The Trendy Coquette Aesthetic: The 411 on This Feminine Look

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Instagram 101 | Jun 14, 2024

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Many women use social media to creatively express their style and personality. So, it’s no surprise that a plethora of modern-day aesthetic styles have emerged in recent years. These include the simple yet luxurious clean girl aesthetic for minimalists and the ever-trendy Barbiecore style for bold, pink-loving maximalists. But there is an in-between that embraces both coyness, girliness, and even vintage styles for women—the popular coquette aesthetic.

This aesthetic is all about feminine vibes, flirtatiousness, and subtle charm. But where does this style originate? Why is it so popular today? And most importantly, how can a woman emulate it both in her daily outfits and on social media? Keep reading to get the lowdown on all things coquette and how to incorporate this aesthetic into your everyday style.

A blonde woman in a light pink dress sitting on a vintage couch and holding a bright pink flower.

What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

If you don’t keep up with fashion trends, you may be scratching your head, wondering, “What is coquette aesthetic, anyway?” People Magazine describes this trend made famous by Gen Z as a “flirty, soft, hyper-feminine style.”

Coquette is a French word that means flirtatious, which truly comes out in a trendy style. It’s all about being coy and charming but in a soft, romantic, almost overly girly way. Think Marie Antoinette or Vladimir Nabokov’s sweet, innocent Lolita with a modern twist. Expect today’s coquettes to wear a lot of baby pink, pretty ruffles and corsets that show off their curves.

Some might argue that the coquette look is a classic, seeing as how it’s simply very feminine and romantic. And that’s understandable, especially since a lot of coquettish ladies love wearing old-school corsets reminiscent of the Victorian era.

But thanks to Gen Z, it has taken on a more modern form. It borrows from Japanese street style and cottagecore—all with that signature feminine touch that is the coquette style’s hallmark.

When it comes to that pretty coquette look, it’s all about nostalgia, youth, romance, and unapologetic femininity. Edgier, grungier, more gothic girls might roll their eyes at such a cliché, girly style. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your favorite shade of pink and proudly expressing your flirtatious feminine side.

A woman posing with a Victorian-era dress, gloves, and hat sitting with her eyes closed in a garden.

6 Coquette Aesthetic Outfits: How To Express the Style Through Clothes

Do you want to show off your inner coquette through your clothes but have no idea where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Here are the key elements of coquette aesthetic outfits to consider when putting your best hyper-feminine look together. Keep them in mind as you brainstorm your next outfit, and you’ll surely nail the look.

1. Dominantly Pink Coquette Aesthetic

To look coquettish, you can wear clothes of any light, feminine shade—like pastel colors and muted rose tones. But everyone knows that there’s nothing as striking and eye-catching as the classic pink coquette aesthetic. Pink always adds a feminine touch to any look. So, if you want to exude that coquette air, try to go for pink ensembles, from corsets to mini skirts.

2. Dainty Florals as Accent Pieces

Is there anything more romantic than flowers? We don’t think so. Coquette fashion and florals go hand in hand. So, if you want to add more texture to your coquette outfit, add dainty florals to your look.

The easiest way to do this is by incorporating a clothing item with floral patterns into your outfit. This can be anything from a cute blouse to a pair of socks with roses on them. But you can also elevate your look with real flowers. This includes wearing accessories like a flower headband or carrying a basket of your favorite pink carnations around with you.

A beautiful bouquet of pink roses.

3. Flirty, Vintage Silhouettes

Coquette style is heavily inspired by vintage fashion, from the tight corsets of Marie Antoinette’s time to regency-era bodices. It even borrows from the 1950s, when women loved wearing pearls and poofy skirts.

When selecting clothes to build your coquette wardrobe, always look for nostalgic cuts and silhouettes that hug the curves. Not only will these look flirty and flattering, but they also scream coquette. Look for dresses with bodices that cinch your waist, or consider investing in a high-quality corset with tempting laces. 

When it comes to necklines, go for a sexy yet feminine sweetheart cut for that soft allure.

A woman wearing a pink tulle, corseted dress with a long, flowy skirt sitting on a chair.

