Instagram Post Ideas for the Creative With Too Many Options

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Instagram Tips | May 26, 2023

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

First, isn’t it weird to wonder what to post on Instagram? It used to be so simple. You rarely had to give it a second thought. Everything was “postable.” While some of us still operate that way, the rest of us earnestly see Instagram post ideas that will help us stand out from the masses. This article is for those people.

Instead of a vintage square frame, now we have the option of the reel, the story, and the carousel post (oh my.) Creating stunning images on Instagram may also help increase engagement. Finding the appropriate color palette, tone of voice, and visual themes for your articles might be a fantastic organic method to obtain more likes on those posts.

In addition, it helps strengthen your brand, which is essential if you want to set yourself apart from the plethora of other Instagram accounts. This is of the utmost importance for professional content creators who wish to present their work on Instagram in a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing way. We are excited to show you the best Instagram post ideas!

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Instagram Post Ideas:  Getting the Perfect Photo Resolutions 

When considering Instagram post ideas the dimensions of your Instagram photos are essential when considering Instagram post ideas.

Instagram makes the promise that it will assist users in uploading photographs with the highest possible resolution. For optimal viewing on Instagram, a post should have a resolution of 1080 pixels. Here are some key points to remember:

  • If you want your photos to look their best on Instagram, you should upload images with a width of exactly 1080 pixels. 
  • When you share an image on Instagram larger than 1080 pixels, Instagram automatically reduces it to 1080 pixels. 
  • If the resolution of a photo you share on Instagram is lower than that, the app will scale it to 320 pixels across.
  • Instagram will keep the image’s original resolution when the width of your post is between 320 and 1080 pixels. That is so long as the aspect ratio of the photograph falls somewhere in the range of 1.91:1 to 4:5. This translates to an Instagram photo size with a width of 1080 pixels and a height ranging from 566 to 1350 pixels. 

Suppose the aspect ratio of the photo you uploaded to Instagram is different from the one that your photo has. In that case, the platform will automatically crop it to fit one of the supported ratios. Some seasonal posts may look best in specific dimensions, and specific creative posts also need flexibility.

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Instagram Post Design Ideas: Are We Sensing a Theme Here?

We at Path Social love an influencer that tries to keep to a theme. A good theme will keep followers and potential followers scrolling for hours. Therefore, your Instagram post ideas should try to honor that theme.

People and companies create Instagram themes, often known as visual styles, so that their feeds may have a consistent appearance throughout the platform. Instagram themes offer assistance to social network content makers in the process of organizing a variety of kinds of content ideas. Digital themes lend a sense of harmony to the page. 

When thinking about how much your page can grow, you need to consider the impression your page offers people. Instagram is now the social networking site that offers users the most aesthetically attractive content. 

The content you upload and how it is displayed is important. It directly influences the level of interaction you receive, the number of followers you have, and how your brand is regarded in the digital sphere. 

Your brand can successfully implement a campaign, promote a product, or communicate a value proposition if it maintains a consistent theme on Instagram. When in doubt, choose a less complex theme. That way, you have room to experiment and be creative without straying too far from the primary focus.

Instagram is primarily a platform for sharing visual content. Providing your brand with a unified and cohesive visual identity is essential. No matter what kind of content you post on Instagram, the social media gurus here will show you how to make the most of Instagram’s themes.

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Instagram Post Ideas: Right Post, Wrong Time

Excellent Instagram post ideas don’t matter if the timing is off. Knowing when your target audience is active on Instagram is essential for increasing the likes you receive on your posts. Curious about the significance of this? Simply said, when your followers are online, they may immediately offer you their likes by clicking the heart button on your post. 

  • When it comes to the timeline for when you upload content, you need to adhere to the online schedule of your target market.  When is the most common time for most of your audience to check Instagram? 
  • When, during what parts of the day, and which days of the week do they have the greatest activity? The demographics of your followers might help you determine how to increase your number of likes. 
  • Do you know the age range, location, hobbies, and interests of the people viewing your content?  When people have the time to spend on Instagram depends on several aspects.
  • You need to study the sector to have a general idea of the time period. Check your Instagram insights. 
  • The next step is to examine your stats to determine the times of day when your Instagram posts receive the most views and comments. 
  • Check out the pages of those who inspire you and observe when they last posted their most popular content. This will ensure that you have covered all of your bases. 
  • Question yourself when the optimal time is to publish on Instagram. When you publish on Instagram regularly, you will optimize the options available to you for how to get more likes on Instagram.

These tips will give your Instagram post ideas their best chance.

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Cute Instagram Post Ideas To Stand Out From the Crowd

Instagram has such a bad rep. It used to be a place where friends would share the mundane events in their lives. A fascinating coffee design, their pet dog, and throwback photos formed the bulk of content on this app. Now, everyone is trying to one-up the other person. Instagram has become hostile because of this. Instead of following the crowd, you should use some cute Instagram post ideas.

Using Instagram filters is likely the expected course of action. Stand out by experimenting with various alternative content plans when exploring how to acquire more engagement. In a sea of over-edited photos, authenticity is what is attention-grabbing.

When gaining more likes on Instagram, light-hearted and uncensored behind-the-scenes content may be equally as powerful as other types of material. Your followers and other users will feel as though they are getting a more personal experience when they watch stuff related to behind-the-scenes. 

A departure from the commonplace practice of picture enhancement may be a fun, thrilling, or even humorous change of pace. 

