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Instagram Growth | Nov 01, 2021

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Social media is more than just a place to stay in touch with family and friends. Most of us use social media platforms to stay informed about our current events and our various interests; and for many users, social media has also become an integral part of their work or business. Indeed, the term “social networking” has now fully encompassed all types of social connections.

Having a social media account for one’s business is now SOP and engaging in social media marketing is a must if you want your business to thrive whether exclusively online or both online and in the real world. And Instagram is one of the most widely tapped social media platforms by startups, small- and medium-scale e-commerce enterprises, and traditional establishments, as well as established names in their industries. 

Buy Instagram Followers

As a platform that was initially created for photo-sharing, Instagram has provided the perfect online venue to promote brands, images, products, services, and ideas to more than a billion users — to date — around the world. 

With such massive user numbers, it might seem that tapping into your target market and growing your follower base on the platform would be easy. Making your presence known and staying visible as often as possible to the right people is actually extremely challenging. Why? Because there are also millions of brands/businesses out there that are doing the same thing. Competition on Instagram is, to say the least, cutthroat. 

Growing your number of followers is a major and ever-present goal on Instagram. Creating unique, relevant, and engaging content is an essential part of the Instagram growth formula; having a well-defined target audience is another. Bringing your great content and your target audience together is often the tricky part. Should you consider buying Instagram followers to increase the audience for your content? Is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers? Where can you safely buy Instagram followers?

Keep reading to discover the best options available and some helpful guidelines for safe and effective Instagram growth. 

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

This option may provide you with the quickest way to increase your number of followers, but take note that it is not a good strategy. Here are the most important reasons why we don’t recommend buying Instagram followers. 

  1. There are no trusted sites for buying Instagram followers. 
  2. Buying IG followers goes against the platform’s Terms of Use and, therefore, will put your account at risk of getting temporarily suspended or permanently banned. 
  3. The followers you’ll gain will either be random accounts (i.e., do not belong to your target market) or fake/inactive accounts. These accounts will not deliver any engagement, and may even negatively affect your engagement rates over time. Eventually, the real but random accounts that followed you will also unfollow you. 
  4. Many sites that sell followers, as well as likes and views, engage in fraudulent and/or malicious activities that could put your account’s privacy at risk. 

If you are willing to spend money to help boost your Instagram numbers, an Instagram growth service that delivers real and organic growth, such as Path Social, is the best investment option. Path Social is safe and has a tried and proven strategy that helps increase growth with authentic and highly interested and engaged followers. With Path Social, you can rest assured that you’ll get great value for your investment, in the form of organic and lasting account success. 

What are High Quality Instagram Followers?

When you’re growing your Instagram account, the quality of followers trumps quantity. Obviously, you want real followers; but more than that, you want followers who are interested in what you have to offer and are most likely to deliver regular and quality engagement, and to become loyal customers. 

High quality followers regularly like and comment on your posts, and may even share them once in a while to help increase awareness of your brand. They may even provide user-generated content to boost your visibility and follower numbers. 

When you buy Instagram followers, knowing whether or not you’re getting real people can be tricky. To make sure that you’re building a community of authentic and high quality followers, you must know how to identify the fake ones. Here are a few tips to help you unmask the phonies. 

Buy Instagram Followers

Check Their Profiles

If you take the time to look, you’ll discover that spam accounts are easy to identify. Check for these tell-tale signs. 

  • Their follower numbers are usually small
  • They follow thousands of accounts
  • They don’t have any posts; or their posts are random shares with zero engagement
  • They have zero interactions with other users; if they do, their interactions seem auto-generated
  • They are not tagged in anything legitimate

Snoop for Spammy Activities

There are different types of bots/bot accounts. Depending on the site where you buy your followers, you may get bot accounts that will simply superficially boost your numbers, or you may get ones that engage in spamming. The bots may spam other accounts you’re following and/or accounts that engage with your posts; they may also spam your own posts with auto-generated comments. Some bots are designed to sign you up for illegitimate contests and deals for the purpose of accessing your information. 

You’ll have to dig a bit deeper to spot these suspicious activities. 

Get Rid of Bot Accounts

As previously mentioned, it’s pretty easy to identify bots. So if you have bot accounts as followers, and especially if these bots engage in spam activities, you’ll lose credibility with your existing followers and potential new ones. Instagram also does a pretty good job of tracking bot-like activities and eliminating bot/fake accounts; the platform is also pretty swift in penalizing accounts that are found to use bots. If you’ve identified bots among your followers, get rid of them quickly. 

