Get thousands of loyal & engaged fans to follow you every single month

Focus on your content, we’ll manage your Instagram growth

Focus on your content, we’ll manage your Instagram growth

No bots. No fake accounts. Just thousands of active & engaged followers.

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Heidi Montag

MTV - The Hills @heidimontag | 1M Followers

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LaVar Ball

CEO of Big Baller Brand @lavar | 1M Followers

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Savannah Rae Demers

TikTok Creator @savannahraedemers | 2.3M Followers

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Rick Harrison

Owner of Pawn Stars @rick_harrison | 696k Followers

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Teddy Moutinho

Actor @teddybearosito | 4.3M Followers

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Alicia G

Public Figure @aliciagworld | 226K Followers

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Ben Baller

Public Figure @benballer | 1.9M Followers

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Tommy Swanhaus

Public Figure @tommyswanhaus | 3.3M Followers

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Michael Rapaport

Actor @michaelrapaport | 2.1M Followers

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Blake Webber

Comedian @blakewebber | 1.6M Followers

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Reece Bibby

Singer @newhopereece | 635k Followers

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Highly Engaged, Safe, Organic Process

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Why 24,000+ Instagram Clients Trust Path Social

Live Strategy Support

Increasing your Instagram presence means nothing unless your target audience is actually engaged with your content. That’s why we take the time to understand your audience and goals to create a customized strategy.

AI Targeted Audiences

We then work side-by-side on your account to engage with your target audience. With consistent social interactions, we connect with the right audience, and organically grow your IG account over time.

Consistent Growth

If you do your job, and we do ours, expect to see real Instagram growth! Treat your Instagram account as a brand awareness, influencer marketing, or lead / sales generating machine.

Do you struggle to grow on Instagram?
Path Social is the solution you have been looking for!

Imagine starting everyday loving what you do for a living. Enjoy the freedom of working wherever you are on your own schedule. Having a massive and engaged audience on Instagram allows you to do that.

Working with Path Social gives you the influence to sell, builds a powerful following, and promotes your profile, business, or brand in front of millions of people.

These are just a few opportunities you can expect while working with Path Social, and that’s how our team will guide you to reach your goals.

And so much more…

How It Works

3 Simple Steps

How It Works

3 Simple Steps

1. Tell us your target

Let us know what kind of audience and Instagram followers you’re targeting – age, demographic, location, gender, etc.

2. We grab their attention

Path Social promotes your content organically to your target Instagram audiences.

3. You get quality IG followers

Those who like your content follow your profile, resulting in real, high quality, engaged followers.

Ready to join the top 1% of creators and
explode your influence? Let's get started

Ready to join the top 1% of creators and explode your influence? Let's get started today!

Guaranteed results or it’s free!

Monthly Annual save 50% yearly

Instagram Elite

$83 $41/month

Sign up in seconds, only $1.37 Per Day

Billed annually

$500 /year

The best way to grow quickly and with more advanced targeting. Ideal for fast growing influencers and brands.

Instagram Core

$58 $29/month

Sign up in seconds, only $0.97 Per Day

Billed annually

$350 /year

A great way to start growing your account organically. Ideal for personal profiles and small businesses.


7-Day Money Back Guarantee

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our organic growth strategy that we offer all our
clients a 7-day money back guarantee. Which means if you aren’t
completely satisfied with the results within 7 days we
will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

We are so confident in our organic growth strategy that we offer all our clients a 7-day money back guarantee. Which means if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results within 7 days we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Your Instagram is safe - we will never require your account login.

Our influencer plans are 100% compliant with instagrams TOS. Most other services ask you directly for your account login in order to help you grow. By working with Path Social you can have peace of mind that your Instagram is completely safe.

How Our Customers Feel!

I have definitely been very impressed with Path Social. Their organic strategies helped me get 1700+ people to follow my IG

Verified review


Joined on July 2020

Since I started working with Path Social I’ve had nothing, but positive changes to my photography Instagram account. I quickly started growing my following with people who engage with my content.


Joined on May 2021

Verified review

Great service, helps me maintain a good audience and helped me kickstart my profile. Getting around ~2300+ new people to follow my IG. These people have been really active and interested in my content.


Joined on Jan 2023

Verified review

Rely on our experience in your Instagram growth strategy.

Path Social uses an expert team and an AI targeting algorithm to find organic Instagram followers that are most likely to engage with your unique content and niche. Their growth suite may be the most disruptive service and technology we’ve seen in 2023.

Instagram growth is about building a community who will engage with your content, product, or service for years to come. Path Social is one of the leading innovators to help businesses architect those communities in a way that’s personalized to their brand voice.
Gaining Instagram followers and an engaged audience has become increasingly difficult and competitive. That’s why we’re keeping an eye on ground-breaking tools like Path Social that help influencers and businesses grow during a tumultuous but explosive era in the social media industry.










Everything You Need to Know

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email or start a live chat with us!
Unlike Instagram “growth tools”, we don’t ask for your Instagram password and we don’t use any automation or mass following to get you followers and engagement. We only use organic promotion through influencers, publications, and our in-house platform, so there’s no risk to your account.
Any service that asks for your Instagram password or uses any kind of automation or bots is violating Instagram Terms of Service and puts your account at risk of permaban. We never ask for your Instagram password, and only do manual, organic outreach and promotion to build real, long-lasting, high engaging followers.

Nope, and that violates Instagram Terms of Service. We don’t log into your account, we’re not a bot or an automation tool, we’re a social media agency and a team of strategists who promote your profile organically through our influencers and our platform.

Nope! You won’t lose any followers after cancelling. We get you organic followers who like your content and follow you because they want to!
Our team works everyday, so you’ll start growing within 2 days, and fully ramping up after around a week. If not, we’ll happily give you a refund!
We don’t know what fake followers are here. We only use organic outreach to get you engaged Instagram followers who are interested in your profile and content.
We’ve successfully built Instagram communities for brands, celebrities, influencers, local businesses, retail stores, tech companies, and so much more. As long as you’re on Instagram, we can and will help you grow.
Yep, we’ve built a proprietary AI audience targeting algorithm that helps us determine what types of audiences are best for your brand. We also have a network of tens of thousands of influencers across hundreds of niches. As long as there’s folks on Instagram interested in your content, we’ll track them down for you.
We just need to know your handle, and what type kind of audience you’re going after. After that, just sit back and let our team handle the rest!
There are a number of tried and tested ways to get more followers on Instagram. Building a strong presence on the platform to grow Instagram followers through quality content, regular posting, an effective hashtag strategy, and the proper use of Instagram’s tools should always be part of your overall growth strategy. Boosting posts, paid advertising, and influencer marketing are just as crucial to lasting Instagram growth. Teaming up with an expert in Instagram growth, like Path Social can take you even farther on your Instagram growth journey.

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