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Additionally, it has the potential to improve the authenticity of your brand’s authenticity and general likeability. If you’re always poised, share a cute video of you tripping or spilling a drink. Your post type is almost guaranteed to attract more likes and follows than is typical. It will also stand out among the other posts made on this hashtag thread. Never underestimate the power of relatability when sifting through Instagram post ideas.

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Instagram Business Post Ideas :  for the Creator Who Views This as More Than a Hobby

We get it. Instagram is not a hobby for you. Some of you intend to use it for your livelihood. And since 90% of people follow at least one business on this app, you could make this app a home for yours. For that reason, what you post is very important. Check out our Instagram business post ideas:

Use Helpful Hashtags

Hashtags are vital for your small business’s Instagram marketing strategy. You may more easily participate in a discussion or issue pertinent to your brand if you use hashtags. They also assist Instagram in classifying the content you upload. Your posts could be seen by users looking for or browsing a specific hashtag that interests them when they do so. After all, Instagram has become somewhat of a directory.

Hashtags aren’t just a tool for users to discover new brands and content on the platform. They also allow your small business to build brand awareness and recognition. Users can use hashtags to search for new brands and content on the platform. For these reasons, your Instagram post ideas should always include hashtags.

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Instagram Post Ideas for Businesses: Get Generous

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Or even the possibility of free stuff? Holding giveaways on Instagram helps accounts grow exponentially faster than they would otherwise.

Instagram giveaways raise visibility for your business, improve organic engagement, and drive additional traffic to your profile by encouraging followers to like, comment, and share your posts in exchange for a chance to win the prize. Collaborating with another company to offer a shared prize can generate interest in your hosting giveaway. People are more likely to participate in a contest if it provides more than one reward. If it is run in conjunction with another company, the number of people who view your content or are made aware of your brand for the first time will increase by a factor of two.

Make Sure They Engage!

Instagram post ideas for businesses should always lead back to engagement. Participants are required to interact with the Instagram account hosting the contest, possibly the most prevalent sort of Instagram giveaway. Liking the post, Sharing the post, or Commenting on the Post increases your engagement rate. As the competition host, you can stipulate a certain mode of participation as a prerequisite for entrance, or even all three.

When it comes to making comments, you have various alternatives available to you. For example, you may force folks to tag a particular number of friends in the comments. You may also request that somebody provide a response to simple questions or make a comment in connection with a topic. All of these conditions must be met to be eligible for the prize.

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Cool Instagram Post Ideas: Tag! You’re It

What’s cooler than letting your followers know you appreciate them? Instagram post ideas that incorporate page supporters are a win-win. You can both have low-effort content while shouting out the people engaging with your content.

Cool Instagram post ideas involve both hashtags and location tagging. In the same way that hashtags enable your company to collect user-generated content (UGC), geotagged posts do the same thing. This is content created by other Instagram users. We’ll explain the process to you now.

When new people search for your company on social media, any posts your audience or customers have geotagged or hashtagged with your name will also appear. This is especially true if you have already created a location tag or custom brand tag for your brand. 

This is an excellent strategy for getting one’s name out there. Being discovered is the beginning of organic Instagram growth. Hopefully, more people who include your business in their location tags and hashtags. There is a greater likelihood that new users will become aware of you. It also lets you recognize your current clients and express gratitude by connecting with or sharing their material on your story. This is the important part. Instagram users, like you, generally enjoy it when other users share their photos and videos.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for your content, you should look through the tags for your company. See what you can recycle for your Instagram story or feed. Content creation is put on autopilot when reviews are screenshotted and “customer appreciation posts” are created. This is one of the cool Instagram post ideas you may store for a slow news day. 

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Small Business Instagram Post Ideas: Location, Location, Location!

Instagram is the perfect site to give small businesses the stage they deserve. Make sure your small business has the best chance at success with our special small business Instagram post ideas.

Tag Your Location

Make sure to create a geotag for your small business if it has a physical location so that you can include the location in the posts you share on Instagram. Users will be able to more precisely determine the location of your company with the use of location data provided by a geotag.

In addition, Instagram compiles all posts from a particular location with the same geotag and places them under a single tab that users can search through. 

If you contribute to the tag, you can show people what they can anticipate when they visit your business. If you own a boutique, for example, you could use your geotag to show off the products on sale. Offer folks a sneak peek at the ambiance inside the shop. The following are the steps that need to be taken to add a location tag to an Instagram post:

  • Select “Post” by hitting the plus icon.
  • Tap “Next” after selecting the photo or video you want to post.
  • Select “Next” after selecting your filter, making edits, and cropping as you please.
  • Make a caption for the image. Provide tidbits of information about your company, as this is first-time viewers’ primary evaluation criterion. 
  • Select “Add location.”
  • Once the options have been brought up, look for the location you wish to add and select it.
  • Simply hit the “Share” button. 

This is one of the more creative Instagram post ideas.

Instagram Post Ideas:Separate the Men From the Boys

Good Instagram post ideas could help you with your overall brand goal: to grow your brand and increase your engagement rate. Over the past decade, the talented social media team at Path Social has been consistently putting in long hours of labor. They have been working on an internal platform for Instagram influencers and a unique artificial intelligence targeting algorithm. The comments and suggestions that our clients made speak for themselves.

We can attract organic consumers that are intent, enthusiastic and engaged via this strategy. If you apply our guidance, you can develop a robust Instagram community. To the best of our knowledge, no one else has been able to reproduce our findings successfully. You should get right to work increasing the number of people who follow you on Instagram immediately. Start growing your audience on Instagram as soon as possible and accumulating followers.