Why You Should Choose High Quality Followers Over Quantity

There are a number of effective and legitimate Instagram growth strategies that you can use to achieve your growth goals; buying followers is not one of them. This might be a very tempting option because you’ll get a quick and big surge in follower numbers that can make a great first impression on other users. But all you’ll get is artificial numbers. 

Your growth strategy must effectively target real people within your selected audience and, more specifically, people who are interested in and will engage with your posts; ideally, these followers will also engage with each other, thereby creating a genuine and thriving community. 

Your growth strategy must also be founded on brand credibility; you should have the trust of your followers if you want to gain more of the same kind of followers. Your content should be valuable enough to your target audience that they’ll always look for it and even share it with others. This is how you can also maintain and increase your engagement rate. 

There’s no substitute for real and quality engagement. The more likes and comments you get on your posts and the more you reply to your followers to keep the conversations going, the higher your engagement rate will get which, in turn, will give your brand visibility a big boost so that you can earn more highly interested and engaged followers. This is the kind of cycle that you want to initiate and sustain as it will keep delivering great and substantial numbers in terms of both followers and engagement. 

What you need to foster a thriving community is well-curated and valuable content; and then you’ll need to employ an effective strategy to bring this content to the right people. Having a trusted Instagram growth service, such as Path Social, as a partner is one of the best ways to achieve lasting, organic growth with high quality followers. You won’t get the same results when you buy followers. 

Buy Instagram Followers

Is It Possible to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

It may be hard to resist an offer that promises “thousands of new followers in an hour, a day, or delivered instantly!” This is especially true when you’ve been struggling to increase your reach and gain new followers for quite some time. You may get so desperate and impatient that you’d be willing to pay and take a shortcut. 

But are there sites out there where you can actually buy real Instagram followers? 

Even with sites that may actually provide real followers, the followers you’ll get are random, i.e., they’re not your target audience so they may increase your follower base but they won’t add anything to your engagement and, in fact, will be detrimental to your overall engagement rate. They will also eventually unfollow you, so your money will just go to waste. It’s really hard to know what you’ll be getting when you decide to buy followers. One thing’s for certain — your money will be going down the drain. 

If you need more concrete reasons to stay away from this shortcut to growth, here they are:

Unreliable Vendors

Instagram has shut down numerous sites that sell followers, so buying IG followers has become trickier and riskier. These days, you may have to go through a vendor who can connect you with a site where you can buy Instagram followers. This means having to deal with two separate parties, both or either one of which may be unreliable. Of course, if the vendor is already unreliable, then the site they’ll refer to you would also be untrustworthy. And even if the vendor is reliable, you’ll only find out for sure what you’re getting into after you’ve already made your purchase.  

Some “reliable” vendors know enough to gradually add Instagram followers to your account over a less suspicious amount of time so you won’t be flagged by the platform for “suspicious activity.” But remember that these boosted numbers are just that — mere numbers. They won’t add anything substantial to your metrics, and may even drag down your engagement rates. 

Exposure to Instagram Bots

More often than not, using a third-party growth service will expose your account to bots. Bots are the only sure-fire way to provide a big follower boost within a short period of time — so any service that claims to do this definitely uses bots, even if they say they don’t. 

Bots have also evolved over the years to escape detection. They are now designed to mimic the identities of real people. Dummy accounts run by bots use stolen identities with stolen pictures and names but are still automated to follow other accounts, like posts, and even post comments.

If you do background research on some of these dummy accounts, their seemingly organic activities on the platform may also fool you into believing that these are real people. But if you do more digging, you’ll find out that things don’t add up: their organic following-to-follower ratio and lack of engagement from other accounts who are supposedly following them.  

Associating with Inactive Accounts

You may find a vendor that delivers genuine accounts — not bots. But there’s still a catch; these accounts are inactive and are created solely for the purpose of providing followers for purchase. 

You may get a lot of these accounts which are essentially also fake and managed by a single/a few individuals. The real people controlling these accounts may provide you with some engagement for a few days or weeks. But the engagement will eventually drop to zero and the accounts will completely go dormant. With no engagement coming from these followers, your engagement metrics will suffer. 

