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Instagram Growth | Oct 19, 2021

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Successful organic Instagram growth for businesses often requires a combination of different marketing strategies. For any brand serious about thriving in the highly competitive Insta-verse, investing in a marketing strategy is a must. These investments could include paid Instagram advertising and/or hiring Instagram influencers. But should you also pay for followers on Instagram?

You Have to Spend to Earn

Instagram has massively grown to 1 billion accounts and upwards of 500 million active users every single day since it was first launched in 2010. Back then, the platform only logged an average of 25,000 users per day; five years later, the number of active daily users reached 100 million, and worldwide users hit 500 million.   

Even more relevant, perhaps, is that more than 60% of Instagram users visit the platform to discover new products and brands. The platform, therefore, offers immense opportunities to reach one’s target audience or market. But these huge numbers also represent fierce competition. 

Generating awareness about the brand and the constant competition for visibility follows, and engagement are the main challenges of organically growing one’s business on Instagram. And for any business worth its salt, sustaining long-term success means having the ability to stay ahead of or, at least, go neck-and-neck with the competition. To overcome these challenges and earn followers and consistent engagement on Instagram, you will have to spend money on your marketing strategy. 

Pay for Followers on Instagram

Should You Pay for Followers on Instagram?

“Organic” is the foundation on which any brand or business on Instagram should build its growth. This means building an organic following and sustaining organic engagement. In the world of marketing, “organic” means gaining more customers over time through natural means, i.e., word of mouth or store/product appeal, rather than through paid advertising. 

Gaining organic followers and engagement, however, does not always exclusively involve organic marketing. And given the cutthroat competition on the platform, combining different marketing strategies — both organic and remunerated — is the smartest option to take. 

Marketing strategies that require investment include:

  • Instagram advertising
  • Instagram influencers

When a business pays for Instagram advertising or the services of Instagram services to maximize their target market reach, drive potential followers to their page, and get new follows, it indirectly pays for followers on Instagram.  

Although these two approaches are essentially not organic, they successfully reach real people and encourage genuine engagement. In this case, the term “organic results” becomes fluid, as a non-organic strategy still targets an organic audience. And this is where a third non-organic marketing strategy comes in: Instagram growth services. 

How Do Instagram Growth Services Work?

These services offer to build an account’s follower base, typically promising to deliver a certain number of new followers weekly or monthly, and also increase engagement rates for the account’s posts. 

Not all Instagram growth services work the same, however. These days, these services are a dime a dozen; and most of the companies that offer them employ bots and fake accounts to boost follower numbers and engagement. If you engaged in such a service, you would essentially be paying for fake followers on Instagram. 

Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to using bots and fake accounts to boost an account’s performance. The platform has put in place advanced security measures to detect any bot-like and spammy activity; accounts that are found to disregard the platform’s restrictions are promptly given warnings, temporarily suspended, or even blocked for good. 

Most Instagram users can also quickly identify bot-like activities and fabricated follower numbers; these signs of dishonesty eventually result not only in a loss of credibility, but also significant losses in existing and potential followers. 

But there are growth service companies that deliver real, organic Instagram followers without employing bots and fake users. Instead, they use AI technology combined with a team of real people to find real users that are most likely to engage with a brand’s content and be interested in its products/services. 

These legitimate Instagram growth service companies help businesses grow through AI targeting algorithms and personalized strategies designed to meet the brand’s specific goals. As with Instagram advertising, the target audience may be identified based on gender, demographics, location, interests. The Instagram growth service then promotes a brand’s content to these specific groups of people, thereby ensuring that the account gets real and quality followers. You essentially pay for legitimate followers on Instagram, ones who will engage with your brand consistently and long-term. 

Pay for Followers on Instagram

Should You Pay for Followers on Instagram Using an Instagram Growth Service?

By all means, if the option is a feasible one, then employ an Instagram growth service as part of your overall social media marketing strategy. Again, it’s better to combine several strategies to build your brand on the platform. Creating quality content is not enough; sooner or later, you will have to put yourself out there in a variety of ways to get the numbers you need. 

But remember that paying for followers should not involve using bots and fake accounts. In addition to Instagram advertising and influencers, legitimate and reputable companies that offer growth services can also deliver the results you’re looking for: new organic followers, consistent and quality engagement, and sustainable organic growth.  

When you pay for followers on Instagram using a growth service, make sure it won’t be a costly mistake. Follow the platform’s rules and regulations for growing a follower base and increasing engagement; don’t disregard the restrictions imposed by Insta when it comes to the use of bots and fake accounts. When you know how to pick the right partner to help you build your business, you won’t have to worry about making disastrous missteps while on your growth journey. 

Pay for followers on Instagram but do it the right way, and your investment will be worth every penny. Try PathSocial now for your brand’s organic growth.