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Path Social helps creator accounts grow faster than ever

You create amazing content, but are having a hard time getting more people to see it. Don’t worry, Path Social is your new personal Instagram growth service that will grow your account organically to help you gain more followers and engagement, fast!

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1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram Creator Account

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Over 5 thousand

users sign up for Path Social each month, with many being agencies.

Fastest Growing

Instagram accounts are using Path Social. Path Social agency users are among the top 5% fastest growing accounts in the world.

Growth Guarantee

is just one of the perks agencies get when signing up with Path Social.

Path Social Instagram for Creators


Path Social is here to help all types of Instagram accounts, including creators. With over a billion users already on Instagram, creators have a hard time gaining exposure and getting people to their page. Path Social can do just that by targeting your niche and growing your account through organic methods. Creator accounts will no doubt see success with Path Social!

To get started on Instagram, you need:

And here's how Path Social helps:

Grow your Creator Account on Instagram with the best growth team on the planet


Path Social’s mission is to help Instagram users flourish so their amazing content can reach more eyes.

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Quick Set Up

Set up your account in just minutes and start growing.

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Target Your Niche

Tell us your niche and we will take care of the rest.

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Fast, Safe Growth

Zero automation and niche targeting means you get really fast and safe growth for your account.

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More Love

Build a great following that will engage with your account.

Grow Your Instagram Fast


It doesn’t matter what kind of creator you are, Path Social will take your account to the next level. We want more people to see your amazing content, so we’ll do everything we can to grow your Instagram, and fast.

Path will save you hundreds of hours you might have been spending on growing your account, allowing you to spend more time creating your amazing content. Great right? Sign up today in just minutes or continue on below to learn more about Path Social’s Instagram for Creators.

Easy, Quick Set Up


You don’t need to do anything complicated when signing up like you would for every other agency. There’s no software, automation, or anything like that. Just give us your account name, audience, and you’re good to go.

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Instagram is good at catching any automation whatsoever. If you are currently using any automation or are thinking about it, don’t do it. Instagram’s algorithm is getting better by the day at catching automated accounts. With Path Social you get all the benefits of automation but with a human touch, so your account grows fast and risk-free.

Targeting Your Audience Just Got Better


Path Social doesn’t use any automation on your account, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take advantage of technology. Path uses a smart AI tech feature that provides suggestions on the account that we can then implement. The result? Lightning-quick growth that is sustained.

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Features of Instagram for Creators

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View Results

View and export results to ease your mind.

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Optimal Followers

Targeting your niche means you get the best followers.

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You won't ever have to worry about blocks and bans.

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Engaging Community

Your content not only gets seen but will get talked about.

What is Path Social?


Path Social is an Instagram growth agency that uses organic methods to help your account gain followers and more engagement, faster.

What about a guarantee?


Path Social is dedicated to helping the Instagram community flourish, so when you sign up you get a 7-day growth guarantee.

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Billed at /mo

Try Path Social Today


Will it break my bank?


Our plans start off at $49 per month, less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. You’ll get all the features without ever having to worry about your account.

Can I try Path Social out?


We don’t offer a trial, but ours plans come with a 7-day growth guarantee. Try out Intstagram for Creators risk-free today!

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Billed at /mo

Try Path Social Today

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Not sure if you need to grow your Instagram Creator Account?


The bigger your Instagram account, the better off you are as a creator. Path Social will help you grow your creator account so you can have more people looking at your amazing content, and talking about it. 

Elite Customer Support


Still unsure about choosing Path Social for your Creator profile on Instagram? Keep in mind that besides the world-class growth service, you’ll also have an elite customer support team at your fingertips. Any questions or concerns can be addressed instantly when reaching out to your personal support team.

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