Buy IG Followers 2021

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Instagram Tips | Oct 20, 2021

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

For quality content, aesthetics excellence and variety, and innovative creativities, Instagram is the platform of choice for billions of social media users — including the biggest celebrities, personalities, and brands. 

There are literally over a billion proverbial fish in the Instagram sea; establishing a brand presence on the platform to tap into its massive market is just good business sense. Not everyone automatically gets an equal share of the pie, however. You have to work hard to make your presence known; and the more competition you have in your industry, the harder you have to work to stand out. 

Unique, creative, relevant, and engaging content is the key that will open doors of opportunities for your brand. But what most business accounts find very challenging is getting their message to the right people so that they will come through said doors to view the brand’s profile and, hopefully, also become followers who constantly engage with the brand’s content.   

Buy IG Followers 2021

There are times when even the combination of solid content and a carefully designed marketing strategy is not enough to push your brand/content far enough to reach trending status because you’re still missing the last piece of the puzzle: a significant number of followers. Would you consider buying IG followers? Is it possible to buy IG followers who are real Instagram users that can deliver genuine and quality engagement? Let’s break down the process and look at the most trusted sites for buying IG followers to date. And then you can decide if this option is something you should explore. 

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

If you decide to explore the option of growing your follower base through an Instagram growth service, make sure to work with a trusted provider who will deliver authentic followers and genuine engagement. Here are our top picks. 

Path Social

Path Social has built itself as one of the top sites that deliver genuine and reliable growth for Instagram users, whether they’re managing personal or brand accounts. The platform uses a team of real people who are experts in the industry, plus an AI targeting algorithm that seeks out authentic followers who are most likely to be interested in your brand and content and deliver high levels of engagement. Path Social is proud of its ability to reach organic users that meet the targeting specifications of their clients so that they can successfully build a community that lasts. 

And as Path Social delivers organic followers that genuinely like what the brand has to offer, they stick around even after the brand’s partnership with Path Social ends. Organic promotion is the company’s key strategy in getting quality followers for their clients. 


Buy IG Followers 2021

Buzzoid has had the benefit of time to build a good reputation; it has been around for years and outlasted numerous other providers by delivering authentic goods and quality service. Buzzoid utilizes a unique manual growth approach to help accounts increase their follower base as naturally as possible. This provider targets user who is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, thereby maximizing their potential to become new followers; and when they do become followers, you can be sure that they will deliver quality engagement. 


Buy IG Followers 2021

This growth service is another good option to help you achieve your growth goals. Twicsy delivers real accounts that will deliver real engagement and will become long-time followers. The registration process on the site is pretty straightforward; they offer affordable packages and quick delivery, and they may also provide Instagram engagement in the form of likes and views, should you wish to purchase the additional service. 


Buy IG Followers 2021

This site uses custom targeting tools to make sure that they’ll deliver exactly the kind of followers you’re looking for. The company’s automated services deliver followers gradually so as not to alert the Instagram police to bot activities. You may also pay for content and story views. iDigic’s customer support is available 24/7. 

Is It Safe and Advisable to Buy IG Followers?

Because you’ll be investing real money to boost your Instagram profile’s growth, you need to make sure you’ll get real people delivered to your doorstep, so to speak. 

There are still unscrupulous providers out there that use bots and fake accounts to deliver the goods — counterfeit goods, to be exact. They will make your follower numbers skyrocket, but these numbers are just that: numbers with no real users behind them. If you know what’s good for your business, you wouldn’t want to have fake Instagram followers occupying any space in your account. 

Instagram users are now more than familiar with bot-like activities and are quickly suspicious of inflated follower numbers that have no corresponding levels of follower interactions. You’ll soon lose credibility, as well as both existing and potential followers when you’re caught buying fabricated IG followers. 

Buy IG Followers 2021

And don’t forget that Instagram polices the platform and is also quick to act when they spot fake accounts and bots and the profiles that use them. 

Fortunately, there are a number of Instagram growth service providers that are trustworthy and from whom you can safely buy IG followers that are legit. Providers, such as Path Social, deliver accounts that are not only legitimate but are also specifically targeted so that you’re sure that they’re genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

It’s definitely safer to buy IG followers in 2021 than it was before. Purchasing Instagram followers may still fall in the gray area between what’s considered acceptable and unacceptable brand behavior, but if you do it with the right partner, it won’t be much different from paying for advertising or the services of influencers — both of which basically delivers the same goods.

Forget about simply inflating your numbers. The key is to understand that this growth strategy should still be geared towards reaching your target audience so that you’ll gain authentic followers who will most likely deliver quality engagement.   

How to Pick the Right Platform to Buy Real Instagram Followers

When choosing the best sites to safely buy legitimate Instagram followers, do your due diligence and find out as much as you can about the provider’s background, what people have to say about their services, what their growth service is based on (bots or AI and organic followers), what type of customer support team they provide their clients, and even if they have a money-back guarantee. Small businesses, in particular, should make sure they get their money’s worth; any Instagram account should practice caution and good sense when selecting a growth partner.

Buy IG Followers 2021

Here are a few guidelines to help you choose a reputable provider. 

  • Verify that the site has a secure SSL connection, which means it’s properly encrypted for secure communication and handling of credit card information. The platform’s URL should have a green lock icon immediately before the web address. Do not engage with a site that does not have a secure SSL connection. 
  • Opt for slow delivery over a reasonable period. You shouldn’t push for or accept instant delivery of a high number of followers; the sudden and significant jump in your follower numbers will look suspicious and could also indicate questionable tactics on the part of the provider. As much as possible, choose a provider that offers different follower packages that slowly feed new followers to your account. The consistent and gradual growth will also score you points with IG’s algorithms.
  • Make sure the growth service company also provides follower retention guarantees. This means that the followers they deliver are specifically targeted for your brand to guarantee that they will stick around and actually engage with your account. Should your brand new followers start unfollowing you, the provider must send you more to meet the numbers agreed upon. 
  • Find out if the provider has a dedicated customer support team that’s available at any time or, at least, able to within a reasonable time. This ensures that the company cares about cultivating a good relationship with their clients. 
  • Compare prices between different providers, but also take into consideration the quality of service. Look for both good and bad customer reviews to better assess whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Check out these best sites to buy IG followers for 2021. Instagram has no specific policies against buying authentic followers. Paying for the services of Instagram influencers, for example, are acceptable and these influencers basically function the same way as legitimate growth services. We recommend that you try Path Social as your growth partner. The company has received great reviews from a number of well-known brands, and they deliver organic results.