Give Feline Fur Babies Extra Love on International Cat Day!

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Instagram 101 | Jun 24, 2024

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While there are arguably more dog people than cat lovers out there, it’s undeniable that furry felines deserve love, too. Their cool, low-key attitude and quirky, diva-like traits make them super endearing, and their presence is something to celebrate. That’s why cat lovers and charities invented International Cat Day—a day dedicated to the love of cats.

But what are you supposed to do on Cat Day? And more importantly, for content creators, what should you post to honor cats on this modern holiday? Keep reading to know more about the purpose and history of Cat Day and creative ideas on what to post.

Someone holding three white kittens in their hands.

When Is International Cat Day?

So, when is International Cat Day anyway? This day (referred to interchangeably with National Cat Day) takes place every August 8th and is for cats of all sizes, colors, and breeds.

Cats have been with humans since ancient times and continue to be a source of love and cuddles today. So, the purpose of Cat Day is to celebrate these cats and the love and joy they give you and your home. The goal is also to raise awareness about cats stuck in animal shelters that need rescue and adoption.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded this holiday in 2002. However, just a few years ago, International Cat Care took over the custodianship of it.

What Should Cat Owners and Lovers Do on Cat Day?

Cats are pretty chill and low-key. So, cat owners might not have a hard time finding ways to keep their cats entertained on this holiday. Something as simple as giving them extra treats or a new toy is enough to make them feel extra loved. 

Of course, you can also make a day of it and take your cat outdoors to play. The important thing is to spend quality time with them and greet them with an enthusiastic “Happy International Cat Day!”

Another nice gift for your furry felines is elevating their cozy spot at home to make it more exciting. Maybe you can give them a comfy, new cat bed or perhaps a lovely scratching post.

Remember, how comfortable and happy a cat is in its environment depends on its physical health and well-being. At least, that’s what the ISFM Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery say!

As with National Dog Day, which raises awareness about dog adoption, Cat Day is all about rescuing kitties, too. If you have extra time, spend Cat Day volunteering at an animal shelter. Groom, bathe, feed, and play with some of the cute kitties waiting to find a real home. Then, you can help the shelter encourage potential cat moms and dads to adopt them.

Do you lack time to volunteer, even if you really want to contribute to the cause of getting more cats adopted? Consider making a donation to the cat organization of your choice. There are plenty of charities to choose from, like EveryCat Health Foundation (formerly the Winn Feline Foundation) and Petco Love. When you donate to these organizations, you can help fund cat care while kitties wait to find their true home.

A woman lying against a bed while holding up her black and gray cat and kissing it.

5 Instagram Post Ideas for National Cat Day

National Cat Day is the perfect day to show off your cat’s cuteness and unique personality on social media. You can also use your platform to make noise about more important cat-related causes on this day. Whatever you end up posting, make sure it contributes in some way to honoring cats and the love they provide.

Don’t know what to post on Cat Day? Here are some Instagram post ideas for showcasing your love and support for all kinds of cats on this day.

1. Adorable Photos and Videos of Your Pet Cat

What better way to honor your fuzzy feline than posting your favorite pictures of them for everyone to gush at? Gather your cutest snaps and video clips of your pet cat. Then, curate a carousel post or Instagram Reel to show off all these wonderful and adorable moments.

The fun thing about a post like this is that you can choose whatever you want to share with others. It can be photos of your cat all glammed up in different outfits. It can be candid shots of them doing the weirdest things at home or distracting you from working. Or, it can simply be your favorite selfies as a cat and fur parent tandem.

A man with glasses and a gray and white cat standing on his shoulder and kissing his nose. 

2. A Cute and Silly International Cat Day Meme

Cats are one of the most popular subjects of internet memes. With their silly mannerisms and sometimes outrageous facial expressions, it should come as no surprise to anyone.

If you love cats and funny content, why not post a humorous International Cat Day meme to celebrate the occasion?

Choose a cat photo, whether it’s a hilarious picture from the internet or your favorite photo of your cat. Then, use an online meme generator to add your caption. Go for something silly, quirky, and relatable to cat parents everywhere!

3. Posts To Encourage Others To Adopt a Cat

If you can, use your voice online to encourage more people to adopt cats. There are plenty of cats in need of a permanent home. Just check out your local animal shelter to see which ones people in your community have a shot at adopting! Then, post about these sweet kitties to potentially find them their forever home.

Another way to encourage adoption is by sharing your own cat rescue or adoption story. It could be a simple photo with a long caption or a Reel with a voiceover telling the story. Share your journey to cat parenthood and how you love every part of it. Tell them all the reasons they won’t regret adopting a cat and where they can go to rescue one locally.

If there are adoption events at your local shelter, spread the word online. Promote it on your page and tag friends and family you think might be interested in rescuing a cat.

A man kneeling in a grassy area to carry and caress a stray cat.

