Behind the Scenes Instagram Content Strategy

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Instagram 101 | May 24, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

If you’re looking for ideas to arouse genuine interest and curiosity among your followers and get more likes on Instagram, use behind the scenes Instagram content! Give people an exclusive peek behind the curtains, so to speak, and show them your rawest and most authentic side.

Photo of a man behind a video camera as an example of behind the scenes Instagram content.

What Are Behind the Scenes Posts on Instagram?

Through behind the scenes posts on Instagram, your audience can have a look at the real work that goes on behind every piece of content you share on the platform. Behind the scenes Instagram content can be anything from raw and unedited photos or videos that did not make final cut, to chronicles of what’s involved in your creative process, such as a day in your/your team’s life or preparations for a shoot or an event.   

Behind the scenes content adds a human element to your brand and helps build trust and loyalty among your audience; it gives people a deeper understanding of the work you do and adds value to their follower experience.

Behind the Scenes Captions for Instagram

Here are some ideas for behind the scenes captions for Instagram that will help captivate your audience’s attention. Use any of these as an introduction in your caption, then build on it and tell a story about your post. These one-liners are also great for behind the scenes Instagram Stories!

  1. Things aren’t always what they seem.
  2. Get real.
  3. You’re only seeing a part of me.
  4. What goes on behind the scenes?
  5. A lot of work happens behind the scenes.
  6. It’s a team effort.
  7. Take a peek behind the scenes.
  8. Find out what happens behind the scenes.
  9. Having fun behind the scenes.
  10. Everyone sees the glory moments, but they don’t see what happens behind the scenes. – Allyson Felix
Photo of a group of men on set and discussing a scene to demonstrate what goes on behind the scenes for an Instagram post.

Behind the Scenes Instagram Hashtags

We have gathered the top behind the scenes Instagram hashtags you can use for almost any type of BTS content!

  1. #behindthescenes
  2. #behindthescenesphotoshoot
  3. #behindthescenesphotography
  4. #behindthescenesvideo
  5. #behindthelens
  6. #beforeandafter
  7. #documentary
  8. #photodocumentary
  9. #documentaryfilm
  10. #backstage
  11. #backstagesecrets
  12. #backstagelife
  13. #backstagephoto
  14. #backstagepass
  15. #teameffort
  16. #goofingaround
  17. #goofy
  18. #reality
  19. #realme
  20. #raw

Don’t forget to also include a branded hashtag, event hashtags (what’s going in the post?), and relevant hashtags (use keywords that describe the activity, product, interest, etc.). You should also tag people or accounts, particularly those who are involved behind the scenes for your content. It may also help to know who to tag on Instagram to get noticed when posting behind the scenes Instagram content.

Man with a video camera shooting a behind the scenes video for Instagram.

Behind the Scenes Instagram Ideas

Behind the scenes Instagram content does not only effectively draw more eyes to and higher engagement for your post, it can also be created fairly quickly. Here are some behind the scenes Instagram ideas to inspire you.

  • Candid snaps of your team at work, your work environment, your workspace, or your daily life.
  • Share a sneak peek of something you’re currently working on and which you’ll share with your followers soon. This is great for your Instagram Stories, and a great opportunity to ask a question on Instagram to give your followers the opportunity to contribute!
  • Share snippets of what happens outside of work, such as during downtime, days off, or vacations.

Final Thoughts: Get Real With Behind the Scenes Content to Get More Likes on Instagram

Not all of your Instagram content has to be filtered, edited, and perfect. Using raw, behind the scenes Instagram content is a great way to connect with your followers on a deeper level, to show your authenticity or your brand’s human element, and to build audience trust. Behind the scenes content can be an exciting, refreshing, or amusing and fresh experience for your viewers — a welcome break from the enhanced and immaculate images that are a dime a dozen on Instagram.

Being authentic on Instagram can help you get more followers who are genuinely interested and will, therefore, deliver genuine and enthusiastic engagement. If you’re looking to accelerate your brand growth on the platform, you should also consider teaming up with an Instagram growth strategy expert — a growth service like Path Social. Take advantage of Path Socia’s advanced audience targeting capability — using their advanced, proprietary AI targeting technology — and the skills of their in-house team of social media specialists to further expand your reach and push your engagement levels higher. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!