Follower Packages: Your Guide To Instant Growth

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Instagram 101 | Apr 05, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Instagram offers endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, building a strong following can be a daunting task, requiring a significant investment of time, effort, and resources.

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That’s where follower packages come in… promising to give your account a boost by delivering large numbers of followers quickly and easily.

In a world of fake news and misinformation, there are lots of myths around this subject. This post gets to the bottom of them.

If you’re considering using Instagram follower packages to grow your following, this post is essential reading. We’ll:

  • explore the different types of packages available
  • provide expert advice on how to use them safely and effectively, and
  • offer reviews of some of the most popular packages on the market.

So, whether you’re an Instagram newbie or an experienced user, get ready to unlock the full potential of Instagram with follower packages!

What Are Instagram Follower Packages?

Instagram follower packages are services that promise to deliver a large number of followers to your Instagram account in exchange for a fee. These packages typically range from a few hundred to several thousand followers, and can be purchased from a variety of online sources.

Most packages work by using automated bots to follow accounts that may be interested in your content. The hope is that some of these accounts will follow you back. Some packages also offer additional features, such as likes and comments, to help boost your engagement and visibility on the platform.

There are many different types available, each with its own unique features and pricing structures.

Some offer a one-time delivery of followers, while others may offer a monthly subscription service that delivers followers over time. Some also offer additional services, such as targeted follower growth for specific niches or industries.

It’s important to note that not all packages are created equal- some use authentic and organic strategies; others are less scrupulous…

We’ll explore the potential risks and benefits of using follower packages in the next section. Plus we’ll provide expert advice on how to choose the right one for your needs!

Are Instagram Follower Packages Legit?

Sometimes good content and a well-thought-out marketing plan alone will not be enough to get you trending. You are still lacking the final component… Followers!

When fake accounts, bots, and the profiles that use them are discovered, Instagram quickly takes action.

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So, are Instagram follower packages legit?

The good news is that there are a number of reputable companies offering Instagram growth services, from which you can trustably purchase real Instagram followers. Providers like Path Social deliver accounts that are both legitimate and carefully targeted, ensuring that your audience is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Buying Instagram followers may still fall in the gray area between acceptable and unacceptable brand behavior. But if done with the right partner, it won’t be much different than paying for advertising or the services of influencers. Both of which essentially deliver the same goods!

Don’t just inflate your numbers- that’s a vanity metric that will give you little real benefit. The most important thing to remember is that this growth strategy should still be aimed at reaching your target audience. You want real followers who will engage with you in an authentic way.

What Happens When You Use Instagram Follower Packages?

Using follower packages can have both positive and negative effects on your Instagram account. On the one hand, they can provide a quick and easy way to boost your follower count and increase your visibility on the platform. This can help to attract more organic followers and increase your overall engagement on the platform.

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However, using them can also come with several potential risks and drawbacks. Less scrupulous providers use automated bots to follow accounts, which leads to a high number of inactive or spam accounts following you. This will damage your engagement rate and credibility on the platform.

To use these packages safely and effectively, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable provider that uses ethical practices to deliver followers. It’s best to use in moderation and alongside other organic growth strategies, such as creating high-quality content and engaging with your audience.

Ultimately, the impact of using follower packages will depend on the specific package and provider you choose, as well as your individual goals and objectives on the platform. With the right approach, however, these packages can be a valuable tool for growing your Instagram following and increasing your engagement on the platform.