4. Pet Care Tips for Fellow Cat Owners

Are you passionate about pet care and teaching every cat owner to be the best fur parents they can be? This Cat Day, consider sharing helpful tips and cat care resources with cat owners. This is especially valuable if you’re a veteran cat parent with followers who are new to caring for cats. Here are just some of the pet care tips you can share on your platform on Cat Day:

  • Behavioral training tips for kittens and cats who misbehave
  • How-to videos for grooming and bathing cats
  • Tips on feeding cats properly to give them the nutrition they need according to their age and weight
  • Content on how to use a litter box and keep it as clean as possible
  • Games, toys, and bonding activities that can help keep your cat entertained throughout the day

A gray cat lying on a sofa while its owner gently combs its fur.

5. Trending Cat Hashtags To Boost Visibility

Do you want more people to see your cat content? Add popular cat hashtags to your caption to increase the likelihood of cat lovers stumbling upon your post. This is a fun yet strategic way to get your Cat Day post out there and boost its engagement.

Don’t know what cat-related hashtags are currently trending on Instagram? Check out Path Social’s recommendations from our Hashtag Generator. Here, you’ll find all the trending cat hashtags to make your Cat Day content more successful.

Experiment with a combination of tags, including popular ones like #catlovers and #catsofinsta and more niche ones like #catmeme.

4 Other Cool Cat-Related Holidays for Fur Parents

Although Cat Day is the mother of cat-related holidays, there are tons of other special days cat owners should remember. Are you feeling festive? Here are four of the most important cat-related days you should mark on your calendar.

1. International Hug Your Cat Day for Extra Kitty Cuddles

Do you love getting cuddles and hugs from your fur baby? Well, you’ll love International Hug Your Cat Day. The purpose of this day is to remind cat owners to give their furry felines some sugar.

“Hug Your Cat” Day falls on June 4 of each year. On this day, cat parents should give their cats the warmest cuddles and most heartfelt embraces. Stroke their fur for a few minutes and remind them that they’re not alone and that you love them so. It’s a reminder that even if you’re busy with work or school, it’s important to pause and hug your cat.

And we get it—not all kitties love cuddles. Try your luck anyway! Give your cat a light squeeze before they push you away like the divas they are!

A blonde woman in a comfy sweater hugging her white and orange cat.

2. International Rescue Cat Day To Appreciate Adopted Fur Babies

March 2nd of each year is International Rescue Cat Day. This is a day to raise awareness about rescuing cats in animal shelters that need loving parents and homes. The Yorkshire Cat Rescue created this holiday back in 2019.

There are more cats than you might think in your local shelter. Some families need to give up their cats when someone in the home is allergic to them. Others have no choice but to give up kitties when their female cats give birth to too many babies. That leaves many shelters filled to the brim with sweet cats without a permanent home.

If you’re considering rescuing and adopting a cat, International Rescue Cat Day might be the best day to do it. Even if you can’t adopt a kitty right now, try volunteering at your local shelter to encourage more rescues. Do your part to make sure every rescue cat can find a home.

3. International Black Cat Day for Our Sleek, Witchy Felines

Black cats get a bad rep for the superstitious belief that they somehow carry bad luck with them. It gets so bad that sometimes, black cats have trouble looking for homes when they’re in shelters.

But anyone who owns a black cat will tell you that they are just as sweet as any furry feline. More than that, they have a naturally regal, sophisticated, and sleek vibe to them. They deserve just as much appreciation as white, orange, gray, and brown cats. That’s why International Black Cat Day is there.

Cat lovers around the world celebrate Black Cat Day on October 27 each year. The goal is to raise awareness about how sweet black cats are and how anyone would be lucky to adopt one. Post a cute picture with your black cat on this day and show these sleek, stunning kitties some extra love!

A black cat lying down on its owner’s keyboard on an office desk.

4. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day for Our Favorite Orange Fur Babies

Fun fact: all ginger cats (or “tiger” cats, as some might call them) are Tabby cats. And on September 1st each year, cat parents commemorate a day to celebrate their beloved Tabbies—Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

There’s a silly, endearing stereotype about orange cats being a little more… unaware and unskilled than other cats. They’re the ones jumping around for no reason or staring into space with the most ridiculous look on their faces. But that makes Tabbies all the more lovable, especially with the amount of laughter and joy they provide at home.

On this day, don’t forget to give your silly little ginger cat an extra treat. Show off their gorgeous orange coat and captivating, reckless personality with a cute Instagram post, too!

An orange Tabby cat sitting down on an upholstered chair.

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Cat Day is an excellent day for giving your fuzzy felines some extra treats and a whole lot of love. While you’re at it, post a cute photo or two to show off your cute cat on Instagram. If you’re feeling charitable, donate to a cat charity and encourage others to adopt rescue kittens. All of these will definitely make your International Cat Day a super memorable one this year.

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