Collaborator on Instagram: Join Forces To Gain More on IG

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Instagram 101 | Nov 02, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Don’t you agree that we’re better together? Different creators bring different things to the table. Some creators aren’t strong in every area, but they play into their strengths. Some influencers are good at writing captions, and others don’t know how to get the most beautiful shots. When they come together, the product can only be excellent. If you want to be a collaborator on Instagram, read this article. There are so many benefits to joining forces with a fellow content creator. You just need to pick correctly. Your Path Social experts are here to explain everything.

Three Instagram influencers on a couch with a laptop to collaborate on a project.

Keep These Tips in Mind When You Want To Collaborate

Collaborations with other Instagram users or brands may be highly beneficial to the growth of your brand. It doesn’t matter the scale on which you or the other person operates as an influencer. You both stand to expand your reach and benefit from the exposure. Remember the following as you produce content.

Always Put Your Best Foot Foward

IG users love to see high-quality material. You give your content the best chance at success when you post quality content. Develop high-quality images and videos that are congruent with the brand’s reputation. Require that the person you collaborate with make good quality content, too. Your reputations are on the line!

Keep Engaging With Them

Until you drop the collaboration post, keep engagement up. Followers are more inclined to place their faith in you if you practice speaking to them without promoting things. This will assist in strengthening the ties you have with your followers, which will benefit you long-term.

Ensure You Trust the Original Poster

All collaborators are equal. However, IG gives the person who first created the post more responsibility. They are the only ones who can remove the feed post. If they delete their page, it’s completely gone from social media. Ensure that the original poster has a stable IG presence before choosing them.

How To Accept Collaboration on Instagram and Get the Content on Your Page, Too

You remember group assignments in school. Each member naturally fell into different roles without formal assignment. Ideally, there was always at least one heavy-lifter. Sometimes, there was a person whose specific contribution couldn’t be identified or pinpointed. Well, when all you have to do is learn how to accept collaboration on Instagram, you are that person. Congrats! We’ll make sure you ace your part of the collab on Instagram.

Maybe you both did some work before. Still, at this stage, all you have to do is accept the collab post. How do you accept an Instagram collaboration post offer? Here’s the procedure to follow on Instagram:

  1. Go to your “Direct Messages” in the menu.
  2. Select “View Request” from the menu that appears. 
  3. You will get a prompt that offers you the option to either “Accept” or “Decline” the request to collaborate.
  4. Are you comfortable putting your name on this content? If you want to accept it, click the Accept button.

If the content was not what you agreed to at all, click the button that says “Decline.”  It won’t be on your page. Nothing stops it from going on the other person’s page, though.

Two creators film beauty content together.

So You Want To Know How To Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting

Have you posted and overlooked tagging that other collaborator? They likely won’t be too happy about that. Right now, you’re hoping to fix it before they notice. Hopefully, they give you a pass because you are still getting used to it. Now, you want to know how to add a collaborator to an Instagram post after posting.

Unfortunately, currently, a post made on Instagram does not support the addition of a collaborator. Despite this, we do have some potential answers. 

Take Down the Post and Start Again

Delete the reel or post. Start over the process of uploading the post. Remember to include the other individual this time around. If you don’t want to do this for some reason, we have tips.

We advise you to reach out to them and explain the situation. Any other option will be a demotion from an actual collaboration, so they should know. These are some suggestions you could make:

Request That They Share or Repost the Post

This is something each collaborator should do anyway. Suggest to the collaborator that they share the post in their story or on their feed. They can direct the followers to your page. This will result in a greater number of people seeing it.

Tag the Collaborator

Ask them if they don’t mind a tag. You can do this even after the publication of the post. You can direct a percentage of the audience to the page of your collaborator if you proceed in this manner. On Instagram, using tags is one way to raise the visibility of your content to a broader audience.  The post will show up in their tagged tab.

If you have a smaller following than your fellow collaborator, you stand to lose from not having an official collaboration. Deleting the post and starting again is your best bet.

One influencer films another influencer to post jointly.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Know How To Collaborate on Instagram

Making a joint post is about more than saving space on IG. It’s a way for brands to cosign other brands. Knowing how to collaborate on Instagram could be the first step to a level of growth you couldn’t imagine. Let’s discuss why.

It Pushes Up Your Engagement

You should be prioritizing your engagement in everything you do on Instagram. A collaboration could help with that tremendously. If you collaborate correctly, your page should flood with saves, likes, comments, and shares. These actions all impact your engagement rate. 

A very high engagement rate indicates to Instagram that people like the content. When Instagram learns of this, it will show off its content to more people. The content could end up on the Explore Page. This will only increase the chances for more engagement and followers. The cycle will continue.

You Save Money on Ads

IG offers ads to users who want to reach more Instagram followers. While they come in a range of prices, it could cost quite a bit to run an entire campaign over time. Instagram collaborations are a more cost-effective alternative to sponsored Instagram advertisements. They could be an effective organic growth tool. Particularly for smaller businesses operating on a limited budget, there is a huge chance for growth.  

