Instagram Login Woes? Let Us Help You With That

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Instagram 101 | May 27, 2024

Want More Real Instagram Followers?

A wise man once said that with a great Instagram profile comes great responsibility.

Before you even think about creating content, you face the “login to Instagram” screen. You may not realize this, but the content creation journey begins here. Don’t take it for granted. Sure, it’s not the most exciting part of the influencer journey, but arguably the most important.

Here’s why.

Picture this: You’ve grown a big following on Instagram and are a trendsetter in your niche. Unfortunately, a shadowy figure is perched at their laptop in a remote part of the world, hoping to gain access to all that you worked for organically. Imagine using our tips to finally get Instagram down to a science, just to have it stripped from you. Instagram login hacking is a regular day job for some people, and your hard work and brand visibility might put a target on your back.

Ensuring a stranger can’t crack your Instagram Login process is as essential to online success as finding the right time to post your video selfies.

Before you think you’re safe because your password includes numbers, letters, symbols, and squirrel noises, know that having a complex password simply isn’t enough in 2023. Your security methods should adapt to the times, just as we are sure your content creation does.

Shadowy figure using laptop to hack into your Instagram login.

Consider Creating A New Instagram Login Email

Consider some additional security measures. A hacker could seriously harm your personal life and finances by using your email address, which likely includes financial and confidential information about your friends, family, and other contacts.

The issue is that if someone ever attempted to log in to Instagram through your account, this is the email to which Instagram sends the original link, security code, and recovery steps. If someone hacks that address, a random third-party entity could authorize entry into your account.

But of course, you want brands to be able to contact you. An email address will give an air of professionalism that a DM message simply will not. We recommend that you have an entirely different Instagram Login email address for the purpose of your Instagram influencer account.

This may seem like extra work, but when you connect your Instagram account to the address that you’ve had for years, you expose yourself. Chances are that someone has sold this email address on the dark web. Instagram settings can only do so much. Being careful at this stage is part of the process for creators who think about the long-term prospects of their page.

You discover a security breach on your Instagram login page.

Get Your Instagram Login Unblocked Pronto!

You updated all of your contact and login information and have been using the app easily. You’ve implemented some of our tips to get more followers and boost your growth, and it’s been steady and organic.

However, one day, you open your app to check whether you posted to Instagram at the most optimal time. Much to your dismay, the process isn’t going smoothly when you try to log in to Instagram. This is when you discover that your Instagram blocked your login. As an influencer, you don’t want to waste time trying to have your Instagram login unblocked.

Free speech or not, there are still some rules that you must abide by on social media. You risk having your Instagram account suspended if you violate these guidelines. Unfortunately, at the point of login, Instagram frequently blocks accounts for reasons that aren’t always obvious. Understandably, you want your Instagram login unblocked.

Why Was My Instagram Login Blocked?

Instagram login page before you enter your login information.

You’ve probably heard the term Instagram’s strict Community Guidelines. If you don’t adhere to these guidelines, Instagram can disable your account.

A blocked account could be due to several reasons. One reason could be that you’ve been buying Instagram followers to appear more popular. A surefire method to have your Instagram login blocked is to use automated bots to increase your perceived overall engagement. You must naturally boost your interaction to stay off Instagram’s blacklist.

Whatever the reason, follow these steps to ensure that you never have to worry about having your Instagram Login unblocked:

  1. No Excessive Commenting
    Avoid engaging in too many activities that could annoy other users or go against IG’s terms and services. Like employing “get-1k followers in 5 minutes” type schemes, such as writing too many messages to attract too many new followers. This could impact the Instagram login process.
  2. Don’t Follow Every Related Account
    Followed a lot of accounts lately? Maybe you’re trying to be part of the community in your specific niche area. Be careful. It’s deemed spamming activity to follow too many accounts. If you do it too much, there will be delays on your login screen.
  3. Choose Your Hashtags Wisely
    This is a sneaky way Instagram secretly bans your account. You will be penalized, and your page’s engagement rate will drop if you use irrelevant hashtags or hashtags linked to spam content.
  4. Don’t Post Too Often
    It’s great to give yourself the best chance at success with consistent posts. But this could cause an Instagram block. Give your followers an opportunity to miss you. Instagram may block accounts that share an excessive number of posts in a short period of time.

If your account doesn’t fall under one of these scenarios, reach out to Instagram support for further help.

The FB Instagram Login: The Team You Always Needed?

You may have noticed this familiar icon on the login screen. Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the two networks have been gradually integrating and advancing their relationship. Do you know that one couple that started to look alike over time? That’s Instagram and Facebook right now.

If you have found that an audience for your content exists on Facebook, more power to you. Make the most of the power of visual content by sharing content across both platforms as an influencer or content creator. Use the FB Instagram login feature.

