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Instagram 101 | Aug 17, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Regarding social media, your Instagram followers count is an essential piece of the puzzle. Many people view your number of followers as a status symbol. Your audience size can also significantly impact your business, from small brands to mega influencers. But it can take time to build up your audience. Have you ever wondered if you can buy 100K Instagram followers to speed things up?

If so, you will be pleased to know that the answer is yes. Some third-party apps and websites offer the purchase of quality followers – not bots or spam accounts. These services assist in managing your professional Instagram account to grow your audience, reach, and engagement rate. You can even find a management company that can handle your entire online presence, including content creation.

How does buying followers work? We are here with the answers to all your questions. Keep reading below, and we will break it all down for you. We will even cover a few popular audience growth agencies that you can use to expand your audience. You will be gaining real followers in no time.

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The Benefits of More Instagram Followers

You may wonder why someone would want to buy 100K Instagram followers to boost their audience size. As we mentioned above, your follower count can significantly impact your business. This is especially true if you are working on becoming an Instagram influencer or growing a small business. The more people you reach, your name and brand gain recognition.

It all comes down to your engagement rate. This is one of the many Instagram analytical tools that measure your audience’s involvement with your content. It compares your total number of followers to your average number of likes, reactions, shares, and comments per post. Essentially, it is a measure of how well your content performs. And more followers can amount to higher engagement, of course.

Another benefit of having more followers is the built-in resources you can unlock. With an Instagram business account, you can open valuable tools such as tracking your performance, understanding your engagement, and promoting advertisements. This applies to your feed posts as well as Instagram stories and reels. Having this type of account helps your brand gain more online credibility.

Paying for followers may seem like you are taking a shortcut. However, this is just a way of asking for help. You can quickly expand your reach and audience by using the resources available to you. Think of investing in your audience as a business growth tool. It can lead to a more profitable future.

Is It Safe To Buy 100K Instagram Followers?

Now that you understand the benefits of buying more followers, you may also wonder about its legitimacy. Is buying 100K Instagram followers from third-party apps and websites safe and legal? The answer is yes. However, you will want to make sure you go about it in the right way.

We recommend extensive research whenever you sign up for a third-party app or website. Get all the facts ahead of time, including costs and requirements. This way, there are no surprises or potential threats to your Instagram account and content. Further down below, we will dive deeper into what to look out for down.

Remember, if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Some apps or websites may make lofty promises but fill your audience with spam accounts and Instagram bots. Still, others may have hidden in-app charges that you were unaware of initially.

Luckily, there are many reliable Instagram growth agency websites that you can use in confidence to buy 100K Instagram followers. Many even highlight genuine user reviews right on their website. Some even offer money-back guarantees or free trial periods to test their services. These will give you the peace of mind you need to get started.

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How Much Is 100K Followers on Instagram as an Influencer?

If you want to buy more active followers, you may wonder exactly how many you need. This can be important in knowing how to market yourself. How much is 100K followers on Instagram when it comes to having a career as a successful influencer? As it turns out, there are thresholds for tiers of influencing. Garnering 100K Instagram followers is often considered the dividing line between two of the most popular levels.

When you are under 100K, you can consider yourself a micro-influencer. At this level, you are highly dedicated to your audience and often boast a high engagement rate. They achieve this by being authentic, relatable, and extremely good at identifying their target audience. Micro-influencers don’t typically have a large budget, so their quality content is mainly self-created.

As you move past the 100K mark, you enter macro-influencer status. Many people consider this to be the sweet spot of influence. Macro-influencers often hold jobs outside of Instagram, such as acting or singing. They have an extensive reach with a great name and brand recognition. Their trusting and receptive audience makes marketing products and services easy – primarily through affiliate programs.

Now that you know how many you need to succeed, you may be ready to move forward and buy 100K Instagram followers. After all, a little help never hurts. Next, we will cover various growth services you can think about using. Remember, finding the one that works best for you and your Instagram goals is important.

Where Can You Buy 100K Instagram Followers?

You are all caught up on why people and businesses want to grow their audience. Let’s move right along and talk about some reputable agencies you can use to buy 100K Instagram followers. These popular agencies boast creative ways to increase your audience with real followers organically.

You will want to be careful when looking into Instagram growth agency options. After all, not all third-party apps and websites are the same. There are a few things you will want to watch out for. Doing in-depth research ensures you use the best possible resource for your Instagram account.

First, make sure that you understand the costs involved. Some services may offer a free trial period but require a credit card to sign up. This may lead to charges after the trial period is over. Remember that costs can be upfront and through in-app purchases after downloading the app.

You will also want to learn all you can about how the agency works – and how happy its users are. Read all available reviews from real clients, privacy policies, and usage instructions. Some services may require you to provide them with your Instagram login credentials. Having all the facts beforehand can keep your account and content safe.

