How To Get Paid for Reels – A Complete Guide

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Instagram Growth | May 05, 2023

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Instagram has become the top social media platform for creating and sharing high-quality video content and generating revenue. Video content creators earn approximately $1000 – $10,000 per month, some even more, solely from creating reels on Instagram. 

If you are an emerging influencer unable to reap the financial rewards, you’re probably wondering where your money is going. Certain monetization policies must be met to understand how to get paid for reels. Let’s see how you can earn dollars and grow your revenue on Instagram.

What Are Instagram Reels?

A person creating and editing an Instagram video to post online and get paid for reels

To compete with its rival, TikTok, Instagram launched a new feature called reels in August 2020. Reels are short, full-screen videos that lasted only 15 seconds when this feature emerged. However, to become the next video content king, Instagram worked with full dedication to push reels to the next level. It does this by regularly offering new and improved features.

 Content creators can now edit videos, insert sounds and songs, add audio, and use filters. These features help them take their content from ordinary to extraordinary. Even better, Instagram has removed the 15 seconds video restriction and now allows a 90-second record time for reels. Simply swipe to the left or click on the reels at the bottom to start recording.

However, a simple 90-second video isn’t enough. If you’re wondering how to get paid for reels, you must create eye-catching videos. On the recording screen, you have a list of all the options needed to transform your video into something amazing. You can use these features at any time during your video creation. According to statistics, Instagram reels get at least 22% more interaction. This helps creators secure more followers compared to an average video. 

Already a popular platform, Instagram had no problem driving users toward its new video content feature. Especially after introducing Play Bonus, allowing creators to monetize and get paid their reels on Instagram and generate a monthly income after completing the goals.

How To Get Paid for Reels Posted on Instagram?

If you are a full-time or part-time influencer, your main question would be: How do I get paid for reels on Instagram?

Instagram has provided various monetization options, making it easier to earn money.  Content creators use different methods to boost their revenue on Instagram. Here is a list of some of those options:

  1. Instagram Reels Play Bonus (most popular)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Ads
  4. Branded Content

However, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

How To Get Paid for Reels Using the Instagram Play Bonus?

A woman showing how much she got paid for a month for reels on Instagram

Since the reels launch in August 2020, Instagram has been updating this new feature. Various tools are released to make it easy for content creators to produce and monetize videos. The most well-known way of getting paid for reels is the Instagram Play Bonus program, which is invite-only. 

Some of the top influencers are able to earn high monthly incomes, all thanks to this program.

How Do the Reels Play Bonus Work?

The money-making method behind the Reels Play Bonus is based on the number of reels created and the number of plays per reel. Bear in mind that it should not be just any video content. The reel posted must be amazing, unique and engaging. Posting 100% unique content is a requirement, not a recommendation. 

The strategy behind this program is simple: the more plays your reels get, the more you earn. The only way to get more views is if your video is engaging for the user. If you have many plays on the reels you’ve created, Instagram will send you an invite to join this program. So, whatever type of video you create, you must ensure that it will attract more people to play your reel, not once, but repeatedly.
 To know how to get paid for reels using Play Bonus, you must first be eligible for this program.

Who Is Eligible for the Reels Play Bonus?

A profile of a content creator on Instagram who is eligible for the reels play bonus program.

Unfortunately, this program is not available for everyone. Instagram will only allow you to participate in this program after you have passed the eligibility requirements. 

  1. This is an invite-only program, so to participate, Instagram will send you an invitation.
  2. You will need to have a creator or company account.
  3. In order to participate, you must be present in the United States.
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  5. You must meet Instagram’s monetization policies.
  6. Your follower count must be less than one million.

Getting Started With Reel Play Bonus – How To Get Paid?

Here is a complete guide explaining how to become eligible for this program and how to get paid for reels posted.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility Status

As mentioned above, you must meet the minimum requirements to earn revenue. If you are not in the United States, you should regularly check your eligibility status for the Play Bonus program in your professional dashboard. Why? Well, because Instagram is continuously working to make the program available worldwide. So, check the eligibility status often. Otherwise, you will be looking for other alternatives on how to get paid for reels.

 Here is how you can check if the Play Bonus is available for you:

  1. You need to switch to your business or creator profile.
  2. The link to the professional dashboard will be available on your profile page.
  3. Locate and click on Bonus in the menu, and this will display the list of programs you are eligible for.
  4.  If Reels Play is on the list, you are eligible for this bonus program.

Step 2: Activate the Bonus Program and Get Paid for Reels

After determining eligibility, the next important step is to activate the bonus program as soon as possible. If you do so, your eligibility may stay active.

Here is what you need to do to set up bonuses:

  1. Go to your professional dashboard, located on your business or creator profile.
  2.  Tap bonuses in the menu to view the Reels Play program.
  3. Scroll down, press the Get Started button and agree to the Instagram terms and conditions.
  4. You need to enter your business information and select the preferred payout method.

Step 3: Complete Play Bonus Goals

Once you have activated the bonuses, you will receive a list of goals and a deadline to achieve these goals. You have a time limit of 30 days, starting from the moment you activate the Reels Play Bonus.
You can view your progress towards your monthly payout in your professional dashboard.

Step 4: Create Engaging Content and Get Paid for Reels

Randomly posting reels on Instagram will get you somewhere. Artificial intelligence is evolving. Gone are the simple days when you could profit from simply throwing content online. Instagram is looking for 100% unique content that will capture the interest of your target audience.

