Buy Targeted Followers on Instagram: The Complete Guide

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Instagram 101 | May 29, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

There are many ways to help jumpstart your career as an influencer, and buying targeted followers on Instagram is one of the best. This article explains why it is so important, how you can do it, and list some of the best providers. By the end, you will have all the information you need to kick-start your growth campaign.

Why Do You Need To Buy Targeted Followers on Instagram?

When you buy targeted followers on Instagram, you are proactively marketing your business or product on the social media platform. Unlike organic growth, which usually takes time and effort, these followers immediately boost your account.

Real followers give you legitimacy as an influencer. People often need that ‘social proof’ that something is worth following before they follow suit. This is a Catch-22 situation that buying targeted followers helps solve. It helps build that traction crucial to the Instagram accounts, especially in those early days.

Targeted Instagram followers also provide significant benefits to Instagram’s algorithm. As we all know, the algorithm helps determine who sees what content when scrolling through their feed. A following large base is one of the many factors considered when showing your content higher than others. Making it much easier for new people who aren’t aware of your account to get it recommended to them by users they follow.

Picture of man with arrow pointing at target, like the targeted Instagram followers we talk about buying here

All of this can result in the following:

  • gaining more followers organically
  • leading up to more engagement, and
  • further, reach for
  • additional growth opportunities over time

It’s a virtuous circle that all gets set in motion by the purchase of targeted Instagram followers. It is perfectly possible to get there manually, of course. It just takes much longer.

How To Get Targeted Followers on Instagram

There are many proven tactics for driving traffic to your site. Here are some of our favorites to get you started and save you all that trial-and-error.

  1. Create regular content for Instagram.
    Regularly sharing content on Instagram is one of the best ways to promote your account and keep followers engaged. Use customer photos, memes, and bite-sized videos to grab people’s attention.
    If more people follow you, they’ll be more inclined to keep up with your feed and repost content when it’s interesting.
  2. Brand Ambassadors
    The brand ambassador is a loyal customer who shares your message with their friends and followers because they believe in your brand.
    Customer satisfaction is a key component of any successful brand within any market. This is why programs work well alongside more traditional methods of promoting your Instagram account.
  3. Promotions and Contests
    Social media contests and Instagram giveaways can help you attract new customers and build trust with your brand. Smaller companies can benefit from this quick and easy way to grab attention and goodwill.
  4. Use Analytics to Optimise Your Performance
    Understanding how people engage with your content is essential to a successful growth strategy. You can adjust your content by tracking Instagram analytics based on its performance. With this type of insight, you can stay on top of things, doing what works for you and refining your approach as necessary.
  5. Engage With Your Followers
    It takes more than interesting photos and witty captions to build an audience on Instagram. Responding honestly to comments, engaging with other accounts, and providing quality content can build trust and relationships and delight your followers.
  6. Buying targeted Instagram followers
    And you can know how to buy targeted Instagram followers. We’ll go into much more detail about that very subject now.
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The Best Legitimate Sites To Buy Targeted Instagram Followers in 2023

Anyone who has tried to buy targeted followers on Instagram knows how it goes.
You are spending hundreds of dollars to buy followers to fill your count. Then the harsh reality kicks in a few months later when you realize you’ve completely wasted your money.

While your follower count increased, your engagement rate didn’t.

You weren’t featured on the Explore page either, so… Your account is essentially just as active as before you got your extra Instagram followers, or worse – you were shadowbanned!

So, what gives?

You didn’t buy Instagram followers from real people; you just bought fake bot followers.

Picture of a robot, like the bots that can harm your Instagram account

In all our years in the business, we’ve seen a lot of charlatans. Companies that give the industry a bad name with their black hat tactics. We’ve sifted through the false promises and the fakes to provide you with the companies that help deliver genuine, organic growth.

Buying Targeted Followers on Instagram to Target Demographics- Path Social

What distinguishes us from our competition is HOW we get your targeted Instagram followers. No dodgy bot followers or any need for your password. Instead, we use our in-house platform of influencers and a special AI targeting algorithm to get targeted, interested and engaged users.

As long as people are interested in your niche, our software will track them down, and we will deliver them.

How does it work? It’s simple. You tell us your target. Their age, gender, and location. We then promote your content organically to grab their attention. We have over 24,000 happy customers, and the reviews vouch that what we deliver is the real deal. No vanity metrics, just organic growth, built to last.

Buying Targeted Followers on Instagram To Increase Legit Engagement- Seeksocially

With Seek Socially, clients can buy real Instagram followers with no fake engagement, no bots, and no fake followers.

Seek Socially monitors its services around the clock to ensure no unwanted activity occurs on your page and keep you safe from future problems. In an industry blighted by bluffers, they are one of the more trustworthy options.

Buying Targeted Followers on Instagram To Boost Overall Social Media Presence- Media Mister

Media Mister is a reliable and user-friendly website that allows customers to increase their social media presence. With Media Mister, users can purchase packages of real followers for Instagram and other platforms. These packages range from 50 followers up to 500,000, making it a solid choice no matter the user’s budget or desired number of followers.

Customers have raved about the speed of its service, although there have been some worrying issues recently with fake followers.

Buying Targeted Followers on Instagram To Generate Natural Engagement- Kicksta

Founded in 2015, Kicksta is an innovative company that helps people grow their Instagram following naturally. Kicksta engages users likely to be interested in your content rather than relying on fake or spam accounts or costly advertising campaigns. Their experienced team connects the user’s Instagram account, using targeted strategies to interact with other Instagram users and generate natural engagement.