Some services offer automated follows, i.e., they will follow other accounts on your behalf based on criteria you specify, such as account type, location, and hashtags used. Following other accounts is usually a good strategy to earn back follows, but this only works when the targeting is effective — which means you’re actually following people whom you know will be interested in what you have to offer. Automated follows, however, rarely guarantee effective targeting. You’ll end up following many new accounts with very few of them following you back; what’s more, most of the new accounts you follow won’t belong to your target audience.  

So is buying followers worth the investment and the risks?

Buy Instagram Followers

No. Whatever advantages the boosted numbers may give you, such as creating a good impression on real Instagram users who belong to your target audience, these advantages are temporary. There is no long-term value to the superficial numbers boost you pay for, and it may even cost you more in the long run. 

Remember that gaining new followers must also come with an increase in engagement so that your posts will have greater visibility on other people’s feeds. With no likes, comments, or shares provided by the fake followers, the only purpose they serve is as a sketchy and superficial embellishment — which real users will only notice if they’re interested enough to visit your profile. 

With the increased follower numbers with zero or a minimal corresponding increase in engagement, your overall metrics will get distorted. Having fake followers will also hurt your brand’s credibility, and you may even lose the real followers you already have, as well as potential new ones. 

Because buying followers and having fake followers go against Instagram’s Terms of Use, your account will be at risk of getting temporarily banned or permanently kicked out from the platform. 

These are real risks; whereas the promised benefits of buying followers are often empty. Taking this type of shortcut to Instagram growth is simply not worth it. Instead, you should invest all your efforts, time, and money in strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. Create unique and relevant content and do the work necessary to reach real people, earn real followers, and encourage real engagement. The organic strategy is the longer path to growth, but it guarantees reliable and sustainable progress. 

Is There any Alternative to Buying Instagram Followers?

Boosting engagement one post at a time leads to consistent growth; the growth may be a bit slow at first, but your commitment to organic content promotion and authentic engagement with your target audience will always deliver genuine results. And when you get genuinely interested followers, you can expect them to stick around for a long time and to add value to your brand. 

Here are some proven ways to guide you on the right growth path. 

Make your Instagram account available to the public

A business account is set to public by default, and it would be in your best interest to keep it as it is. If you have a private account but wish to promote your brand to a larger audience, you can only maximize your target reach by making your account public. Limiting access to your content will also limit the opportunities available to you. Instagram’s Explore page, in particular, is a crucial segment you should tap into; your content can only appear on a user’s Explore page if it is public. 

Publish Quality Content

Coming up with unique and engaging content on a regular basis will really put your creativity to the test. Knowing what your target audience is looking for, what will pique their interest, and what is relevant to the times should provide you with enough raw materials to work with. Experimenting with a variety of formats — such as images, videos, GIFs, contests, quizzes, story polls, and user-generated content, among others — will keep your content fresh. Of course, it’s important to always upload high-quality images and catchy captions. 

The overall aesthetics of your posts should be consistent and should represent your brand identity. You want your viewers to immediately identify your brand or, at least, be reminded of you when they see your distinctive type of color combinations, for example, even when your brand logo is not attached to an image. 

Keep up-to-date on trending hashtags that align with your brand’s identity and messaging. Using the right hashtags will help you generate buzz around your work or help you stay relevant. Eventually, you should be able to create your own hashtags and start your own hashtag trend. 

Consistent posting is also important. Once you’ve figured out the types of content that appeal to your audience, you should make sure to always feed their appetite by posting regularly. And always take advantage of every opportunity to directly interact with your followers. Reply to their likes and comments as soon as possible; listen to their feedback, as well, and use it to improve your work and keep your audience satisfied.  

Maximize the Advantages of Instagram Features

Instagram’s many features are designed to maximize engagement. Use all of them to your advantage. When you create a content schedule, you can keep things interesting by having one or two Instagram Live feeds in a month, a once-a-week Instagram poll/survey/quiz, a monthly IGTV post, and more. These features, when used creatively, can give you a significant boost in organic traffic. Take some time to figure out the formula that will work best for your brand.  

Use Hashtags

As previously mentioned, using the right hashtags can help you stay relevant. Trending hashtags will help your content achieve greater visibility on people’s feeds and Explore pages. 

But remember that your hashtags must also be relevant to your specific content and to your brand. Don’t just use a trending hashtag for the sole purpose of jumping in on the bandwagon; you must have something valuable to add to the trend if you wish to capture people’s attention. 

