How To Increase Instagram Followers for Free: Our Top Tips

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Karen Lin

Instagram Tips | Jun 05, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

Anyone trying to make a name online knows Instagram is a dog-eat-dog world. It’s competitive and brimming with content, so standing out and gaining followers can be challenging. It’s so hard that most people think the social media platform is pay-to-play. But that’s not true—you can definitely maintain a good online presence on a budget. Are you not sure how to do that? Well, today, we’re diving into how to increase Instagram followers for free.

Getting free Instagram followers isn’t a walk in the park. It takes lots of time and effort because you’re not throwing money at quick fixes and instant solutions for growth. Let’s delve into some of the best techniques for attracting high-quality followers without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Is It Possible To Boost Instagram Followers Organically?

Yes, there are plenty of smart, effective ways to boost Instagram followers organically. You just have to be creative and strategic when conceptualizing and implementing these growth methods.

There are many ways to approach organic growth on Instagram. The two most popular ones are arguably focusing on content and driving stellar engagement.

Increasing your followers organically often requires brands and creators to focus on improving their content. After all, engaging, enjoyable content will pique the interest of potential followers. Nailing your visual aesthetic and churning out high-quality content is a fantastic (and free) way to gain more fans.

You can also get more followers when you increase engagement on your page. The higher your posts’ engagement metrics, the more the Instagram algorithm pushes out your content to others. Good engagement might also result in more appearances on the Explore page. This boosts discoverability for your brand, letting you pull in even more followers.

Is It Better To Increase Instagram Followers Naturally or Use Paid Methods?

The answer to that depends on your goals for your brand’s online presence. Paid methods are excellent for getting lots of followers fast. However, if you want to grow sustainably (albeit slowly), it’s better to increase Instagram followers naturally.

Paid growth methods include promotional tools like running Instagram ads or buying cheap followers online. These methods are convenient and give you near-instant results, which may be amazing selling points for some.

However, this quick growth can falter fast. Instead of allowing your page to grow slowly and steadily, paid methods give your brand temporary bursts of growth. After each boost, your growth may go stagnant again, which can be super frustrating. You might find yourself stuck in a cycle of spending more and more money just to see temporary growth again.

Buying fake followers instead of attracting real ones with organic methods can also decrease the quality of your fanbase. This can plummet your engagement rate and increase spam on your page, which is never a good look for brands. It’s always wiser to win the hearts of real followers who love your posts, even if it takes longer.

Meanwhile, organic growth methods let your brand gain more and more followers at a steady pace. They also build the foundation to allow your page to sustainably and continuously get even more fans over time. The best part is that these methods won’t break the bank; they’ll barely cost a thing!

Are you itching to learn how to increase followers on Instagram for free with these organic growth methods? Keep scrolling to learn the best ones!

How To Get Free Followers on Instagram Through Your Content

Some of the easiest and most effective organic growth methods out there have to do with the content you publish. After all, it’s your content that will attract new followers and entice them to give your page a follow. So, it’s important to be extra thoughtful with your content strategy to pull in new fans.

With small adjustments to your posts, you can get more followers for free. Here’s how to get free followers on Instagram by tweaking and improving your creative content and profile page.

1. Optimize Your Profile To Appear More Often on Search

According to We Are Social, young internet users are more likely to search for brands on social media than search engines. That means brands should level up their Instagram profiles and optimize them to include important keywords. That way, when users search for words related to your specific niche, your page will pop up in the results.

Edit your display name and bio to include keywords relevant to your target audience. For example, if you have a food account, add phrases that describe your content, such as “dessert recipes” or “vegan.” When people look up those search terms on Instagram, your profile may appear.

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2. Create Impactful, Valuable Content Your Audience Will Love

Visually aesthetic photos are a dime a dozen on Instagram. No one wants to follow a bunch of popular accounts that post the same thing all the time. To stand out and attract new followers, you must create valuable, entertaining, and helpful content.

The key here is understanding what kinds of posts your target audience enjoys. Research your target market’s key interests or pain points related to your niche. Then, create content that fits their likes and hobbies or offer solutions to their problems.

For example, if you run a fitness account, consider creating everyday workout regimens and nutritious food tips. Tech pages should post informative, honest reviews on new gadgets. Travel influencers could post guides for things like local cuisines, long-haul flights, exploring underrated cities, and more.