Below, we will highlight three popular Instagram growth agencies to use when buying followers. We recommend checking out our list and to see which best aligns with your needs and wants. These will help you grow your audience and expand your social media reach. Ready for more followers?

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1. Buy 100K Instagram Followers With Path Social

One of the premier web-based services where you can buy 100K Instagram followers is none other than Path Social. They are one of the leading Instagram growth and management companies available. Path Social utilizes a combination of AI technology and influencer collaborations. The result is target outreach to connect with organic users that are interested and, most importantly, engaged.

One of the best parts about Path Social is that they only engage in organic growth. For them, it’s all about understanding their client’s specific target audience. This includes characteristics like age, gender, location, and interests. This narrow focus leads users to contribute quality and consistent engagement with your Instagram account.

Another business aspect you will appreciate is how Path Social operates and interacts with your Instagram account. You do not have to provide your login credentials or password to use their services. This means there is no risk to your Instagram account or your content. Also, you are not violating any of Instagram’s third-party app policies.

Path Social offers various pricing packages, allowing you to achieve 100K Instagram followers. Plus, the purchase of any plan comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, the risk is low to give them a try. With over 24,000 satisfied clients, they know what they are doing.

2. Buy 100K Instagram Followers With Aigrow

Next up is an all-encompassing Instagram growth service by the name of AiGrow. They offer users more than just the opportunity to buy 100K Instagram followers. Other features include post-scheduling, hashtag monitoring, and direct bulk messaging. These tools are all adjustable to best achieve your intended growth content strategy.

Like Path Social, AiGrow uses a built-in AI growth engine and provides clients with a dedicated Instagram account manager. The company delivers organic followers and intends to hit between 300 and 1,000 per month. Of course, it may take you a bit longer to reach the desired 100K. However, you will know your followers are genuine, authentic, and engaged.

AiGrow focuses on growth based on target categories like locations and similar competitors. They even provide detailed analytics on your Instagram growth with purchasing a managed plan. If this is your package of choice, you will receive a weekly email to see exactly how your Instagram account benefits from their service.

When it comes to plans and pricing, AiGrow offers plenty of options. From starter plans to premium services, there is something for everything. They even offer programs that focus specifically on high-quality content creation. Also, like Path Social, AiGrow provides you with assurance. The majority of their tiered pricing comes with a built-in 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. Buy 100K Instagram Followers With Buzzoid

As another option, let us introduce you to a growth service called Buzzoid. They are one of many web-based services enabling users to buy 100K Instagram followers, likes, and views. Buzzoid offers an easy way to quickly grow your online presence and Instagram engagement, which does come at a price.

Along with likes, followers are the most popular service they offer. With Buzzoid, you have the option between types of followers. They describe the high-quality follower tier as Instagram profiles with profile pictures but no other uploads on their account. As a step above, active followers can provide serious growth and engagement. They even guarantee them – with little drop-off.

If you sign up for Buzzoid, you can confidently feel secure in your decision. The service will never ask you for certain information like your password. Instead, all they require is your Instagram handle and email address. From here, they get to work and you can see results within minutes. Your purchase of more Instagram followers requires very little work on your end.

Buzzoid offers a wide variety of quantity packages for followers, from 100 to 20,000. They accommodate everyone – from the everyday Instagram user to an up-and-coming influencer. Buzzoid can even customize plans to your specific needs and wants. Contact their customer service department to get started on your growth journey.

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Where Can You Buy 100K Instagram Followers for Cheap?

As you now know, it can cost a good amount of money to buy 100K Instagram followers. Especially organic followers who will help to increase your engagement rate. However, many small brands and businesses don’t have the budget for this investment. For those just starting, money can be tight.

If this is the case for you, do not worry. Achieving considerable growth is still possible. When it comes to where to buy 100K Instagram followers for cheap, it is crucial to do your research. Sometimes, cost-saving options can lead to fake followers or bots. These can hurt your brand or business in the long run.

We suggest checking out a service called InstaFollowers. The objective is right there in the name – more followers. This service caters to individual Instagram users and businesses, making growth attainable for all. In addition to followers, you can also purchase likes and views. Instafollowers also operates on other top platforms, including Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter.

And possibly the best part about using InstaFollowers to grow your social media audience? They offer a free Instagram followers trial. This allows you a chance to try them out without a significant investment. Then, you can pick from various pricing plans – many of which offer discounted pricing.

At Path Social, we’ve built up an in-house platform of Instagram influencers and an AI-targeting algorithm over the past decade. That’s how we organically target and reach users that engage in your content. And that’s why no one can replicate our results, which means you’ll build an Instagram community that lasts! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.