Free Instagram Followers, No Human Verification: Skip It Now

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Instagram Tips | May 31, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

From your favorite social media channels to the most-frequented shopping platforms, plenty of websites on the internet require human verification. That’s awesome for keeping the internet a safe, ethical space. But sometimes, human verification can be a hassle, like when you’re just trying to grow your Instagram page. That’s why today, we’re showing you how to gain free Instagram followers, and no human verification is required.

Trying to get more Instagram followers is far from the sketchiest thing in the world. So sometimes, the long surveys, quizzes, and never-ending CAPTCHAs can feel unnecessary when you’re browsing Instagram growth websites.

Luckily, you don’t always have to tolerate these tests and verification processes to win over some new followers. Keep reading this guide to see how to grow your page without having to go through so many verification tests.

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Why Some People Might Want Free Instagram Followers, No Human Verification

According to Proton Mail, online verification methods exist to protect websites from spam bots, fake sign-ups, and other malicious activities. It’s an awesome tool for enhancing the security measures of any website. That said, it can sometimes negatively impact the overall user experience when browsing through the internet.

There are many ways to verify that you’re human online. Some sites make you solve puzzles and click on pictures that fit specific criteria. Others will let you type a CAPTCHA to prove that you aren’t a robot. And while it’s undeniable that this is great for safety measures, this extra step can be quite inconvenient and time-consuming.

Some websites ask for an excessive amount of human verification. For example, technical difficulties and glitches might prompt users to go through verification repeatedly.

Meanwhile, others might ask users to answer long surveys instead of simple tests. Not only is this lengthy, but it also poses risks when you give out sensitive information about yourself online. All of these can ruin the overall experience of using a website.

Not only is doing human verification tedious, but it also has accessibility limitations. People with disabilities and cognitive conditions, for example, may not be able to do a CAPTCHA without help from others. This poses a huge problem for a sizeable chunk of internet users.

How To Get Free Followers on Instagram Without Human Verification Tests?

Many Instagram users turn to third-party social media marketing tools and websites to grow their page fast. And going through verification unnecessarily and repetitively is the last thing you want to do when growing your Instagram page. It’s a huge distraction and doesn’t help you get the job done in any way.

Luckily, there are many ways to reel in potential followers without getting stuck in a cycle of verification tests. Here’s how to get free followers on Instagram while steering clear of annoying tests, CAPTCHAs, and surveys.

1. Look for a Free Instagram Followers App Without Captchas or Surveys

The easiest way to go around verification is to simply find a free Instagram followers app that doesn’t have it. This is easier said than done, especially since having human verification tests is the norm on most third-party tools. But apps that don’t use them do exist—you just have to keep your eyes peeled to spot them.

Try looking for smaller websites that give out free followers instead of huge platforms. These smaller, more niche sites typically won’t have the same strict, stringent security measures. So, there’s a big chance they won’t have human verification tests when they give out free followers.

An example of a website that doesn’t have these pesky verification tests is MegaFamous. This site claims to gift people 10-50 followers for free. All you have to do is submit your username and email address and then set your Instagram profile to public. To them, that’s enough verification that you are indeed human. No surveys or CAPTCHAs here!

You might also want to consider getting free followers from literal apps on your phone, not websites. Typically, web pages conduct human verification tests, not apps. You’ll get a higher chance of finding a tool that delivers free followers without the need for tests and quizzes there.

2. Sign Up for a Free Instagram Followers Trial From a Reputable Service

Another option would be to try out a free Instagram followers trial service from a well-known platform. It’s a terrific way to reap the benefits of a paid Instagram followers app without breaking the bank.

Established follower apps and tools always have ease of use and customer experience in mind. They know that human verification tests disrupt the users’ navigation of their tool. So, they avoid it when they can to maintain a smooth, professional, user-friendly interface. Plus, these big platforms typically have more robust security systems in place with no need for manual human verification.

Many of these popular social media apps offer free trials to lure people into using their tools for free first. Then, if the customer likes their platform, they’ll typically commit to a paid subscription. Instead of paying for full access to these tools, take advantage of the trial to get free followers.

What’s cool about this little hack is that you don’t just get followers for free. You can also try out the tool’s other features, like content scheduling, social media management systems, influencer platforms, and more. You might even find a free follower tool with an Instagram follower count checker. These follower counters are great for keeping track of your fanbase’s current size.

3. Create Exciting Content With the Right Visuals, Captions and Hashtags

Working with third-party apps might be the easiest way to get followers for free on Instagram. But the most sustainable, organic way to do it is by coming out with high-quality content. The best part is when you focus on your creative content, you don’t have to worry about human verification anywhere!

When you put out consistently great content, more and more people engage with your posts. And with higher engagement rates, the algorithm pushes your content to the Explore page. This extra visibility can lead to tons of new followers flocking to your page for more awesome content.

Don’t know how to reel in new followers with high-quality content? Here are some of our top tips for that:

  • Use only high-resolution photos and videos for your posts.
  • Align all your creative content under a specific, eye-catching aesthetic that your target audience will resonate with.
  • Write fun, intriguing, and relatable captions that add more substance and context to your post.
  • Include relevant hashtags in your caption. These can further boost your visibility on the platform.
  • Tag your location on your posts. This allows your content to show up on that specific geotag’s feed, allowing local audiences to discover your page.