Hashtags that are popular among the general public can be used for content that’s also generic, but you’ll be competing against countless other users who are using the same hashtags. Your target audience’s interests should help you choose the right hashtags for your content and/or you can create content based on the hashtags they’re interested in. As much as possible, stay within your niche/industry as what you have to offer will be most relevant to them. 

Interact With Other People

Put yourself out there and actively interact with other accounts and their followers. Do it courteously, of course; that is, don’t blatantly attempt to drive your competitors’ followers to your page. Your goal is to increase awareness of your brand without hard-selling yourself. Like, comment on, and share posts with the intention of fostering meaningful conversations. 

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories became an instant hit when it was first launched, and it continues to be one of the most popular features on the platform. Publish stories regularly, but be careful not to overdo it, as well. You want to keep your followers updated and interested, but you don’t want to bore or overwhelm them with too many stories posted one after another. It’s always better to keep your audience wanting more so they’ll always be on the lookout for your next post. And make your stories shareable to further increase your visibility. 

Invest in Instagram Ads or Sponsored Posts

If you’re willing to spend money to buy Instagram followers, you should invest in Instagram ads and sponsored content, instead. Ads are designed for more effective audience targeting and content promotion. With well-curated content and properly identified metrics, ads and sponsored content can get you significantly closer to your growth goal and you can expect the results to last. 

Instagram ads offer a lot of options to customize your campaign, and if you’re not familiar with social media marketing, it might take you a while and a lot of ad spend dollars before you figure out the best approach. Spending your budget on one of Path Social’s growth plans may be the better choice, as you can take advantage of the company’s in-house team of social media experts to help grow your brand. 

Conduct Giveaways/Contests/Challenges

These are tried and tested strategies for brand promotion. Your followers and their own followers can mention and promote your brand as part of the contest and this will significantly expand your organic reach for the duration of the contest. This strategy will increase your visibility, but it will not guarantee new follows. You can also require participants to follow your page in order to qualify, but they can always unfollow you back when the contest is over. 

Because a contest only runs for a limited time, your growth will also be limited to this period. You may run contests on a regular basis, but they will eventually lose their appeal if your reach remains within the same groups of people. Partnering with a trusted growth service may still offer a better alternative. 

Collaborate with an Influencer 

If you partner with the right influencer, i.e., one who operates within the same niche/industry, you’ll be able to tap into their huge follower base and you can be sure that most of their followers will be interested in what you have to offer and will most likely give you a follow. 

When you explore this option, you’ll soon find out that there’s no shortage of influencers to choose from. The real challenge is convincing your top choice (or second or third choice) to collaborate with you. A successful collaboration also takes a lot of work, and it’s more than likely that you will not get it right the first time. Some influencers require monetary compensation; others are more flexible. The credibility and reach of an influencer are also important. 

A collaboration requires careful planning, and if you’re not sure how to go about it, you may be better off handing over the reins of your account to Path Social’s experts.   

Should You Buy Instagram Followers or Use Organic Growth Methods 

Buy Instagram Followers

There are many different roads that may lead to Instagram growth, but only a few guarantee growth that’s authentic and lasting. Buying Instagram followers or using an instant delivery service is a shortcut you should avoid as either one only leads to a dead end.  

If the low cost of buying followers is what appeals to you, take note that the cliche that “You get what you pay for” applies to this particular investment choice. Buying IG followers is not a legitimate growth strategy, nor is it effective. It’s a complete waste of money, and may even cost you your real followers or, worse, your account.  

Going against the platform’s terms and conditions is definitely not the way to grow your business. We cannot emphasize this enough: If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time. If it’s your account’s future on the line, it’s even more important that you only engage in practices that are legitimate, reliable, and safe. Organic growth is and will always be the kind of growth you should strive for. 

How Does Organic Growth Work?

You may already have an interesting profile and you may have the skills and creativity necessary to create amazing content, but you still need a way to reach the people who will be interested in your posts. If you’re new to Instagram, whether you have a private account or are starting a business, or if you’re an aspiring influencer, you’ll need all the help you can get to grow organically and steadily. But again, you should get help from a legitimate and trusted service like Path Social. 

A legitimate growth service combines innovative AI technology with the expert skills of real people. The right AI tools will perform the advanced targeting functions necessary to sort through the hundreds of millions of active Instagram users and track down the specific groups of individuals that are most likely to be interested in your content based on your own specifications. A team of social media experts, on the other hand, will provide the competent skills necessary to effectively and organically promote your content and generate engagement. 