They have experienced guys with a reassuring money-back guarantee that doesn’t tie you to long-term contracts. While some customers have raised concerns about customer service, they are certainly one of the industry’s more legitimate providers.

The Risks of Purchasing Fake Instagram Followers

Buying targeted Instagram followers is an age-old practice. It has long been used to quickly increase their social proof in hopes of attracting more real, organic followers. However, buying low-quality and fake Instagram followers puts influencers at great risk. It does nothing but damage their credibility and exposes them to various security threats.

Real and active followers can give an account lifetime value. They engage with your content which will helps the account grow organically over time. Having fake accounts that don’t engage with your content can give the impression that you’ve purchased your following, killing trustworthiness and credibility.

Stolen often information or malicious bot software is used to create fake accounts. This puts the account at risk of malicious activities such as being hacked or being used for phishing attacks. This could easily lead to massive reputational damage if not adequately addressed.

In short, the risk of buying from less reputable vendors far outweighs the temporary reward they can give your account.

Buy Targeted Instagram Followers With Free Trial

Buying targeted followers on Instagram with free trial can be tempting, but it’s important to approach such offers cautiously. Buying followers may seem appealing, as it can give your account an instant boost in terms of numbers. However, there are several potential risks associated with this practice.

Firstly, there’s no guarantee that the followers you purchase will be genuine. In many cases, these followers are often fake accounts created solely to boost follower numbers. These accounts offer little value in terms of engagement or interaction, but they can also harm your reputation if Instagram’s algorithms detect them.

Furthermore, the platform has strict guidelines on using bots and automated services, which can result in account suspension or termination. It’s also worth noting that buying followers won’t necessarily translate into meaningful engagement or conversions. Which is ultimately all that matters for businesses or individuals looking to build a following.

Instead of a free trial, Path Social offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The proof is in the pudding, right? You use our service, and if you don’t see the organic growth we promise, you get your money back. A no-fuss, full refund. It’s that simple. Our tried-and-tested methods deliver authentic growth, so we can afford to take the risk off your hands with our offer.

The Advantages of Buying Country-targeted Instagram Followers

Buying country-targeted Instagram followers can offer several benefits if done correctly. Here are some potential advantages:

  • Increased visibility in a specific region: By purchasing followers from a particular country, you can increase your visibility among users in that region. This is beneficial if you’re looking to target customers in a specific area or build a presence in a new market.
  • Increased credibility and social proof: Having a large following from a particular country can help to increase your social proof and credibility. This is important if you’re trying to establish yourself as an influencer, brand, or thought leader in a specific region.
  • Increased engagement: Buying country-targeted Instagram followers can also lead to increased engagement on your posts. Targeted followers are more likely to comment, like, or share your posts.
  • Improved analytics: By targeting users from a specific country, you can get more insights into the demographics and preferences of your followers in that region. This can help you to tailor your content and marketing efforts to meet the needs of your target audience better.

However, it’s important to approach buying country-targeted Instagram followers with caution, as there are risks associated with this practice. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to ensure that the followers you purchase are genuine and interested in your content. Fake or low-quality followers serve only to harm your reputation and engagement rates.
If you know the area you expect your customers to come from, it makes sense to target it. We will take care of the rest if you provide Path Social with those details in your initial brief.

Can You Get Banned for Buying Followers on Instagram?

Picture of man in jail cell, like the risk of getting banned from Instagram

Instagram has strict guidelines against using bots, automated services, and other tactics that artificially inflate follower numbers or engagement rates.

Instagram’s algorithms constantly evolve to detect and remove fake or low-quality accounts. Buying targeted Instagram followers can trigger these algorithms to flag your account for violating the platform’s guidelines. This can lead to a ban on your account, decreased engagement rates, or damaged reputation among your genuine followers.

In addition to the risks of being caught and penalized by Instagram, paying for Instagram followers can harm your credibility and authenticity as an influencer, brand, or individual on the platform. Genuine followers are more likely to engage with your content and promote your brand, while fake followers offer little value in engagement or conversions.
However, Path Social does not use any methods that can lead to fake followers or Instagram penalties.

Any service that asks for your Instagram password or uses any kind of bots violates Instagram’s Terms of Service. This puts your account at risk of a permaban. We never ask for your Instagram password and only do manual, organic outreach and promotion to build real, long-lasting, highly engaging followers. Those differences are crucial and are why our growth methods are sustainable and legal.
So, let’s wrap it up.

Building the traction necessary to grow your Instagram is a tough slog. Finding suitable prospects.Then the effort that comes with engaging them, and enticing them to your brand. Building up that precious social proof. It’s a laborious process. And that is where buying targeted followers comes in.

Picture of coins in a jar with a plant growing out of them, like the growth you get from buying targeted followers on Instagram

But only when done correctly.

If you are taking notes, underline that and get out the fluorescent marker.

Buying Targeted Instagram Followers: The Final Word

Done right, buying targeted followers get the ball rolling in a way that super-accelerates your growth. Done incorrectly- with bots and unscrupulous companies- you are building your house on sand. Not to mention putting your whole account at risk.

What Path Social do is different from our competitors. Using our special AI algorithms, we can find the people who will genuinely engage with your product. Our manual outreach gets their attention. It’s up to you then to keep it.

To jump-start, your Instagram growth TODAY, get started with Path Social. Join the 24,000 Influencers and brands who trust us to deliver organic, authentic, and sustainable Instagram growth.