How To Show Offline on Instagram–A Quick Guide

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Instagram 101 | Dec 29, 2023

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You’re deep into scrolling through Instagram Reels when a friend bombards you with not-so-funny memes. The constant pings are maddening. Worse, they notice you’re online but not replying, setting the stage for emotional questioning. It’s time to respond tactfully, but first, you might want to tweak your Instagram settings. Are you wondering how to show offline on Instagram to enjoy Reels with no interruption?

Social media platforms, from WhatsApp to Instagram, often let us see when friends are active. This feature can be a green light for reconnecting but also raises privacy concerns for many users.

Where privacy concerns arise, solutions must follow. Instagram’s activity status is no exception. Turning off this default feature stops followers from seeing when you’re online. Let’s discuss how to turn off active status on Instagram and enjoy off-the-grid moments during your social media breaks.

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How To Turn Off Active Status on Instagram

Only a few users know how to turn off active status on Instagram. It keeps your online activity private, preventing others from seeing when you’re active or your last active time. For privacy or to dodge unwanted attention, this setting is key.

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Head to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right.
  3. Choose ‘Settings.’ Then, go to ‘Privacy.’ 
  4. Scroll to ‘Activity Status’ and switch it off. 

Now, your online status stays hidden from others.

Remember, disabling activity status means you can’t see others’ online status either. For more control over your online presence, you can use airplane mode.

Airplane Mode 

Activating airplane mode is an effective strategy for controlling your visibility on social media platforms like Instagram. It disconnects you from the internet, allowing you to browse the app without revealing your online status.

However, it’s important to use this feature wisely. Forgetting to turn off airplane mode might make others think you’re ignoring them or cause unnecessary worry.

Also, caution against third-party apps that claim similar functionality but compromise data security. Instead, opt for trusted methods that protect your privacy without affecting your device’s performance or network connectivity. This approach ensures you control your online presence, balancing accessibility with confidentiality.

Third-party Apps 

Third-party applications such as Unseen allow Instagram users to appear offline while still engaging with the platform. These apps enable anonymous viewing of profiles, posts, and stories, providing a sense of privacy and control.

However, they come with significant ethical and security concerns. These applications often require access to personal information, raising questions about data safety. Users interested in these privacy features must carefully consider the potential risks involved.

Prioritizing your digital security and personal information while exploring these options is essential. Removing Third-Party Instagram Apps is the best decision. Choose the right app to balance the desire for privacy with the need to protect your data from misuse.


Ghosty is a tool designed to allow users to navigate Instagram anonymously. It enables viewing profiles and stories without detection and offers insights into ghost followers. Despite its features, Ghosty is not a favorite due to its violation of user privacy and collection of data without consent. Instagram responded by banning the app in November 2019. While some versions of Ghosty are still accessible through third-party websites, using them is risky.

These actions not only violate Instagram’s terms of service but also pose a threat to your account’s security. Users should know that such tools can lead to account suspension or termination. Considering these risks before using apps that infringe on platform policies and user privacy is crucial.


Unseen offers a hidden mode for Instagram users to browse the platform incognito. This feature lets users view stories, profiles, and highlights anonymously, ensuring their activity remains unnoticed. It provides the freedom to view content and respond to messages at one’s own pace. It means no pressure of immediate engagement. Unseen is particularly useful for maintaining privacy while enjoying the full range of Instagram’s features. However, it’s important to use this tool ethically. Users should not use Unseen for malicious activities such as stalking or harassment.

Respecting others’ privacy and boundaries when utilizing this feature is important. Responsible use of Unseen ensures a balance between personal privacy and respectful social media engagement.

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What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

If you want to use Instagram without disturbance, learning what active today means on Instagram is important. The active status feature on Instagram is visible only if you and another user mutually follow each other. To check if your friend is online, here’s what to do: 

  • Profile Photos: In direct messages (DMs), peek at your followers’ profile photos. A tiny green dot on the lower right-hand corner indicates they’re active.
  • Chat List: Scroll through your chat list, and spot the green dot on profile photos with “Active now” to see who’s online. You can also see when someone last read your message, indicated by “Seen Xh ago.”
  • Chat Header: In an active chat, “Active now” appears at the top. If you are chatting, it changes to “You’re both in the chat.”

Many users prefer keeping their online status private, not wanting others to know when they’re available. Turning off activity status boosts privacy and control over your online footprint. When disabled, others can’t see when you were last active or if you’re currently online.

This is particularly useful for reducing social media use or dodging messages from followers or strangers. Understanding how activity status affects your online presence empowers you to make choices that safeguard your privacy.

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How To Always Show Offline on Instagram

Don’t know how to always show offline on Instagram? It is very simple to toggle your Activity Status. This feature, when on, lets people you follow and those you message see your recent or current activity. To switch it off, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu in the bottom left, then select settings.
  2. Choose ‘How others can interact with you’ and uncheck ‘Show Activity Status.’

With your Activity Status on, your profile picture in DM will display a green dot or show your last activity. You can also opt to show your active status in chats.

Remember, turning off your Activity Status has consequences. You won’t see the activity of those who follow you or with whom you’ve had direct conversations. This includes their recent activity or if they’re active in the same chat. You also lose visibility of everyone else’s Activity Status.

Turn on the Quiet Mode

Instagram’s Quiet mode is perfect if constant notifications disrupt your focus or you need a break from the app. Activating it silences all notifications. If someone DMs you, Instagram automatically replies, “The user is in quiet mode and cannot receive notification.” 

To enable Quiet mode:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone. 
  2. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner. 
  3. Click the hamburger icon (More) in the top left corner. 
  4. Go to Settings. 
  5. Select Notifications. 
  6. Choose Quiet mode. Toggle it on. 

Now, enjoy a peaceful Instagram experience!

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How To Show Offline on Instagram by Turning Off Activity Status

Hiding your activity status on Instagram doesn’t restrict your access to your feed or Reels. This setting conceals whether you’re active from those who follow you or with whom you’ve exchanged messages. Turning off the feature that shows mutual chat activity also ensures others can’t tell when you’re online, even during active typing.

This privacy setting also limits your view of others’ online statuses. You won’t be able to see your friends’ active status. The app’s interface prioritizes your privacy over real-time social connectivity cues.

In your direct messages, the only visible information is the last message you’ve exchanged with each contact. You can still see messages you’ve sent when the recipient has viewed them. This feature helps you track your messages’ read status without revealing your online presence.

Turning off your activity status creates a more private and controlled social media experience. It allows you to engage with content and conversations at your own pace. There is no social pressure of immediate responses or the perceived obligation to be constantly available.

This setting is particularly beneficial for those seeking a balance between social connectivity and personal privacy on digital platforms.

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Alternatives to Turning Off Your Activity Status

If you’re hesitant to hide your Instagram activity status but need some quiet time, there are options. Consider a few easy steps: Mute, adjust notifications, and block where necessary. This approach lets you enjoy a more peaceful Instagram without completely going offline.

  1. Mute a User: This option halts interactions with a specific user, including DMs and their posts and stories in your feed. They’ll remain unaware, as they can still view your content.
  2. Adjust IG Notifications: Turn off notifications to enjoy a break without leaving Instagram. This includes alerts for messages, likes, and other interactions, reducing the temptation to check the app constantly. 
  3. Block a User: If you’re dealing with unwanted messages or spam, consider blocking the user. Instagram keeps this action private. Once stopped, their likes and comments will disappear from your posts. They’ll no longer have access to your profile or content.

These steps offer a balanced approach to managing your Instagram experience. You get to take a breather without completely cutting off your online presence. 

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