Linking your Facebook page to a connected Instagram account is simple if you already have both. To save precious seconds, you can even register on Instagram through Facebook. Plus, if you’re not sure if Instagram is down, you can always check via Facebook. If you can still log in to FB but not IG, you’ll know it’s a specific problem with Instagram.

Your Instagram login page has a Facebook login option.

Are Those Pesky Instagram Login Errors Stopping Your Shine? Do This

Has this ever happened to you? When you are about to login, Instagram sends you an error message.

“Error. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.”

“An unknown network error has occurred.”

Are these all too familiar? Instagram login errors plague innocent users all the time. You likely haven’t done anything “wrong,” per se.

Have you been engaging with other users? Are you liking pictures and commenting with harmless emojis? Sure, it may seem harmless enough, but if you do this enough times per day, you run the risk of Instagram deeming you a bot.

But we know you’re not a bot, so follow these tips to get your account back up and running.

Instagram Login Quick Fixes

It doesn’t matter what type of device you use for your content creation. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, here are a few tips that could easily fix this problem:

  • Log out of the App, and then log back in
  • Turn your phone off and then on
  • Delete the App from your phone, and then download it once again from your app store.

Forget the Instagram Login; Deactivate Your Instagram Account

This is not as scary or final as it may sound. It’s a temporary process entirely managed by you. Instagram allows you to follow screen instructions to deactivate your account briefly.

  • Go to the Instagram login screen through a computer.
  • Select the Edit Your Profile tab.
  • Deactivate your account. It will ask for a reason, but nothing too detailed. It’s not a test to determine whether you can deactivate your account.
  • Wait a few hours. Take a nap. Map out your memoir. Afterward, you can now attempt to revisit the login page.

The Instagram login page after you log out to practice self-care.

How Much Do You Really Know About This App?

Firstly, who owns the Instagram platform? The original creators of Instagram are software engineer Mike Krieger and computer coder Kevin Systrom. Since then, Facebook purchased the software in 2012 for a hefty price of $1 billion. You may have heard the name “Meta” floating around too. The parent firm of Meta now owns a subsidiary that includes Instagram and some familiar names like Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you’ve seen many iterations and updates. From the Instagram login process to the inclusion of short-term stories and the option to create engaging reels with great reach, the changes are as constant as the ownership of this popular app.

How To Recover Your Instagram Login Without Phone Number and Email

You may not use your usual email address for your Instagram, so remembering it off the top of your head isn’t easy. Luckily, you can use your Instagram login username to recover your Instagram account.

Click “Get help logging in” or “Forgot password?” on the sign-in page and enter your username. You will receive the login link via email along with the URL or code. The address will be partially displayed on Instagram so you can recall it.

Is Instagram a Safe Platform?

Instagram doesn’t provide more safety than the average social media site. You will have to exercise a level of care on your influencer journey. Use the following options and advice to make Instagram safer:

  • Activate two-factor verification. It just might prevent cybercriminals from accessing your account. Adding this to your Instagram Login process is worth the trouble.
  • Choose a secure password. Figure out how to change your Instagram password regularly. Try not to use the same password for all apps. A one-stop hack job can be enough to have a field day with all your social media accounts.
  • Keep your location obscure. Perhaps having an air of mystery can be your thing. Showing the view from your new apartment or posting a coffee shop too often can give someone with too much time on their hands the ammunition they need to find you.

Influencer posting after they pass the Instagram login page.

How Long Can I Deactivate My Instagram Login?

Firstly, deactivation is not deletion. By deactivating, you make your Instagram page invisible. When your account is inactive, your followers won’t be able to see your profile. You won’t be searchable.

Deactivating your account is an excellent method to get work done while taking a digital break. Going after your influencer dreams full throttle can be exhausting. Even Selena Gomez, Insta’s most followed, takes a break when she feels the need to.

However, how long can you leave Instagram inactive? For as long as you’d like. Return to the Instagram Login page when you feel good and ready. Instagram will restore it to exactly how you left it.

Invest Time In Your Instagram Login. It’s The Best Platform, After All

We’re not biased at all. Even though all these platforms seem to be merging into the same app at the core, Instagram maintains the most effective user interface, especially for an influencer looking to have a business edge.

Instagram makes it much easier than Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform to develop your brand’s reputation through images and videos. The inclusion of reels has only increased that ease. This is why we implore you to take the Instagram login stage seriously.

There is so much potential for visibility on this app. Instagram is extremely popular, particularly among younger people, with approximately 2 billion users on a monthly basis. Furthermore, according to Statista data, 97% of users in the United States visit this app monthly. Instagram supports efficient customer engagement for businesses, so we recommend making this app a big part of your influencer plans.

Many people like to login to Instagram.

There is so much potential for your brand on Instagram. Start your influencer journey the right way. Your login shouldn’t thwart your process. At Path Social, we can help you every step of the way, whether it’s growing followers, increasing engagement, or keeping up to date with the changes.