How to Grow Your Instagram Food Account with Path Social

#Foodphotography has a cult following on Instagram, and it’s not surprising that the platform made food photography not only fashionable but also a must for anybody who has an Instagram account. Food is among the most featured subjects on Instagram, so if you want to grow your Instagram food account, you’ll definitely need the expert help of Path Social.

How Path Social Can Serve a Hungry Audience to Grow Your Instagram Food Account

Foodies — from the professional connoisseurs to the casual food lovers — flock to Instagram to feast their eyes on mouthwatering food photography, discover new recipes or food trends, find a restaurant that will satisfy their cravings, and share their own #foodstagram posts. Getting a “Good job!” from Chef Gordon Ramsay is probably easier than growing your Instagram food account these days. But with Path Social’s help, you can definitely have your cake and eat it, too

Find Your Foodie Tribe with Path Social’s Advanced Audience Targeting

However big or specific your ideal audience is, Path Social’s advanced and proprietary AI targeting algorithm will find the right people for your foodie tribe. There’s definitely no shortage of potential new followers on the platform to help you grow your Instagram food account. But you want to present your scrumptious food content to an audience whose appetite and aesthetic tastes perfectly match what you offer. Just let Path Social know the kind of audience you want and their advanced audience targeting tool will get to work to find them and sit them at your table.

Satisfy Aesthetic Taste Buds With the Help of Path Social’s In-House Team of Experts

Whether your passion is food photography, food tasting, or cooking, creating delightfully palatable content for Instagram takes a lot of work. This often means that you may not have time to promote your content to grow your Instagram food account; or perhaps you need expert help. Path Social’s in-house team of social media specialists can take over your organic content promotion and deliver quality engagement to your account.

You can also benefit from Path Social’s vast influencer connections! They’ll team you up with the right influencer who will serve your food content to their voracious followers. You can’t wish for a better deal than that! 

Grow Your Instagram Food Account: Path Social Case Studies

Check out these other Instagram food accounts and find out how Path Social paved the way for their successful growth journey!

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Followers Gained


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Followers Gained


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Focus on your passion for food and keep creating visually delicious content for your Instagram, and let Path Social take the helm of your Instagram growth strategy. You can rest assured that you’ll gain followers who are already hungry for what you have to offer and will deliver quality engagement time and time again.   

Free Instagram Growth Tools from Path Social for Your Instagram Food Account

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Get More Instagram Followers With Path Social

Still looking for the right audience for your yummy #foodphotography and #foodcreations?  Take advantage of Path Social’s advanced and proprietary AI targeting algorithm; this tool will hone in on your target audience, wherever they are in the world. Let Path Social’s team of social media experts gather the quality engagement you need for your Instagram food account. Get closer to your Instagram growth goals more quickly and more efficiently with the right growth partner — Path Social

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