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4. Run a Giveaway With a Follow Requirement in the Mechanics

A free and easy way to get followers is by hosting a fun giveaway. Giveaways are a fun way to engage followers and gain new ones without resorting to sites that require human verification. It drives genuine excitement, anticipation, and participation from existing and potential followers.

Set a prize up for grabs exclusively for accounts that follow your page. This can be a discount voucher for when they purchase from your store or maybe some freebies and gift cards. Then, promote the contest as much as you can!

Make sure that the mechanic is clear when you announce your giveaway in a post. To enter, users must follow your page. You can also add other criteria for the giveaway, such as liking posts and tagging others in a comment. But the follow mechanic is the most important criterion for participants. It ensures that you’ll grow your page for free.

Even if your giveaway will only have one winner, you’ll gain hundreds or even thousands of followers from it. When it’s time to pick a winner, use a random Instagram giveaway picker to ensure fairness. Then, announce the winner in a post or Story and give them the prize they won fair and square.

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5. Follow Interesting Accounts in Your Niche so They Follow You Back

Our last tip for getting free followers without verification tests is super easy. Just follow popular accounts within your niche and engage with their content. That’s it!

When you follow accounts that have similar content to yours, there’s a chance these users will follow you back. To increase these chances, engage with their content. Like their posts and leave genuine, substantial comments that spark meaningful conversation. By “befriending” these users in a way, they may give you a follow in return.

Engaging with posts by influencers and other popular accounts also exposes your page to their followers. Your handle might pop up often in the comments section of these creators’ posts. This can boost your page’s visibility if people click on your username and check out your page. Hopefully, you’ll get a ton of new followers with this technique, too!

Is It Also Possible To Get Free Instagram Views With No Human Verification?

Not everyone makes it their goal to gain new followers on Instagram. Some creators are happy with their follower count but are chasing some other type of goal—like more video views.

It can be super challenging to go viral on Instagram Reels, especially now that the content format is uber-competitive. Everyone is trying to catch people’s attention with entertaining short-form video content on Instagram. It can be difficult to stand out and have your views reach millions.

Are you getting frustrated because your video content isn’t racking up the views you had hoped? Don’t worry; you can still rise in the ranks of Reels. There are some third-party apps and tools that offer free Instagram views. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find the ones that don’t require human verification either.

We talked about the MegaFamous app earlier and how it’s an awesome tool for getting free followers with no verification. But did you know that this app also gives out Instagram views for video content? Whether you want a higher view count for your Reels or Stories, you can do so with MegaFamous.

Like their free follower feature, you can get up to 1,000 free views on your content without human verification. All you have to do is give them your username, email address, and a link to your video post. In just 15 minutes, you’ll see tons of new views roll in! Just remember to keep your public profile, as the tool doesn’t work for private pages.

Of course, the best way to get free views on Instagram videos is by making them as engaging as possible. Make them aesthetically captivating, entertaining, and relatable to boost shareability and virality. Jump on hot Reel trends and use popular audio clips to increase interest in your content, too.

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Fair Warning: Relying on Third-Party Apps Can Lead to Instagram Bot Followers

Using third-party apps and websites to get free followers might be super convenient. It’s even more tempting to try it out when you know the site has no annoying human verification tests. But you always need to remember the risks of using third-party tools on Instagram.

One of the worst risks of getting followers from third-party websites is that you could end up with low-quality followers. Paid tools typically promise engaged and active followers. But websites that give you followers for free are notorious for handing out Instagram bot followers or inactive accounts.

Remember—there are no real people behind these fake followers. So, they won’t like, comment on, share, or interact with your content. These low-quality followers will end up killing your engagement rate, which means fewer people will see your posts later on.

So, when working with third-party tools for free followers, make sure they promise real followers. Check out the website’s reviews or online forums to see what others have to say about the service. If people vouch for the site and say they’ve gotten real followers out of it, you can probably trust it.

Another huge risk is that the platform can flag your account for inauthentic activity. This happens to users who use third-party tools and automation apps to get more likes and followers. If Instagram flags you for these activities, you might suffer from a shadowban. When that happens, the Instagram algorithm will start deprioritizing your content, lessening your visibility on the platform.

Give Your Content a Leg Up With Path Social!

There are many ways to get around human verification tests while still getting real followers on Instagram. You can simply look for apps that give you free followers without requiring you to verify your human-ness. You can also opt for free trials from well-known sites that are known not to have those annoying tests.

But at the end of the day, the best way to get more followers is to focus on your content. Make sure your photos and videos are high-quality and exciting. Maximize Instagram’s features that help boost visibility, like hashtags and location tags. Engage your audience and interact with other creators and brands in your niche. These organic growth methods are surefire ways to sustainably get free Instagram followers, and no human verification is needed.

These techniques can help more people discover your page. But if you want to push your content to its utmost potential, promote it to more people with Path Social. Our AI-powered algorithm hunts down your target audience and pushes your posts to their feeds. As you get more exposure to the right people, you’ll gain plenty of new, engaged, 100% real followers—never bots. Grow your IG community and gain more followers with our team of experts today!