National Dog Day: Celebrate Your Fur Babies on Instagram!

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Instagram 101 | Jun 21, 2024

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There are plenty of good things to celebrate about everyday life. That’s why people come up with all sorts of modern holidays, such as National Girlfriend Day. But there’s no other holiday cuter and cuddlier than National Dog Day. That’s right, there’s a day dedicated to man’s best friend and everyone’s favorite fur babies—our beloved canines.

Dog Day is a terrific time to celebrate dogs and everything they’ve given us humans. It’s when you should give your favorite floof an extra treat or two and show them off on Instagram. It’s also the perfect day to raise awareness for dogs in animal shelters in need of adoption.

So, what is the perfect way to celebrate Dog Day, whether on social media or IRL? Keep reading to know more about this special “holiday” and how to honor your furry friends on this day.

Four dogs of different breeds lined up against a hot pink background.

When Is National Dog Day?

If you don’t usually celebrate these quirky holidays for fur parents, you might be wondering, when is National Dog Day? This modern holiday—also sometimes referred to as International Dog Day—takes place on August 26 every year.

This symbolic holiday was founded by pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige in 2004. One of this holiday’s main goals is to raise awareness about dogs in public shelters that need rescuing and adoption. There are plenty of four-legged fur babies stuck in these rescue shelters. Dog Day is our chance to find these loving canines, fur parents, and homes to call their own by encouraging adoption.

According to the International Organization for Animal Protection, Dog Day also honors all kinds of dogs. That means every cute canine, from family dogs to therapy dogs to those in the police force. It’s also a day for dog owners to simply celebrate the presence of their furry besties in their lives.

Essentially, Dog Day exists so that everyone can remember and appreciate the joy dogs bring to our world. On this day, we should also do our part to ensure they have a safe, loving environment to live in. It’s a time when we should think about all dogs. That’s whether it’s our pups or those who have yet to find their place in the world.

A white dog wearing pink sunglasses slumped on a white blanket.

Cute Instagram Post Ideas for International Dog Day

Many people will participate in offline efforts and activities for International Dog Day. These might include volunteering at a shelter to encourage adoptions or just spending time with your fur baby outside.

But this holiday is also the perfect excuse to post about your cuddly doggo on the internet. Not only will this give you and your followers a chance to coo at your dog. It’s also a chance to express your gratitude for your dog, which is what the holiday is all about.

Are you not sure what to post? Here are some cute Instagram post ideas that scream, “Happy National Dog Day”:

  • A collection of photos of your favorite moments with your dog. A heartwarming photo dump with silly selfies, playtime moments, and cute photos is the perfect way to commemorate Dog Day. It’s a fantastic way to show off the amazing relationship you have with your dog.
  • “Then and now” photos of your dog. Show your followers cute puppy photos from years back when you first got your dog. Then, compare those with pictures and videos of your dog at present.
  • Your dog adoption story. Part of Dog Day is about raising awareness about much-needed dog adoption. To encourage others to potentially adopt their fur baby, talk about you and your dog’s adoption journey. Talk about your reasons for wanting to adopt, the struggles you faced, and what life is like together today.
  • This is a post to thank service dogs everywhere. If you don’t have a pet dog of your own, consider posting something to honor service dogs. These include therapy dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, police dogs, and more. Thank them for their service, not just for protecting people but also for making everyone they come across a little happier.

A woman holding the paw of a small brown dog.

Pro Tip: Include Instagram Hashtags for Dogs in Your Posts!

When you post something cute for Dog Day, don’t forget to add some Instagram hashtags for dogs in your caption. Hashtags boost the visibility of your posts, allowing more dog parents to see your content and engage with it. This is specifically helpful for content that encourages dog adoption so you can get more eyes on those posts.

Are you not sure what kinds of tags to include in your post? Try using Path Social’s Hashtag Generator to see the best hashtags for dogs.

On this page, you’ll see tons of tags the dog-loving community loves to use. These tags include #dogsofinstagram, #dogstagram, #doglover, #dogsofig, and many more. Adding these hashtags to your content is an awesome way to be active in the community on special doggo holidays.

7 Other Dog-Related Holidays To Mark on Your Calendar

Speaking of other holidays, let’s talk about ones outside of Dog Day. This day isn’t the only holiday you should count down the days for if you have a fur baby. There are also a bunch of other quirky dog-related holidays that might be fun to celebrate throughout the year. Here are seven more of them that every dog lover should mark on their calendar.

1. When Is National Dog Mom Day?

Women who love their fur babies sweetly and ferociously deserve their holiday—so when is National Dog Mom Day?

Dog Mom Day takes place every second Saturday of May. People observe it just a day before the traditional Mother’s Day. It’s a nod to fur moms, true modern-day mothers in their own right.

This day is perfect for posting photos of yourself with your dog if you’re a self-proclaimed dog mom. Husbands and kids can also post about their family dog’s “mom” to show appreciation for her.

