: Do You Need One to Grow as an Influencer?

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Instagram Growth | Aug 18, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Want to become a successful influencer? You need lots of followers to influence. Building your follower base on Instagram manually is no easy feat. All the time and effort creating fantastic content and actively posting and engaging with others on the platform — you deserve results. As you start out, you might not get the results you would expect from all your work. Should you consider subscribing to an Instagram growth service?

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3 Types of Instagram Growth Services: How Reliable Are They?

Getting real, highly interested, engaged followers on Instagram is often tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming. And the platform is only getting more competitive by the day, especially for influencers. Aside from the competition, you must also contend with the constantly changing Instagram algorithm. On top of all that, you need to outperform sponsored content and boosted posts. Your time, effort, and creativity may not be enough to grow your followers and engagement steadily. It’s probably time to subscribe to Instagram growth services. Let’s take a look at how these services work.

1. Organic Instagram Growth Service: What Does It Mean?

You’ll often see “Organic Instagram growth service” as the growth service’s major selling point. “Organic growth” is the holy grail for anybody serious about making a name in their niche on social media.

In business, organic growth means “an increase in sales and expansion through the company’s own resources.” As a social media influencer, organic growth involves building brand awareness. Increase followers and engagement through your content and authentic interactions with other Instagram users. So can an Instagram growth service actually deliver organic growth?

You’ll have to closely examine how they find and deliver followers to clients. You must also consider the authenticity and quality of the followers they deliver. The proper parameters for audience targeting have to be set. This means they should ask you to specify who your target audience is. What’s your target age? Is your brand suitable to a specific gender identity, ethnicity, and/or location? What hashtags do you want to target?

The company must take into account your follower and engagement history. This creates a more accurate profile of your ideal target audience. Just as importantly, they must manually promote your account and content to achieve genuine organic growth.

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2. Instagram Followers Growth Service

An Instagram followers growth service is the most common type of Instagram growth service. But remember that the quality of followers is more important than the number of followers. When choosing a growth service to help you build your influencer account, you must prioritize getting real followers who are genuinely interested. Avoid companies that are not clear about how they get followers. Also, steer clear of any growth service that does any of the following:

  • Offers you thousands of new followers or follower “bundles” delivered instantly. 
  • Offers a follow-for-follow arrangement. 
  • Requires that you give them access to your Instagram account. 
  • Asks for your Instagram username AND password. 
  • Uses the follow/unfollow method. 
  • Does not ask you to specify your niche, target audience, target hashtags, and other audience targeting metrics needed for organic growth. 
  • Uses a fully automated system for following accounts, posting comments and replies, etc. 

Do they say they deliver “real followers” and “organic growth?” Instagram growth services that employ any of the above strategies will most likely deliver bots and/or fake accounts. Even if a small percentage of the followers you get are real users, they won’t be interested and engaging followers. All you’ll get is a boost in follower numbers with no corresponding increase in engagement.

3. Instagram Engagement Growth Service

Instagram growth is not dictated by an increase in follower numbers alone. Consistent and high engagement rates carry more weight than high follower numbers. An Instagram engagement growth service can help boost engagement on your posts. But it’s important to find out how they do it and look at the quality of engagement they deliver.

You should already be familiar with comments that are automated and made by bots. Look out for Instagram growth services that ask for your username and password or complete account access. They often use bots to increase engagement activity. You don’t want your account to be associated with such bot-like activities if you want to be taken seriously as an influencer. You will lose your credibility and any real followers you may already have. Your account may even get suspended by Instagram and/or blocked by the accounts that received your bot comments.

Before subscribing to such a service, ensure the company has a team of real people performing genuine and meaningful engagement on your behalf.

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Instagram Business Account Growth via Instagram for Business

If you have a business on Instagram, one of the most important things you can do is create an Instagram business page. This ensures lasting growth on the platform. A business account is not a requirement if you want to sell stuff or offer your services via your Instagram. However, creating one gives you access to valuable tools and solutions that will help you achieve Instagram business account growth.

Here’s how Instagram for Business can help elevate your brand:

  • Instagram Shopping will become available. Create shoppable posts to make purchasing your products more convenient for your customers.  
  • Turn shoppable posts into ads. 
  • Sell through Instagram Stories with clickable product stickers. 
  • You’ll get connected with Instagram creators who can help create and deliver branded content. 
  • You can make shoppable Reels with product tags or amplify your brand with Reels ads. 