You Can Reach More People

Your target market is out there waiting for you to find them. Are you considering publishing a collab on Instagram with a company or an artist you admire? You and the person with whom you are collaborating will each have access to the following of the other user. Their audience is going to see both your name and the name of your partner together. They may visit your page to see if they like your other content.

You might be focusing on one target audience and overlooking another. A collaboration may open your eyes to a whole new demographic of followers. Each camp has the opportunity to widen the reach of its target audience. Now, your content might resonate with a different type of person. You could curate your content to match. 

A group of content creators gets together to film content.

Identifying Potential Partners for the Project

It’s okay to be picky when it comes to the brand that you’ve been building. Locating and securing brand collaborations is a challenge when there are so many options. Also, in an age where influencers and brands can get “canceled” for their affiliations, this could make or break your brand.

You will have to conduct frequent research on Instagram as your chosen medium for content production. Look for businesses in your industry that have a product that would intrigue your followers. Find one that would compliment your brand well.

Look at the profiles of influencers in your niche. See which brands they already work with. Now you know what brands are open to collaborations. Keep an eye out for sponsored photographs or videos. An #ad might be hiding in an Instagram caption, too. Some companies work with influencers to capitalize on their audience. You can become that influencer, too.

Follow These Steps To Make a Collaborative Post on Instagram

Instagram influencers have realized that we need to join forces sometimes. We each have niche skills to bring to the table. IG encourages this, too, with its collaboration feature.

Creators can show everyone that there is a collaboration with other Instagram influencers or companies. Influencers have a convenient tool at their disposal in the form of a collab on Instagram. The “collab” function is a quick function collaborators need to use on Instagram.  The following is a condensed version of the steps:

  1. One of the collaborators will go through the motions of creating the reel. This will include a caption and hashtags.
  1. They stop at the step that allows them to invite a collaborator.
  1. The other user will receive an invitation from Instagram to post the content jointly.
  1. The post will appear in each collaborator’s feed once reviewed and approved by the other collaborator. 
  1. The post will be visible to their followers as well as yours.

Now, users of the app see that there has been an official Instagram paid partnership. With this new skill, you can contact an entirely new fan base. The collaborator gets this benefit. This enables you both to broaden your reach and increase your audience. This will only serve to strengthen overall reach and impact.

Doing a Collab on Instagram for a Giveaway

Collaborative Posts was initially introduced on Instagram in the year 2021. This feature was great as it enabled users to share credit for a single post with another account. It would appear on two pages simultaneously. Now, you’ll have the option to collaborate with as many as three different partners on a single post or Reel. All parties will have access to organic analytics to know how well the content is doing. Everyone will see the number of views, likes, and comments. This could be useful in the case of a giveaway.

Collaboration can give your page a huge boost. Still, there are some considerations that you need to make before you share that post. Make sure you’re on the same page with the other collaborators.

Agree on Your Goals

Are you satisfied with simply growing the number of people who follow you? Is another one of your goals to boost your sales income? How you carry out the giveaway is determined by the targets you set. 

Choose the Ideal Gifts

If all the collaborators plan to contribute to the overall gift, it makes sense that they are cohesive. This doesn’t mean they have to be the same gifts. For example, an artisan soap brand blends well with a homemade candle business. It may be better that the products aren’t the same. That could encourage competition and comparison. Hopefully, those who participate in the giveaway will appreciate the quality of your gifts and be potential customers.

There is a possibility that other collaborators will provide a prize that they don’t make themselves. It’s wise to give away your products if you want to increase your sales. Collaborating with other brands on Instagram could create lifelong customers.

Set the Rules

To participate in this giveaway, what are the prerequisites? Do they need to share the giveaway post on their Instagram stories or their feed? In a collaboration, a rule could be that all entrants follow all collaborating pages. Always ensure that the guidelines are communicated very clearly in the post’s caption after you all agree. You may get DMs for clarification, and everyone must be on the same page.

Don’t make it hard to follow. It could get overwhelming when there are too many collaborators. This has the potential to turn people off completely. You can’t go wrong with following, liking, commenting, and sharing. If the collaborators are from different time zones, make sure that you all agree on the deadline time.

Two content creators discuss ideas for a reel.

Grow Your Page While You Become a Collaborator on Instagram

All the best with your Instagram collab post. We hope that you tap into a new audience that engages with your content. We may work together to develop a tailored strategy to increase the number of likes on your Instagram post. Together, we can determine the most effective method to engage the followers who will respond to the material you share.  

The social media experts on the Path Social team will help you connect with your target audience. We’ll strive for growth that is both consistent and long-term. A collaborator on Instagram may be a great way to see growth. Still, that shouldn’t be the primary source of growth. We have an in-house network of Instagram influencers and our artificial intelligence targeting technology. That’s why we can provide you with this service. Develop a community on Instagram that is suitable for your company. You can get a head start on growing your Instagram following with the assistance of Path Social. Now, let’s get started on expanding your audience.