Start From Scratch: How To Create a New Account on Instagram

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Instagram 101 | Jul 09, 2024

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Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms for a reason. It’s brimming with visually stunning content and vibrant, active lifestyle communities. Plus, it’s where trendy brands connect with their target audience. 

Are you thinking of biting the bullet and finally joining Instagram to explore the platform yourself? We’ve got you. In our blog post today,  we’re filling you in on how to create a new account on Instagram.

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How To Create a New Account on Instagram

Using a new social network sounds intimidating as it is. Making a new social media account might be even more overwhelming. Luckily, making a new Instagram account is incredibly easy, whether you want one for personal or professional use. 

So, let’s jump right into it, shall we? Here’s how to make a brand-new Instagram account from scratch:

1. Download the Instagram app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device.

2. Once installation is complete, tap the Instagram icon to open the app.

3. Look for the Don’t have an account? message on the login page. Tap the Sign up button beside it.

4. Provide your email address or phone number. Make sure you can access whichever contact information you give because you’ll use it later to verify your account.

5. Wait for Instagram to send you a confirmation code. Then, type it into the field provided to confirm your email or number. Then, tap Next.

6. Type in your name and create a password for your account. Make sure the latter is strong to keep your profile secure!

7. Enter your birthday. Note that only those 13 years old and above can make an Instagram account. Then, select Next.

8. Choose a username. Tap Next.

9. Read the terms of service, and then, finally, click Sign up.

And there you have it! A brand-new Instagram account for you to play around with.

Making an Instagram account is much easier if you have an existing Facebook account. If you have Facebook on your device, it may appear as soon as you see Instagram’s login page. 

You can also choose to sync your new Instagram account with your Facebook details. That means you’ll have the same display name and profile photo for both apps. 

How To Create a New Business Account on Instagram: From Personal to Professional

There are several types of Instagram accounts available. You can use a personal account, aka the default account type. But if you run a brand, you might want to switch from a personal page to a professional account.

There are two types of professional accounts—business and creator accounts. With these account types, you get access to exclusive features, including getting to run ad campaigns and seeing post insights.

Creator accounts are for influencers who want to make it big as a personal brand. It’s terrific for any kind of content creator without a physical shop. But today, we’re focusing on entrepreneurs who run their businesses. Here’s how to create a new business account on Instagram, step by step:

1. Follow the steps above to create a personal account first.

2. Head to your profile and click the three horizontal lines at the top to go to Instagram’s settings.

3. Under the For professionals section, click Account Type and Tools.

Path Social’s screenshot of Instagram’s settings with a pink box highlighting “Account type and tools.”

4. Choose Switch to professional account under Account type.

Path Social’s screenshot of Instagram’s “Account type” section with a box highlighting “Switch to professional account.”

5. Read the introduction to professional accounts and click Continue.

6. Choose a category that best describes your business. Don’t forget to toggle on the Display on profile switch! Then, click Done.

Path Social’s screenshot of the IG’s professional categories to choose from when making a business account.

7. When asked if you are a creator or a business, choose the latter. Then, tap Next.

Path Social’s screenshot of IG asking whether a user wants to make a business or creator account.

8. Add your business contact information, including your email, business address, and phone number. If you don’t want this info publicly available, click Don’t use my contact info.

9. Link your Facebook account to your business page, or skip it for now and do it later.

And that’s it! Now, you have a business account with access to cutting-edge features exclusive to professional pages. 

Can You Have Two IG Accounts With the Same Email?

What if you want to make more than one page—can you have two IG accounts with the same email? Yes, Instagram allows users to own multiple accounts registered using the same email address. 

Each email can have up to five Instagram profiles associated with it. That makes it easy to run different pages without keeping track of so many email addresses. Note that each of these accounts must have their usernames and passwords.

How To Create a Second Instagram Account

A second Instagram account may come in handy for many existing users. Maybe you want to create a business page while still maintaining your original personal account. Or perhaps you want to run a themed account, like a bookstagram or a page for your beloved pets.

