Is Instagram Down? Details of Instagram Downtimes

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Instagram 101 | May 27, 2024

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Content creators use Instagram today to share catchy media posts, promote businesses or flaunt lavish lifestyles. However, for many, Instagram is more than a social media platform where they occasionally log on to enjoy various reels and videos.

Many Instagram users are business owners looking to use the platform to expand their reach. Other categories of users are those who use the platform to search for products and services to purchase. Also, others regularly use Instagram to connect with their followers through well-timed live videos.

Whatever you use Instagram for, it is undoubtedly an excellent platform for publicity. As such, it can be a big issue when you cannot access its services for one reason or another. The dreaded term “Is Instagram down” is often quick to dominate search engine queries during server downtime. Although these downtimes and crashes are not common, they still occur. In this article, we’ll learn about these issues’ causes and examine some popular solutions.

Is Instagram Server Down: What Does It Mean for Instagram To Be Down?

Instagram is a vast network of several nodes across the globe, all of which work effectively to keep it perpetually online. Think of all your activities on Instagram, such as viewing accounts, window-shopping, price research, watching reels, and more. Have you ever thought about how much data Instagram servers must host?

Everything you can view, including pictures, reels, and other content, are stored on Instagram’s servers. As such, it takes a lot of computing power to keep things running smoothly.

When users begin to query, “Is Instagram down,” it indicates that there’s a big problem with using the app. These issues often take various forms. For instance, certain users may be unable to view reels at all. In other instances, the feeds page is stuck, and no amount of attempts to refresh it seems to work. In other cases, some users cannot view live videos or set up one.

Although the scenarios vary from platform to platform and user to user, they all indicate an Instagram server downtime.

Instagram is designed to work across different platforms, including web and mobile. However, users may often experience different issues with the platform for various reasons. While users need the platform to maintain a connection with their customers, they can get disappointed and anxious whenever there is server downtime.

In such scenarios, the dominant Google search query tends to be “is Instagram server down.” Here are five instances that may indicate if there’s Instagram downtime or not:

Is Instagram Down When You Experience Login Issues?

Sometimes, users may find it difficult to log in to their accounts. On mobile devices, launching Instagram is usually pretty easy. There’s no need to enter your login details for each browsing session, except if you want to switch accounts.

However, users have occasionally complained about their inability to log in. In such cases, rather than the app opening up the feeds page after launch, it reverts to the login page. Users then have to deal with login issues, where they repeatedly enter their account details without success.

Even the two-factor authentication (2-FA) method is often unreliable, leading to users querying, “is Instagram server down?” In this instance, users who have unsuccessfully tried to log in with their username and password will seek to initiate the verification method. In this case, they will receive a special code via SMS on their registered phone number. Here, the user either fails to receive the code altogether or only receives it many hours later, at which point it is invalid.

In the past, such issues are usually attributed to network issues. However, it often becomes clear that something else is afoot. Hence, users begin to ask why Instagram is down.

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Is Instagram Down When the App Crashes?

Another significant indicator of Instagram downtimes is when the app crashes every time you install it. Of course, this issue is peculiar to mobile app users on platforms like Android and iOS. So, it’s possible to have seamless access to the platform via the web app while still experiencing difficulties with the mobile app.

In such cases, the app doesn’t open at all or crashes midway through using it. The error messages you’ll get in such situations range from “unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” to “could not start Instagram.” Such scenarios are quite frustrating. Indeed, they may be linked to device compatibility issues and could be fixed with a simple update. However, they’re often a result of wider issues with the Instagram platform.

Is Instagram Down When You’re Unable To Create Posts

There are many reasons why users query “Is Instagram down” on search engines. Sometimes, users complain of being unable to create posts. In other cases, they can create the content and make their preferred edits in-app. However, the real problem starts when they click the “post” button, and nothing happens. In addition to regular picture posts, they’re often unable to post stories.

Mass Suspensions Due to Instagram Downtime

In certain instances where you can’t access the entire app or certain features, it may imply that you’re a victim of mass suspension of accounts. For instance, in 2022, many users reported an inability to access their accounts. In this case, the users appeared to violate the community guidelines.

You might have done something to warrant a suspension or outright ban on your account. However, there’s still a possibility that your account appears to be suspended because of existing issues with Instagram’s servers.

Is Instagram Down When There Is a Wider Meta Network Issue?

Instagram is owned by Meta, as are Facebook and WhatsApp. As the networks are under the same management, some cases could indicate the presence of issues.

Instagram being down could be a function of its sister apps also experiencing technical issues. For instance, in late 2021, a technical issue saw users of all three apps simultaneously face login issues. Users querying “is Instagram down” quickly discovered that the issue was part of a wider Meta problem. When such cases occur, the only solution is to wait until the technical issue is resolved, which typically takes a few hours.