A woman with long hair carrying a white, medium-sized dog wearing dog clothes.

2. National Pet Day for All Kinds of Furry Friends

Dogs aren’t the only pets in the world. National Pet Day, which we celebrate every April 11, is a holiday for all kinds of furry friends. This day celebrates cats, birds, and even bunnies, which bring extra brightness and silliness to our lives!

Much like Dog Day, Pet Day aims to raise awareness about the need to adopt more animals from rescue shelters. This gives abused animals that are left behind a chance to find a loving home.

3. National Golden Retriever Day for the Friendliest Doggos

Some popular dog breeds also have their memorable holiday, like National Golden Retriever Day, which falls on February 3.

According to Dogster, a woman named Kristen Shroyer created this holiday in 2012. Kristen wanted to use this day to honor Quincey, her own Golden Retriever, who had passed on to doggo heaven. Today, dog lovers honor Quincey and his entire breed by celebrating Golden Retrievers everywhere!

Golden Retriever Day is the perfect day to spend time with your golden doggo. Take them out to special events for pampering and playing games with other Golden Retrievers. Or, just take them to their favorite park for a fun day walking and running about.

Two Golden Retriever puppies sitting in a field of grass with orange flowers.

4. Make Your Pooch Happy on National Make a Dog’s Day

Dogs make our world a better place. It’s only fair that we celebrate National Make a Dog’s Day, where we pamper and make every dog feel special. It falls on October 22 yearly.

Here are things you can do to make your pooch’s day extra special on this holiday:

  • Give them a brand-new toy to chew and chase around.
  • Build a place where they can play, like a fort or doghouse.
  • Bring them to their favorite place, like a city park or doggie playground.
  • Fix up their favorite healthy meal, complete with dog-friendly desserts.
  • Arrange a play date with their best dog friends.
  • Take them to a professional groomer to get extra pampered with a haircut.

A happy Corgi sitting in a small tent in the living room.

5. Keep Your Floof Healthy and Happy on National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

July of every year is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. This is smack in the middle of summer when it might get extra hot out. So, remember to always bring some water with you when walking your dogs. That way, they can stay hydrated and have a drink after playing and running around to stay happy and healthy.

This is a terrific time to raise awareness about the risks of dehydration in dogs. So, spread the word and consider promoting proper hydration among other pet owners on your social media platforms!

Someone holding a green and white water dispenser while a puppy drinks from it.

6. Stay Prepared for Your Pup on National Pet Insurance Month

Every responsible dog owner should know about National Pet Insurance Month, which is every September. This month, encourage fellow dog lovers to get health insurance for their fur babies. That way, they can ensure that their dogs stay in tip-top shape without the financial burden on their end.

If you don’t have pet insurance of your own, September might be a great time to get one. Talk to your neighborhood vet about your options!

7. Celebrate the Youngest in the Pack on National Puppy Day

Lastly, every March 23, celebrate the youngest doggos in the pack on National Puppy Day. Post photos of your youngest pups (or throwback photos of your older dogs from their puppy days). Spoil your puppies with extra treats to make them feel the love. And when you can, encourage others to foster puppies from their local animal shelter.

A brown and white puppy looking up at a bigger dog.

The Best Dog Accounts on Instagram To Follow

Aside from posting online and attending on-ground dog events, Dog Day is a great day to follow dog accounts online. There are tons of cute social media pages that showcase the silliest, smartest, and friendliest fur babies you’ll ever see. On Dog Day, try to support these doggos and their humans by giving them a follow.

Don’t know where to start? Here are three of the best dog accounts on Instagram that are worth checking out:

  • JiffPom: Jiff is a Pomeranian and the most followed dog on the internet, with over 9.2 million Instagram followers. He has tons of adorable photos of him in vibrant outfits and posing with food he wishes he could eat. He even has a photo of him napping in his human’s purse! This page is the ultimate doggo account to follow if you want to see the cutest content every day.
  • Doug the Pug: Doug is another super popular dog with about 3.6 million followers today. This pug isn’t just cute and amusing—he’s got quite a career, too. He has won two People’s Choice Awards and founded Nonipup, which sells holistic dog products, from shampoos to serums. His biggest achievement is probably starting Doug the Pug Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting kids with cancer.
  • This Wild Idea: Maddie is the adventurous coonhound of Theron Humphrey, a photographer who has dedicated his Instagram page to his furry friend. On this page, you can see their solid relationship, from their travel pics to cute snaps at home. It’s a photo diary that shows the very real, special relationship humans can have with their dogs. The page currently has 1.3 million followers.

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There’s nothing more precious on this earth than dogs. So, on their special day, join the festivities and post about your fur baby and your relationship with them. Showcase your cute doggo with adorable photo dumps, Reels with your favorite moments of them, and more!

Even if you don’t have your dog, there are many ways to celebrate Dog Day meaningfully and with purpose. You can attend or volunteer at events that raise awareness of the need to adopt dogs from rescue shelters.

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