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Path Social’s Instagram for business is a great way to grow your business and boost sales. With more engagement, and followers, you’ll be more likely to attract new customers that will convert to sales. Path Social uses organic methods to help your Instagram business account gain more likes, comments, and followers.

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Over 70%

of American businesses currently use Instagram as a means to grow their business and generate more sales.

Fastest Growing

Instagram accounts are using Path Social. Path Social business users are among the top 5% fastest growing accounts in the world.

Growth Guarantee

is just one of the perks businesses get when signing up with Path Social.

Path Social Instagram for Business


It seems like everyone has an Instagram account, so why not make one for your business? However, with millions of businesses on Instagram, it’s pretty hard to make your business stand out.

It’s one thing to have appealing photos and videos, but a big part of Instagram is engaging and getting people to your page. This is where Path Social comes in. Path Social assists Instagram business accounts by getting the account more likes, comments, followers, and overall engagement which ultimately results in more sales.

To get started on Instagram, you need:

And here's how Path Social helps:

Grow your business on Instagram with the best success team


Path Social has the world’s best dedicated success and support team so you get the best growth possible. Sit back and watch your business boom.

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Quick Sign-Up

It only takes a minute to sign up for Path Social and set up your Instagram business account.

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100% Hands-free

Sit back and relax while Path Social does the work. More followers and engagement around the clock.

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Smart Features

Path Social has smart features other services lack, meaning you get the most followers and growth possible.

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#1 Support

Even though Path does the work for you, it's nice to know that a dedicated support team is there for you.

The Rise of Instagram Business


With over a billion users, Instagram dominates social media. So why not tap into this huge market? No matter what your business does, having an Instagram presence for it will make a huge difference. 

Path Social will take your Instagram business account to the next level for you, while you focus on the business itself. Your Instagram business account will explode with a flood of traffic and grow generating precious sales.

Zero Automation


Path Social lets you target specific users, hashtags, and locations to help you get the best results. What sets Path Social apart from other growth services is that zero automation is involved, meaning you don’t do follow/unfollow and you will never get banned. The benefits of Path Social are:

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Personalized Touch


Path Social does all the hard work an automation tool might do, with a personalized touch and for much less. Why risk getting your account banned for good when you can get everything other services have to offer with a personal touch.

Smart AI Targeting


Not only can you target users based on gender, location, interests, and more, Path Social has a smart AI targeting feature that improves upon the targeting, helping your account grow even faster and to keep growing.

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More Instagram for Business Features

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Real-Time Results

View your growth and results 24/7, wherever you are.

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Smart AI Targeting

Smart AI technology provides suggestions for optimal, sustained growth

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Target The Right Users

Your success team will make sure the right users are targeting for the best growth possible.

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More Engagement

With more engagement and traffic, your business will grow in many aspects.

What is Path Social?


Path Social helps you increase your Instagram followers in an organic and 100% safe way. You can also choose who you want to target so you build a relevant and engaging community.

Do you have a guarantee?


Our guarantee blows other agencies out of the park. If we can’t grow your Instagram within 7 days, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

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How much does Path Social cost?


Our plans start at just $49 per month and include all of the smart and organic features to grow your Instagram and take it to the next level. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day to grow your Instagram business account.

Instagram for Business, Worth it?


With over a billion users and still growing, Instagram for business is definitely worth it. Your business will see more traffic and sales, who doesn’t want that?

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Still Unsure About Path Social's Instagram for Business?


Instagram has over a billion users and it’s not going anywhere. You can only benefit by having an Instagram business account; many people use Instagram as a means to evaluate a company as well. 

So, stand out from the crowd on Instagram with Path Social and watch your business explode!

First-Class Support


If everything you’ve learned about Path Social’s Instagram for Business still isn’t enough, then it’s worth noting that Path Social gives every customer their own account manager to provide the best possible growth. Path Social’s support team is award-winning so if you ever need anything, they’re there to help.

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