The goal is to post content no other brand in your industry creates while adding value to your audience’s life. This type of content strategy will do wonders for reeling in new followers.

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3. Strike a Balance Between Feed Posts and Reels To Reach More People

If you want to reach more people on Instagram, post a combination of feed posts and Reels regularly. Remember, the photo feed and Reels feed are two different sections of the Instagram app. By being present in both, your page can reach more users, potentially allowing you to gain more followers.

We recommend assigning a specific role in each of these creative formats. For example, Reels can be for your funny, relatable video content and how-to guides. Meanwhile, You can reserve your photo feed for personal updates and aesthetic photos.

 This keeps things more organized when planning and producing your content.

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Free Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Using Third-Party Tools

Crafting content your potential followers will enjoy is arguably the best way to get more fans on Instagram. However, you can also find free ways to increase your Instagram followers with the help of reputable third-party online marketing tools. If you’re lucky, these free tools might even give you free followers without requiring human verification for ease of use.

Do you want to get more Instagram followers with the help of awesome online growth tools and apps? Here are some sites and tools that can help you do that completely for free.

1. Post Consistently With the Help of a Free Content Calendar Template

Content calendars allow you to organize the flow of your post uploads. They help you keep up with your content publishing schedule, helping you become consistent with your posts. And everyone knows that consistently uploading high-quality content can help boost your follower count.

Look for free content calendar templates or tools online. These can help you plan your content ahead of time so you know you always have something to post. That way, you never have to stress about long periods with no new content on your page.

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2. Take Advantage of Free Trials by IG Growth Services

Are you wondering how to increase your Instagram followers for free with the help of paid growth services? The secret lies in those that offer free trials for getting followers.

These include sites selling followers that are willing to give new customers a test run of a few followers. It’s a quick, free, low-effort way to acquire a large number of new followers quickly.

You can also take advantage of free trials from reputable marketing tools. Play around with their key growth tools and features during the trial period. Then, if you love what they do for your brand, consider investing in their software for the long term.

3. Use a Hashtag Generator To Come Up With Relevant Tags for Your Posts

When your posts contain hashtags, you essentially boost their visibility on Instagram. Your content may show up on the Explore pages and feeds of those interested in the tags you used. This added discoverability can lead to more new followers for your page.

To find the best tags for your content, use a free yet reputable hashtag tool like the Path Social Hashtag Generator. Our tool recommends trending hashtags related to your post’s niche and shares pertinent data on each tag. These include the total number of posts with that tag and how difficult it is to rank on that tag’s page.

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Tips To Grow Instagram Followers by Strengthening Your Fans’ Sense of Community

Aside from improving your content and relying on third-party tools, you can get followers by building up your community, too. Here are some cool tips to grow Instagram followers by leveraging your fans’ sense of community on the platform:

  • Create a broadcast channel. These channels allow creators and brands to send messages to their followers without having to post new content. They look similar to group chats but for an account’s loyal fans who subscribe to the channel. Broadcast channels are terrific avenues for sharing exclusive content with your community. Creating that special sense of exclusivity could potentially let you gain more followers and channel subscribers.
  • Feature user-generated content on your page. When your current followers post content featuring your brand, showcase it on your account. It’s an awesome way to acknowledge and form a stronger bond with your happy customers. Sharing user-generated content might entice others to follow and patronize your brand in the hopes of getting featured, too.
  • Reply to your followers’ comments and DMs. Spark conversation with them and share thoughtful nothings in each reply. Drive genuine engagement to strengthen your relationship with your fans. When users see how engaged you are with your audience, they may be more interested in following your page.

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And That’s How To Increase Instagram Followers for Free!

There are tons of tried-and-tested organic growth methods that are amazing for sustainably gaining followers on Instagram. From improving your content to using free online tools, the tips above will be your weapons for growing your page. Keep all of them to heart, and before you know it, you’ll see a significant increase in your follower count. The best part? You did all of it without spending a cent.

However, learning how to increase your Instagram followers for free is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to Instagram growth, there are plenty of other things you can do to find success fast. That includes investing in a reputable growth service like Path Social.

Path Social uses AI to find your target audience and promote your content to reach them. This allows for targeted growth, allowing you to build a community of fans for whom you actually design your content. It may not be free, but the results will be well worth it. Gain more authentic followers with Path Social!