This combination of AI technology and manual content promotion is actually the same strategy you’ll use if you’re growing your account on your own. You’ll utilize Instagram’s built-in AI targeting algorithm, and you’ll perform the manual content promotion. This traditional method often leads to an extremely slow growth, however. Why? Because you’ll be competing with countless other users who are doing exactly the same thing. And you’ll need to put in long hours to promote your content to the right people and engage with them. 

By using a legitimate growth service like Path Social, you will essentially let their social media experts take control of the tedious task of promoting your content and also take advantage of their own AI targeting algorithm. The increase in your follower numbers will not happen instantly — as it would if you’re buying followers — but the growth you’ll experience will be authentic and will come from genuinely interested individuals. Path Social will give you a good balance of both quality and quantity. 

What is Path Social? 

Path Social is a social media agency that delivers organic and lasting growth. It does not use bots or fake accounts. The service effectively combines a proprietary AI targeting algorithm to track down a client’s target audience and an in-house team of experts to organically promote their content. Their strategy is both simple and sophisticated, as well as safe and effective. 

How Does Path Social Work?

Signing up for the service is quick and easy. All you need is your Instagram username and email address. Unlike other sites, Path Social does not ask for your Instagram password, so you can be sure that your account is safe. Their approach to boosting growth is pretty straightforward.

Identify Your Target

During your signup process, you’ll be asked to identify your target audience based on their age, gender, location, hashtags used, and other criteria. 

Buy Instagram Followers

Path Social Grabs Their Attention

Path Social’s advanced AI targeting algorithm tracks down your target audience and then the company’s team of experts does the promotional heavy lifting. Path Social also partners with influencers from various industries to leverage their reach and help promote their clients’ content via good, old-fashioned shoutouts.  

You Get Quality IG Followers

Your numbers are boosted with followers who are real people and are genuinely interested in what you have to offer so they are most likely to provide quality engagement. 

Get Authentic and Highly Interested and Engaged Instagram Followers 

Effective targeting is key to gaining high quality followers. There are users out there who are looking for exactly the kind of content, product, service, information, support, or community that you have to offer. You just need to identify them and the means to reach them. 

Imagine waving a sign that announces your brand and what you’re offering, and then imagine it lost among a sea of thousands of other signs. You can add neon arrow signs, flashing lights, and other such embellishments to attract attention; but everybody else can do these, too. So how else can you stand out and catch the attention of the right people?

Path Social performs the difficult task of navigating through the throngs of users on the platform to find the right people for your content with their AI targeting technology, and then they essentially come up to each one and show them your content using a team of real people. Since these individuals were targeted because their interests are aligned with what your brand represents, they are most likely to want to learn more about you so they’ll give you a follow to see more of your posts and engage with them. 

Why Is Path Social the Best Growth Partner?

Path Social does not only target and deliver real people but the right ones for your brand. When you are able to reach users who are looking for your kind of content, chances are good that they’ll be eager to become part of your community. Path Social knows that there’s no substitute for organic growth and earning quality followers. 

FAQs Answered

How much does Path Social cost?

There are two plans to choose from:

Source: Path Social

Path Social’s prices are highly competitive; you’re also sure to get the most bang for your buck with their benefits. Considering the lasting and authentic growth you’ll enjoy, Path Social would be one of the most worthwhile investments you could make for your business. 

How long does it take before you see results?

Path Social’s team of social media experts work every day, so you can expect to see growth within 2 days, and to fully ramp up after around a week. 

Are the followers real?

Path Social is committed to only using organic outreach to get you genuinely interested Instagram followers who will engage with your content. They don’t use bots or fake accounts to boost your numbers. 

Will there be risks to your account?

Unlike other Instagram “growth tools,” Path Social doesn’t ask for your Instagram password and neither do they use any automation or mass following to get you followers and engagement. The company only uses organic promotion through influencers, publications, and their in-house platform, so there’s no risk to your account.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your time and money, and especially your account’s safety and credibility, by buying Instagram followers. Sites that promise fast growth, thousands of new followers, and/or instant delivery utilize bots, automation, and fake accounts. Your follower numbers may increase, but these results are fabricated and won’t last. 

If you’re interested in authentic, quality, and lasting growth, partner with a legitimate and reliable growth service like Path Social. Sign up now to experience steady, organic growth!