Popular Follower Packages Reviews

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To help you make an informed decision, here are some popular follower packages reviews available on the market today:

  1. Path Social. In terms of authenticity and service quality, Path Social is the leading Instagram social media management agency. The growth service connects with organic users who are targeted, interested, and engaged by combining proprietary AI technology and influencer collaborations for exceptionally targeted outreach.
  2. Social Packages. A popular provider of Instagram follower packages, with a range of different packages available depending on your needs and budget. Their packages start from just $2.99 for 100 followers and go up to $199.99 for 50,000 followers.
  3. Buzzoid. This company been around for a while, so it has had plenty of time to establish a solid reputation, and it has done so by consistently providing genuine products and reliable service.
  4. InstaFollowers. One of the main advantages of InstaFollowers is their fast delivery times, with most orders being processed within 24 hours. While feedback is generally positive, they have battled issues of fake and inactive accounts too.
  5. Twicsy. They provides real accounts with real engagement and long-term followers. The site’s registration process is fairly simple; they offer affordable packages and quick delivery, and they may also provide Instagram engagement in the form of likes and views if you purchase the additional service.
  6. Stormlikes. This firm has built a good reputation. Not least for their customer service, although the delivery time can be much slower than their rivals listed above.

Before making a purchase, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable provider with a track record of delivering high-quality, real followers to their customers.

But how? We’ll cover that now.

How To Choose a Reputable Provider

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But how do you sift through the providers to find someone trustworthy? Someone who will help you grow long-term, without jeopardizing your account? This section tells you how.

  • Check to see if the site has a secure SSL connection, which means it is properly encrypted for secure communication and credit card handling. A green lock icon should appear immediately before the web address in the platform’s URL. Do not interact with a website that lacks a secure SSL connection.
  • Choose slow delivery over a reasonable timeframe. A sudden and significant increase in your follower numbers will appear suspicious and may indicate questionable tactics on the part of the provider. Choose a provider that offers different follower packages that gradually feed new followers to your account as much as possible. Consistent and gradual growth will also earn you brownie points with IG’s algorithms.
  • Check to see if the growth service provider offers follower retention guarantees. This means that the followers they provide are specifically targeted for your brand, ensuring that they stick around and interact with your account. If your brand-new followers begin to unfollow you, the provider should send you more to meet the agreed-upon numbers.
  • Determine whether the provider has a dedicated customer support team that can respond within a reasonable time frame. This shows that the company is concerned with maintaining positive relationships with their customers- not looking to just take your money and run!
  • Compare prices from various providers while also taking service quality into account. Look for both positive and negative customer reviews to determine whether you’ll get your money’s worth. “Buy cheap, buy twice”, as the saying goes!

Buying Instagram Follower Packages

So now you know what they are, we answer a few of the most common questions people have about their legality and cost.

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Is It Legal To Buy Instagram Follower Packages?

The legality of buying Instagram follower packages is a somewhat complex issue. From a legal perspective, there is nothing inherently illegal about purchasing followers for your Instagram account.

The bigger concern with buying Instagram follower packages is the potential negative consequences for your account’s engagement rate and credibility. Many packages use bots or fake accounts to boost your follower count, which can ultimately hurt your account’s reputation and authenticity. This is especially true if your purchased followers are not interested in your content and do not engage with your posts.

However, there are reputable companies offering packages that use organic methods to grow your following- such as targeted marketing campaigns and influencer collaborations. These methods help attract genuine followers who are interested in your content and more likely to engage with your account

If you do choose to buy packages, it is crucial to do your research and select a reputable supplier. Look for companies with positive reviews and a proven track record of delivering real, engaged followers. Make sure to read their terms of service and understand exactly what you are getting before making a purchase.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy 10K Instagram Followers?

The cost of buying Instagram followers can vary widely depending on the provider and the quality of the followers. In general, the price for buying 10k followers on Instagram ranges from around $50 to $200 or more. It is important to note that the cost of buying followers should not be the only factor to consider when choosing a provider. The quality of the followers you receive for your money, the delivery time, and the provider’s customer service should be factors you consider just as much.

Buying Instagram followers is a perfectly legitimate growth strategy IF it is done organically and authentically. Our expert team and AI targeting algorithm ensures you get followers who will genuinely engage with your content, not merely fluff up your numbers!

Start growing your Instagram following with Path Social today!