Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram: Grow Your Audience

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Instagram Growth | May 24, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

If you are a brand, business, or even an influencer, you probably keep a close eye on your Instagram audience. After all, your follower count can significantly contribute to your overall success on the social media platform. You are most likely actively trying to grow this number.

But what if it isn’t increasing as quickly as you would hope? It turns out you can ask for a bit of assistance. That’s right. Just look to the help of third-party apps to gain followers on Instagram. Of course, you may be weary about using outside help to gain followers. After all, these are not endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

How can you ensure you use one that delivers real followers instead of fake ones? We’re here to help. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using third-party apps to gain followers on Instagram. We’ll highlight a few top options, so you can be confident to try them. Grab your phone to follow along and get ready to boost your audience.

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What Exactly Are Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram?

Before we get any further, let’s take a step back and cover the basics. What exactly are we talking about? Apps to gain followers on Instagram are just what they sound like; they are places where you can purchase additional followers for your Instagram account. The quantity and price will range from service to service, offering sales, promotions, or free trials.

Each company has its specific method of gaining followers and identifying how a service works before investing time and money.

You know what exactly you are getting. For example, some services will grow your audience by auto-commenting on other posts. Others send auto-generated direct messages to profiles they’ve identified as your target audience.

As mentioned above, these growth agency services are not endorsed by Instagram. We suggest you take caution when signing up for any online service or app. The app includes reading accurate user ratings and reviews and privacy policies. Some free services may only give you access to limited features.

Others may have hidden charges that aren’t obvious initially. You’ll also want to understand what you are providing access to when you use their services. Knowing the process is ahead of time can keep your profile – and content safe and secure.

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Benefits of Using Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram

You’re all caught up on what apps to gain followers on Instagram. You may wonder why brands and influencers turn to them for help. As mentioned above, your follower count can significantly impact your business plans. It is true if you are a small business or trying to become an Instagram influencer. Generally speaking, a more extensive following can lead to a higher engagement rate.

One of the detailed analytics that matters most on social media is the platform. It refers to how actively involved with your content your audience is. It compares your total number of followers to your average number of likes, reactions, shares, and comments per post. Essentially, a measure of how well your content performs.

However, it can take months or even years to grow your Instagram audience and increase your engagement rate. It is where many people get extra help. Using resources to help expand your reach and audience can be a great account management tool. It can also free up hours of your day, allowing you to focus on other vital parts of your business.

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Best Apps to Get Followers on Instagram for Free

Now, you may have researched and found that some apps to gain followers on Instagram cost money. However, many small brands and up-and-coming social stars don’t have the budget for this. Don’t worry; all is not lost.

There are many free resources you can take advantage of.
Keep reading below if you are interested in the best apps to get followers on Instagram for free. We will highlight a couple of top picks for you that promise to deliver followers quickly – and for free. Not only this, but they also offer other social media insights, such as follower trackers. It can help you keep tabs on your audience, ensuring it grows in the right direction.

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Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram: Use Crowdfire to Increase Your Reach for Free

First up on our list of best apps to gain followers on Instagram for free is CrowdFire. This app offers a promised increase in followers and an overall management plan for your social media.

In addition to followers, they can help understand user engagement, social trends, and relevant hashtags. It all translates into a more extensive reach and growing audience. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out their featured case studies to get more intel.

When it comes to CrowdFire, they offer a variety of plans – including a free version. That’s right. You can test the app for free to see if it is the type of help you need. With this version, you can link up to 3 social media accounts – including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The free plan also offers unlimited content recommendations that contribute to your Instagram growth. Monthly and even yearly plans are available if you’d like more resources.

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Websites and Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram: Free Followers Trial With Instafollowers

A service called InstaFollowers is next on our list of websites and apps to gain followers on Instagram. They cater to both individual Instagram users and businesses alike. It makes social media growth attainable for everyone.

In addition to followers, they also offer their customers increased Instagram likes and views. As you have learned, this can lead to a higher engagement rate. You’re in luck if you use other social media outlets besides Instagram. Instafollowers operates on many top platforms, including Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter.

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InstaFollowers offers a free trial to get you started with their services. You can sign up to receive ten free Instagram followers. It allows you to try them out and see how the results work. Then, you can pick from various pricing plans, with their 10k followers’ package being trendy. Remember to take advantage of the free trial; your Instagram profile needs to be public.

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Best Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram That Cost Money

For some brands and businesses, investing in a long-term downloadable Insta followers app is worth the money. Many see it as a key to their continued reach and overall success. After all, these growth services apps can also offer real engagement and other social media management tools.