An Instagram growth service can also do all the heavy lifting of growing your Instagram business account. Are you ready to completely hand over the administrative reins of your account to somebody with more skills and experience? Make sure you choose a company or individual whom you can completely trust. Or, you can simply choose a growth service that can help you gain more followers and quality engagement.

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How to Increase Growth on Instagram With 5 Tips

Building brand awareness, staying relevant, and standing out from the competition are among the most crucial elements you need to gain momentum on your growth journey and sustain your upward trajectory. Quality content, advanced targeting, and marketing strategy are key to growing your Instagram account. You can also save time with Instagram growth services. Take note of the following tips on how to grow your Instagram to keep you on the right track.

1. How to Grow Your Instagram Through Your Posts and Stories

Posts and stories are your direct line of communication with your followers and target audience. Utilize them to spread the word about your brand. So remember to always stay on-brand when creating content for your Instagram — whether or not you’re talking about a product or service.

2. Grow Awareness Through Ads

You can start by boosting your Instagram posts. Figure out how to optimize your ad strategy. Now your Instagram profile will reach new people, get more followers, and improve engagement.

3. Learn From the Best and Emulate What Works

Check out the competition and their top-performing posts. Find out what types of content get the most engagement and adopt the same strategies when creating your content. An engagement growth service for Instagram could help with this.

4. Get To Know Your Target Audience

What types of posts do they like the most? What kind of content do they frequently comment on? What kind of content do they often share with their friends? What interests do they have that are aligned with your brand? You can get this information from your followers’ engagement history on your page and their typical engagement behaviors on similar pages.

5. Subscribe to an Instagram Growth Service

This is the best option if your time and effort are best spent on creating consistently amazing content for your brand. With the right Instagram growth service, you won’t have to worry about tedious work. They will find the right audience for your brand and manually promote your brand and content.

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How to See Instagram Growth Over Time

The best way to see your Instagram growth over time is by using an analytics tool like Instagram Insights. Take note that you’ll need a business or creator account to access this tool. Instagram Insights will show you:

  • Overall trends across your followers and your content’s performance with your audience. 
  • Insights for specific posts, stories, videos, reels, and live videos, how each one performed, and how people engaged with them.
  • Your “Recent highlights,” which display notable account performance increases within a certain period. 
  • Insights overview, including Accounts reached, Accounts engaged, and Total followers.

The best Instagram growth service also offers a free analytics tool that uses your account history to show your projected follower growth trajectory. For example, Path Social’s free “Check My Growth” tool only requires your Instagram username. You don’t need to buy a plan to use it. If you sign up for Path Social, you’ll be able to see your daily, weekly, and monthly projected follower growth for the first month.

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Are Instagram Growth Services Worth It?

An Instagram growth service is a worthwhile investment when you find the right one. Audience targeting is the trickiest part of building a brand on Instagram. You can let Instagram’s algorithm take over this task by boosting posts or creating an ad campaign. However, it will take a lot of trial and error before you figure out the best strategy for optimization. To get the results you want, consider your budget.

If you have money to spend, subscribing to an Instagram growth service plan could be the best decision you’ll ever make for your brand. Remember to avoid unclear services that don’t share how they deliver real followers or how their process works. You want people to follow you that are genuinely interested and engaged.

The Best Instagram Growth Service for 2022

According to the very first edition of Instagram’s 2022 Instagram Trends Report, Gen-Z are the “tastemakers.” They are at the forefront of “creating culture, exploring new territories, and taking what already exists in unexpected directions.” Within the influencer space on Instagram, “1 in 4 13-24 year-olds agree [that] micro-influencers with loyal and highly engaged audiences are most important when creating new trends.

Now is as good a time as any to rev up your influencer growth journey. Take advantage of the best Instagram growth service for 2022 — Path Social.

Path Social ticks all the boxes of what makes an Instagram growth service good. They prioritize organic growth and understand that it’s the key to Instagram growth that lasts. They take the time to determine the right audience for your type of content. Path Social uses advanced AI technology to ensure precise audience targeting. They have an in-house support team of social media specialists. Plus, a vast network of influencers to put your content in front of the right audience.

Organic and lasting growth with real and highly engaged followers is what Path Social promises to deliver. No Instagram bots or fake users. You can expect growth in both quality and quantity. The followers you get are already interested in what you offer, so expect this growth to last. Utilize an Instagram growth service like Path Social to help you grow. You can focus on building and maintaining your credibility as an influencer through the amazing content you create.

Take advantage of Path Social’s advanced AI targeting capability to find real and genuinely interested followers. Let their in-house social media specialists put your content in front of the right audience to generate quality engagement. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!