Or maybe you’re considering creating a “finsta”, a hidden account for more confidential, personal updates. After all, a study for the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication has shown that people use secondary finsta accounts to appear more “real” on social media.

Luckily, it’s ridiculously easy to create a second Instagram account. The platform already has a lot of your info from your first account. So, the process of making a second one is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Long-press your profile photo at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This shows you all the accounts logged into your device.

3. Click Add Instagram account.

4. Click Create new account.

5. Choose a username for your second account, followed by a password.

6. To use the same email and phone number as your first account, just click Complete sign up. You can also choose to add a new phone or email for this second account.

And there you have it. A secondary Instagram account for your new business, theme account, or finsta!

How To Switch Accounts on IG: Go From One Profile To the Other

After making a second profile, you may be wondering how to switch accounts on IG. Fortunately, the interface makes this incredibly fast and easy for people running multiple accounts for a smoother, more seamless experience.

All you have to do is long-press your profile photo at the bottom-right of your Instagram app. Then, all the accounts logged into your device will appear. Choose the one you want to switch to and tap on it. And that’s it—you’ve switched to another account in just a couple of taps!

Instagram Sign Up Not Working: How To Fix the Issue

Is Instagram sign up not working? Don’t stress too much; it happens. There are many reasons why you might be having trouble getting the sign-up page to work.

One of the most common reasons the sign-up page doesn’t work is an unstable internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data to see if you have a solid connection to the internet. Consider switching over to a stronger internet source.

You might also encounter technical difficulties, such as Instagram blocking your IP address. This might happen if you’ve been using third-party tools that raise eyebrows and flag the app. To overcome this issue, use a virtual private network (VPN) to change your IP address temporarily.

Tech problems might also arise if you’re using an outdated version of the Instagram app with bugs and performance issues. To avoid these technical difficulties, turn on automatic updates to ensure you always have the latest version of the app.

Another issue that might come up is problems with your email address and birthday. Remember, each email can only have five Instagram accounts at a time. If you create a new account with an email that already has five pages, the sign-up page won’t work. 

As for birthdays, Instagram will only accept users 13 years old and above. If the birthday you declare conveys that you’re younger than that, you can’t sign up.

A woman at a café using her laptop, which shows that her VPN is connected.

Instagram New Account: Important Next Steps To Take for Your Page

Your new Instagram page is a blank canvas, and you can do whatever you want with it. Express yourself with creative posts, make friends online, and consume all the content you want.

But before all that, it’s important to set up your profile properly. Here’s a checklist of some of the essential next steps to complete your page after making it:

  • Upload a nice profile picture that makes an excellent first impression on those who visit your page. Make sure it’s high-quality. The last thing you want is someone using an account checker to see if you’re legit because you look untrustworthy!
  • Write an engaging, informative, and witty Instagram bio to introduce yourself to potential followers.
  • Create a content strategy to serve as your guide for uploading content.
  • After posting content on your page, drive post engagement by interacting with people in the comments. This helps increase your engagement rates, which in turn boosts your page’s visibility on the feed.

Someone holding a smartphone with their professional Instagram profile on the screen.

How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Are you not enjoying the platform anymore? Deleting your Instagram account is super easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. In your Instagram settings, click Accounts Center at the top of the page.

2. Tap Personal details.

3. Select Account ownership and control and choose Deactivation or deletion.

4. Click on the account you want to delete.

5. Select Delete account and tap Continue.

6. Provide your reason for deleting your account, then hit Continue.

7. Confirm your decision to delete your account.

Keyboard buttons spelling out the word “Delete” against a red surface.

How To Make a New Account on Instagram: Join a Thriving Community Today!

Making an Instagram account is super easy, which means anyone can join the platform. Whether you’re making a personal or business account, a new page, or a secondary profile, it’s a walk in the park. After just a few minutes of tapping on your phone, you’ll be on your way to building your Instagram page.

Now that you know how to create a new account on Instagram, you can focus on growing your brand-new page. One of the fastest ways to populate your fanbase is by working with Path Social. 

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