Not only do brands use these apps to gain followers on Instagram, but they can also buy likes and video views. That means that all aspects of your account are getting a boost. So, perhaps investing a bit of money into an app that will deliver is an intelligent business move. If this interests you, read on as we highlight a couple of top choices to try.

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Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram: Use Hashtag Expert to Gain Content Visibility

With Hashtag Expert, you can grow your complete social media presence. It’s clear to see why they are a top choice when it comes to apps to gain followers on Instagram. Their process is a little different than just simply purchasing followers. With Hashtag Expert, you are (you guessed it) using hashtags.

Their algorithm identifies the best-trending hashtags you can add to your content to grow your social media. All you need to do is copy and paste the generated hashtags into your user-generated content. It helps give your posts more visibility, leading to increased reach and large followers gain. Proper use of hashtags can also highlight your profile as one of the feature accounts on Instagram’s explore page.

Of course, Hashtag Expert does offer in-app purchases of plans. These range from weekly to yearly and can span a couple of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. The choice is yours to find the options that best match your goals.

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Websites and Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram: Reach Your Goals With Path Social

If you want to invest money into websites and apps to gain followers on Instagram, check out Path Social. It is one of the leading Instagram management agencies out there, focusing on the quality of service. They utilize a combination of AI technology and influencer collaborations. The result is target outreach to connect with organic users that are interested and, most importantly, engaged.

The company partners with thousands of top Instagram profiles, pages, and influencers to promote its clients. Path Social only engages in organic promotion and growth with authentic followers. For them, it’s all about understanding their client’s specific Instagram target audience. This includes characteristics like age, gender, location, and interests. This narrow focus leads users to contribute quality and consistent engagement with your Instagram account.

Path Social currently offers a variety of plans to fit your needs best. And with a 7-day money-back guarantee, the risk is low. With over 24,000 satisfied clients and an average of 4,620 new Instagram followers per month, they know their stuff.

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Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram Depending on Your Phone Type

Of course, everyone has their preference when it comes to phone type. Some people prefer Android devices, while others will only buy Apple products. To each their own. However, these products each run on a completely different operating system. It only makes sense that some apps differ as well.

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Luckily, third-party apps dedicated to Instagram growth are available through the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store. While some may be device-specific, many can use either type of product. No matter how you access social media, you’ll be able to choose from various apps to gain followers on Instagram.

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Best Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram for Android Users

Android users, you are up first. A quick search of the Google Play store will alert you to all your options of apps to gain followers on Instagram. You’ll also be able to see user ratings and read genuine reviews, which can be extremely valuable when making decisions. We always recommend researching all available information before downloading any app, especially one you need to pay for.

Regarding the best apps to gain followers on Instagram for Android users, we are partial to Real Followers & Likes Via Tag. This app focuses on increasing your followers and the likes on your feed posts. What is the way to achieve this? You can add coins to your account and then use these for followers. They offer free and paid services through their app, making it attainable for all.

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Best Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram for Ios Users

For iOS and Apple users to research the best apps to gain followers on Instagram for iOS users, head to the App Store. Similarly to Android users, you can see various options, ratings, and reviews. Many apps will also feature a general overview, alerting you to the price range of their in-app services.

One of the top-rated apps to gain followers on Instagram in the App Store is Likes Booster. With over 1,000 reviews, it’s easy to see that this app works. Their method?

They help to boost your likes and followers by generating viral hashtags, captions, and emojis for your content. It helps to increase your visibility and reach on the social media app, which leads to more followers. Subscription plans for Likes Booster range from monthly to yearly and operate on an auto-renew model through your iTunes account.

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Best Apps to Gain Followers on Instagram Without Following Back

What if you try increasing your Instagram follower growth – without increasing your following count? After all, many people also keep a close eye on the number of people they follow and their followers. Some even like maintaining a specific ratio and having their followers heavily outweigh their following. For them, it’s all about the numbers. If this is your mindset, you may wonder if you can still use the help of an Instagram followers app.

The answer is yes. As we mentioned, you can quickly and safely use third-party website apps to gain followers on Instagram. These growth agencies can target the best followers for your account – and get them on board with your content. These apps often do not require you to follow the accounts back. Although the gain is undoubtedly one-sided, it is working in your favor.

So, if you are looking for apps to gain followers on Instagram without following accounts back, you are in luck. Tap into all the resources outlined above – both free and paid services. These third-party apps can increase your follower count without affecting your following count. The best of both worlds.

At Path Social, we’ve built up an in-house platform of Instagram influencers and an AI-targeting algorithm over the past decade. That’s how we reach organic users who are interested and engaged. And that’s why no one can replicate our results, which means you’ll build an Instagram community that lasts! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.