4. Soft, Flowy, Uber Romantic Fabrics

Aside from color and silhouette, coquettish clothes are created from the most romantic fabrics, too. Look for soft and flowy fabrics, such as tulle and chiffon. These look very beautiful in skirts and big dresses. For a more luxurious feel, opt for silk or satin, which look stunning on corsets, slip dresses, and other flirty fits.

Not only do fabrics like these up the ante on flirtatiousness. They also make any woman look more coy and alluring and, therefore, confident—as every coquette should be.

A young woman wearing a pink, corseted mini dress with a skirt layered with plenty of feminine ruffles.

5. Unapologetically Hyper-Feminine Accessories and Finishing Touches

The effort to look like a fun, romantic coquette shouldn’t stop at just clothes. You need to pair your outfit with beautiful accessories and shoes as well.

For accessories, look for dainty pieces to bring out your youthfulness and femininity. Go for rose gold jewelry with hearts, flowers, or stars. Look for chokers and socks with pink ruffles. Wear cute pearl studs on your ears for that delicate and soft look.

As for shoes, go with pieces with a vintage feel and a feminine touch. These include ballet flats, Mary Jane heels, or just your favorite pair of baby pink heels.

A pair of pink ballet flats next to a pink flower.

6. Add a Sprinkle of Black To Create a Sultry Dark Coquette Look

The classic look is mostly known for its soft, romantic, and pink appearance. But if you have an edgy, moody side, you can switch things up.

The dark coquette look has the same elements of vintage silhouettes and alluring feminine appeal but is more gothic and seductive. Black corsets, blood-red lipstick, and dark, lacy dresses are perfect for this unique take on the coquette style. Don’t forget to finish off your look with statement jewelry pieces to look like the ultimate coquette baddie.

A woman wearing a lacy white dress and a black corset while holding a bouquet of pink, white, and black flowers.

Coquette Aesthetic Meaning Outside of Fashion: 3 Other Ways To Emulate It

It’s a lot of fun playing around with girly, romantic-looking clothes, from pink mini skirts to beautiful ballet flats. But the coquette aesthetic meaning goes beyond just cute outfits. It also has to do with the attitude and personality you give off, especially on social media.

Do you want to build the image of a true coquette beyond just your clothes? Here are some ways to exude that playfulness and flirtatiousness on Instagram.

1. Playful, Flirtatious, and Pink Makeup Looks

Just because you have a flirty outfit on, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to head out and go full-on coquette. You need to get the perfect coquette makeup look, too. And this aesthetic style calls for soft, innocent, but still romantic glam looks—all hinged on pink, of course!

Go for a soft, subtle look with hints of pink. Start with a fresh complexion with a dewy BB cream or tinted moisturizer for that youthful glow. A bit of mascara and eyeliner would be great, too. Then, use a baby pink blush for rosy cheeks and a pink gloss for soft, kissable, tempting lips. Add hues of pink to your eyes as well with peach, coral, magenta, or light pink eyeshadows.

A woman with pink eyeshadow and soft, pink lips.

2. Dreamy and Romantic Photography Style

Looking at the part is hardly enough—you also have to hone your photography skills to compose stunning, coquettish photos. Practice taking romantic photos that look a bit more candid. Add softness and warmth to your shots to make them look dreamier and more colorful. You can always enlist the help of some photo filters on Instagram for that.

Include sweet, innocent, girlish elements in your pictures, like flowers, teacups, and pastries. Play around with pastel colors when editing your shots or flirty poses for selfies. Your goal is to create a cohesive feed design emulating the whims and fantasies of being a flirtatious, feminine coquette.

A flat-lay photo of an open book, flowers, pink desserts, reading glasses, and a cup of tea.

3. Interacting With Others in a Coy and Charming Way

Although the coquette style is more visually aesthetic, it’s also a type of personality. If you want to exude this branding on Instagram truly, engage with others the way a coquette would.

Try to be as flirty, coy, and charming as possible. Craft witty one-liners for your post captions. When replying to DMs and comments, be as clever as you can; try to start playful banter with others. Don’t forget to add cute, girly emojis to add even more personality to your online interactions!

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