Why Is Instagram Down?

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Instagram is a vast network that occasionally faces issues despite its popularity. Sometimes, the problems are linked to Instagram itself. At other times, it could stem from users or their devices. However, if you’re asking yourself the question, “why is Instagram Down,” here are four reasons to consider:

  • Instagram server bugs

In 2022, due to an Instagram outage several users were locked out of their accounts and received a message that their accounts were suspended. This particular issue was prominent among iOS users. Additionally, many of them reported issues with the app crashing. Others had situations where their account followership severely dropped.

Eventually, Instagram reported the issue as a bug over their official Twitter account, and the problem was resolved.

  • Poor Internet Connection

If you Google the term “is Instagram down” due to log in issues, you may want to first check the status of your internet connection. Poor internet connection may be the reason why you cannot access certain features or make posts. As such, you should test your connection with other platforms, such as opening up other websites, before concluding that it’s an Instagram issue.

  • Reaching Instagram’s maximum follower limit

To reduce spam, Instagram has set the maximum follower limit at 7,500. If you try to follow additional accounts, you’ll get an error message, which you may misinterpret as an issue with Instagram. Note that this limit does not apply to the number of followers you can gain.

  • Account suspension

If your account has been suspended for one reason or another, you cannot access Instagram. Instagram’s team watches user accounts to ensure they operate within community guidelines. If your account is deemed to have suspicious or spam activity, it may be suspended, leaving you unable to access it.

3 Ways To Resolve Issues When Instagram Server Is Down?

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Instagram issues can be frustrating to resolve, as they often leave you unable to access your account. You won’t be able to make posts, and you may lose followers, customers, or even credibility as a result. If you ever have to query “is Instagram down?” on the internet, here are three solutions to help you.

Is Instagram Down: Quick Fixes

If you experience server downtimes, here are three major things you should fix:

  • Fix Instagram posting issue

Some of the most common problems that have users running to Google to query “is Instagram down” involves posting photos and leaving comments. If you actively comment, like, and upload content, you may have hit an anti-spam limit set in the community guidelines.

In such cases, you should open another Instagram account (if you don’t already have one) and see if you can use it normally. Alternatively, you can open the platform on the web and make tiny edits to your bio. This can help you resolve the issue and get things working normally again.

  • Fix Instagram tagging issues

If you’re having issues with tags to posts, it may not necessarily be an Instagram server downtime issue. For starters, you must note that some of the tags you’re trying to use may be blocked. As such, the post will not appear in searches. Also, if you use too many tags, Instagram may flag it as spam and block you from posting it. As such, you should stick to a maximum of 25 hashtags.

  • Fix problems with Instagram comments

Some users often spam content, which hampers the user experience for others. To combat this, Instagram has measures in place to limit this. If you’re not familiar with the rules, you may have situations involving rejected comments.

Here are some situations that result in Instagram blocking your comments:

  1. Over 30 hashtags in a comment
  2. Same comment on a post several times

In such cases, Instagram’s algorithm will simply flag your comment as spam and block it.

Is Instagram Down: Stay Up-to-Date and Check Settings

Before searching the web for “Is Instagram down,” you should first ensure you’re running the latest app version. Instagram is almost exclusively mobile-based, so it’s smart to check for updates regularly. Instagram server downtimes often result from using outdated, buggy app versions, which a quick update can easily fix.

Also, it is important to recognize that one of Instagram’s most exciting features is that it allows you to link your account with an Instagram page or profile. As such, all posts you make on Instagram simultaneously appear on these linked accounts.

However, if you accidentally delete Instagram from your Facebook accounts, posting will be impossible. To fix this, you’ll have to go to Facebook settings and configure the permissions to enable you to relink both accounts. If your Instagram posts aren’t visible on Facebook, the solution may also be to revise the permission settings.

Appeal Disabled Accounts

Querying “is Instagram down” is often the first thing users think of when they have issues with their accounts. However, the truth is that you may have far worse issues to deal with. Sometimes, you may log in only to see a notification alert that your account has been suspended or disabled. Reasons for this vary but are often due to violating the app’s terms of use or community guidelines.

In such cases, you’ll have to follow the guidelines in-app to recover your account. If the problem is an Instagram issue resulting from a bug, then you’ll most likely have your account working normally even before your appeal. However, if it stems from you breaking the rules, the issue may take a while to fix. In worst-case scenarios, you may never recover the account.

Is Instagram Down: Final Thoughts

Querying “Is Instagram down” whenever you encounter issues with your Instagram app can be frustrating, especially if you run a brand account. Such issues with your account can quickly make you lose followers and hamper your online credibility.

Although many issues stem from Instagram server downtime problems, most problems result from users’ lack of understanding of Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines. If you’re serious about avoiding such pitfalls and issues with your account, the ideal solution is to have a platform like Path Social run things for you.

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