Suppose you’re wondering how to get paid for reels or bump up your revenue. Here are a few guidelines you should consider.

  1. Share your reels in your posts and stories.
  2. Find out your target audience and what content they want to see.
  3. Identify your audience’s demographics and create content accordingly.
  4. Make sure your reel provides value.
  5. Find original ideas for your reels.
  6. Create a weekly posting schedule and stick to it.
  7. Use third-party Instagram tools such as Napoleoncat to automate tasks.
  8. Check your Instagram engagement statistics to determine the best time to post a reel on Instagram.

Always remember, creating engaging content is the key. If your videos lack value, it will be difficult to achieve the play bonus goals. This will lead to discouragement, and you won’t understand how to get paid for reels.

2 Alternate Ways on How To Get Paid for Reels

Apart from the famous Reel Bonus program, there are other ways creators can earn from Instagram. Plenty of influencers use a combination of these monetization options to boost their revenue.

Partner With Branded Content

Influencers with a decent follower count can partner with brands looking to sponsor. To boost brand content, influencers need to join the Creator Marketplace. This is where creators can showcase their popularity on Instagram. Those with many followers and who post quality, unique reels have a higher chance of getting partnership offers.

The only eligibility requirement is to follow Instagram’s monetization and community guidelines policies.

Once a brand gets in touch, you need to negotiate the fees before posting the brand content. The reels will have the partnership labels. So, you need to enable the Add paid partnership label.

Partnering with branded content is another great way how to get paid for reels on Instagram.

Earn With Affiliate Marketing

If Reels Play Bonus is unavailable in your country or you need a strong presence to get a sponsorship, there is always affiliate marketing. Many businesses, such as Amazon, allow you to register for an affiliate marketing program. This allows you to become a brand ambassador and advertise products. So, you can create reels showing off a product’s features, benefits, etc., provide a link to the product and earn a commission. The commission percentage depends on the affiliate marketing program you have registered for.

Some content creators may not prefer affiliate marketing because payment is made based on commission. If you can’t make enough sales, you won’t be able to earn a high revenue. However, this is still one of the popular ways on how to get paid for reels.

Instagram Payout Requirements Needed To Get Paid for Reels

It is very important to complete the Instagram payout requirements. Otherwise, you may not get your monthly payout even if you have achieved the Play Bonus goals. It is also crucial to understand the payout requirements. Many content creators panic when they don’t receive their first monthly earnings because they must carefully review the terms and conditions. You need to understand a few things related to Instagram’s payout requirements.

Let’s look into when and how to get paid for reels. This is something you are no doubt trying to figure out. First, you should know that Instagram has set a $100 minimum payout amount. It is necessary to reach this target; otherwise, you will not receive any money for that month. Instagram will release it to you the next month, along with any additional earnings only if the amount is $100 or more.

If you have earned over $100, the money will be transferred to your bank account or PayPal, depending on your preferred payment method. Another important thing to note is that you cannot release your funds whenever desired. Instagram will release your earnings. A payout release date is set: the 21st of every month for the earnings made in the previous month.

If you are eligible for your bonus earnings, which means you have reached $100 or more, Instagram will transfer the amount to your account. The transfer process could take up to 1–7 business days. Another thing to be aware of is that if you need to change your payment method details, you must do it at least 10 days before the payout date. Since the payout date is the 21st of every month, the payment method details should be updated on or before the 11th.

Setting Up Your Payment Account

On activating a bonus program, Instagram prompts you to set up your payout method. You should add your valued payment method at this step of the bonus setup so as not to remember to add it afterward. You will only receive your earnings if you add a payment method now. This may lead you to ask questions about how to get paid for reels.

Instagram’s preferred payout option is Paypal. During the initial set-up, you need to provide your PayPal email address. 

 If you need to update your payment method or add a new one, go to your professional dashboard and scroll down where it says bonuses. Tap to open it, and you can see the Payout Account option in the settings section. Tap on this option, and it will show that Payouts to: is set to PayPal or your bank account. Click on this to update or add a new payment method. If you are looking for multiple ways on how to get paid for reels, that is not possible. Instagram allows you to set up different payment methods, but you can only choose one to receive payments. 

How Many Views Are Needed To Get Paid for Reels?

A woman viewing and pressing the like button on Instagram to show her support as a follower

Every content creator knows how to get paid for reels, but no one knows how many views are needed to get paid for reels on Instagram. Creators frequently inquire about this question because they want an estimate of the profits they will achieve from their hard work. The issue is that Instagram keeps everyone in the dark. They haven’t made any official statements about the minimum number of views required to earn a certain amount of money. Why Instagram has kept the bonus payout, a secret is a mystery. However, after researching Instagram’s payout system, some creators have provided clues on how it works.

  • Different accounts have different details and requirements for earning from Reel Bonus.
  • Earnings vary from account to account. Tweets by creators sharing how many monthly bonuses they have earned from a specific number of views have verified this information.
  • The payouts ranged from $600 to $35,000.
  • There is a limit on how much a creator can earn and how many views you can count towards the bonus.

This information may be an approximate answer to the question, but it provides insight into the earning potential on Instagram.

How Many Instagram Followers Are Needed To Get Paid for Reels?

To succeed on Instagram and understand how to get paid for reels, followers are a must. You will only attract and gain more fans by creating high-quality reel posts that are engaging and unique. However, no specific number of followers is needed to get paid for reels. Having at least 1000 followers or more is recommended to start earning decent revenue.  

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