Types of Instagram Accounts: Choosing Your Best Profile

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Instagram 101 | Nov 28, 2023

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Instagram is ideal for creating a solid social media presence and helping brands grow. However, everyone has access to different features. This is due to the different types of Instagram accounts available to users.

While this may seem unfair, understanding their features and functions will help us know why. The types of profiles on Instagram determine everyone’s success on the platform. This is why you must create the perfect profile type for your purpose.

However, this isn’t possible without fully understanding how the types of accounts on Instagram work. The platform allows users to create and operate personal, business, and creator accounts. Therefore, we have created a detailed article to help you find answers.

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What Are the Different Types of Instagram Accounts? Know the Options

An active Instagram user will notice the difference in everyone’s profile and type of content. However, a novice in the game can’t identify these differences. 

That notwithstanding, knowing the different account types and identification features is essential. This helps you to choose the account that works best for your brand and type of content. The perfect account directly impacts your success as an Instagram influencer.

1. Personal Instagram account

Personal accounts are the default profile everyone gets when creating an Instagram account. These accounts are suitable for maintaining a regular profile and connecting with others. They are perfect for people without an interest in monetization, Insta strategies, product or service sales, or account growth. Consider them as the less-ambitious profile offered by the platform.

Personal accounts are also nice for avoiding other people by voluntarily making your profile private. It features a ‘Close Friends’ option that allows you to create a list of people you want to share with exclusively. This works to avoid embarrassing situations while enjoying the benefits of the platform. 

In addition, you can access more Instagram music options for your reels and story videos on this account. There is no limitation to the number of stories, posts, and live videos you can create.

However, this account doesn’t allow you to analyze the effect of your content on your audience. This means you can’t see metrics and data about your Instagram activity. Also, personal accounts don’t allow adding buttons to your bio. But you can add a link to your website and other social accounts like Facebook. Apart from this, you can create Instagram ads on your account but can’t boost your posts.

Overall, a personal profile is perfect for personal use. However, you can change your profile to use it for other purposes.

2. Business Instagram account

Business accounts are a type of professional account that works to promote a brand or business. These accounts are perfect for any retailer, brand, or organization looking for business features to boost sales. These accounts are ideal for growing a solid Instagram presence and creating meaningful business connections. Anyone can switch to a business account for free to access all these features.

Business profiles help promote your products and services. However, they limit your access to music you can include in your content. Anyone with a business account can only use music from the royalty-free library. 

On the good side, businesses and service providers can access analytic tools and CTA buttons. This account also features options like Facebook Ads Manager, shopping, and auto-publishing Instagram content with third-party sites.

More than that, a business account has similar features to a personal profile. These include creating IG stories, feed posts, IGTV, and live video sessions. You can create, schedule, and promote ads and posts. This account’s featured message inbox settings allow you to set up quick replies and direct message filters. 

You can’t keep a private profile with a business account. All the additional features are only accessible to you while you own a business profile. Switching back to a personal account will make you lose access to your promotional content and analytics.

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3. Creator Instagram Account

Creator accounts are another type of professional Instagram account. These accounts are used for influencers, public figures, celebrities, and artists. They are quite similar to business accounts but have more flexible navigation. Both profiles feature an account verification option. 

However, a creator account is the only thing separating a business profile from an influencer’s profile. Creator Instagram accounts give you more control over your profiles to customize them to your needs. You can view analytics, include paid collaborations, and reply to messages.

The best part of this account type is a message filter option. This allows you to categorize your messages into general, primary, and requests. The general filter option is for messages you would like to view later. The primary filter is for top-priority messages, and the requests filter is for messages from non-followers. Creator accounts don’t have a limited number of followers. 

The contact button feature on creator and business accounts allows you to include a means of contacting you. You can also access regular personal account features like stories, feeds, IGTV, and live sessions. The only difference is that you can utilize creator-specific insights and account analytics. You can create and manage promotions, schedule ads, and use the branded content tool.

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How To Do Instagram Account Switching: Changing Profiles That Work for You

By now, you must have decided on the Instagram account type that works for your purpose. As mentioned before, each profile type has its distinct feature. So, it would be best to weigh the options before beginning the Instagram account switching process. Whatever you decide, the switching process is straightforward, and you can easily do it independently.

How To Switch to a Professional Account on Instagram

Switching to a professional account gives you the option of a creator or business profile. This allows you to access analytical tools absent on your account. Your followers will notice the switch in your profile from your new content type. It could bring a lot of increase in your engagement rate.

Here’s how to switch in eight simple steps:

  1. Log into your account on the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the profile icon at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Next, select the three-dot option in the upper-right corner.
  4. Navigate through the “Settings” page and tap “Account.”
  5. Select “Switch to a professional account.” You will see the two available types of accounts.
  6. Select the business or creator account option to switch to one of them.
  7. Adjust the category that describes your brand or influencing profile. You can link your Facebook account if you desire.
  8. Next, customize your contact information and save the settings.

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How To Switch Back to Personal Account on Instagram

Knowing how to switch back to a personal Instagram account helps you feel more connected to your followers. Returning to the default personal profile is as easy as switching to a professional profile.

Here is how to do it in three steps:

  1. Go to the settings page on your Instagram account and select “Account.”
  2. Select “Switch Account Type,” then choose “Switch to a personal account.” 
  3. Tap “Switch to personal” to complete the process.

How To Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

Sometimes, things do not go as planned, and you may need to abandon your business account. Your business profile will always be part of your Instagram account by default. However, turning it off will help you switch to a personal account. If you have a separately linked business account, unlinking Instagram accounts is also a solution. In addition, you will lose access to premium features like analytics. There are only three ways to know how to turn off a business account on Instagram.

Using the previous steps, the first solution is to switch back to a personal profile. The second and third options are deactivating or temporarily deleting your business account. Both steps are drastic and require abandoning Instagram until you decide to return. However, temporarily deactivating your account is not a permanent solution. Your business profile will exist once you return to the platform. Nonetheless, it can help you take a break from the noise.

Here is how to deactivate your account in four steps from your profile:

  1. Go to your profile page and select “Edit Profile” on the top-left side.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Temporarily disable my account.”
  3. Next, select a reason for the action and confirm your choice by entering your account password.
  4. If you want to delete your account, you must do it from a web browser. The account deletion page is only accessible on browsers.

You can also do this from a web browser’s “Delete Account” page. Here’s how to do it in three steps:

  1. Go to the “Delete Your Account” page on a browser.
  2. Choose a reason for requesting a deletion.
  3. Enter your account password to complete the request.

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How To Revive an Instagram Inactive Account: Getting Back Online

In some cases, some people may avoid their accounts due to personal reasons. However, an Instagram inactive account doesn’t wait for the owner to return. After six months or more, the platform will delete such accounts forever. 

However, you can maintain your profile if you are not ready to switch accounts. This will help you avoid losing your profile due to inactivity. You only have to log in regularly and post content occasionally to maintain the active status. Engaging with others will also maintain your visibility and re-establish your presence on the platform.

On the other hand, some private accounts may seem inactive, but there are ways to view private Instagram accounts. You may also notice inactivity in a fake account. You can use an Instagram account checker to confirm its status. Your Instagram account is essential for connecting with the right people. The types of Instagram accounts only allow you to access different features. But they are all useful for proper connection.

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