Instagram Business Account vs Personal–A Brief Guide

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Instagram 101 | May 22, 2024

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In the digital age, Instagram is the epicenter of influencer marketing, where pictures, videos, and hashtags create powerful narratives. Instagram influencers often struggle between showcasing their professional journey or keeping it private. This blog explores the difference between their Instagram business account vs personal one to boost your online presence.

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Instagram Business Account vs Personal: Types of Instagram Accounts

Instagram offers users a couple of types of Instagram accounts: personal and business. Each type caters to certain user preferences and demands with its own set of features.

Both account types play pivotal roles. Businesses utilize the robust analytics of Business Accounts, while influencers and individuals appreciate the personal touch of Personal Accounts. The choice depends on objectives and the desired level of engagement.

Business Account

The business profile is a specialized space for companies to advertise their wares and services. It’s available to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop stores to multinational conglomerates. This profile style lets users prominently display important facts such as their location and contact information. 

In addition, a set of features and tools enables you to manage your presence and expand. Users can easily create, collect, and analyze ads, view data, and make appointments or purchases from their Instagram profiles. The platform analyzes real-time data using live analytics to monitor audience engagement.

Businesses can encourage users to reach out when they visit your account to build lasting interactions through the Contact button. Instagram Shop enables businesses to expand their audience reach. Statista reports that 40% of online buyers converse and make purchases using chatbots.

Personal Account

A personal profile allows users to display their content in an unstructured way, including photographs, stories, videos, and reels. Users can connect with friends and family, follow accounts, and discover new content on the platform. However, they cannot access the additional features and capabilities available to Business profiles.

It all comes down to personal tastes and objectives when deciding between a Personal Account and a Business Account. Businesses and influencers seeking growth and market visibility may find the Business Account indispensable with its advanced features. However, a Personal Account’s ease of use may appeal to those who value privacy and want more one-on-one interactions. 

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Pros and Cons of Using Personal Instagram for Business

Out of the 1.6 billion Instagram users, most use personal Instagram for business purposes. However, the personal profiles won’t serve the purpose if you are a SaaS business owner or a nano influencer. Therefore, carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each account type to select the most suitable one.

Personal accounts have a significant advantage in terms of organic reach. Content success depends on personal user resonance when using a personal account for business. By using personal accounts, you can avoid any perception that your reach is due to paid advertising.

Another perk of having a personal profile is linking with several Facebook profiles. This is particularly useful for companies operating in different locations. 

Furthermore, with a personal account, you can go private. This means your followers must obtain your consent to view your content. While this provides anonymity, it may limit brand exposure, which is detrimental to reaching more people and raising awareness. 

Despite these benefits, several restrictions exist when utilizing a personal Instagram account for professional purposes. Instagram business accounts lack important features such as an ad performance dashboard, contact button, and Instagram insights. These features are accessible in professional accounts and cause you to miss out on major growth opportunities.

When users search for their favorite brands on Instagram, they expect to find a professional account. Using a personal account for your business can negatively impact your company’s reputation. Using a personal account instead of a professional one may affect your business’s credibility. Having a professional account is crucial for businesses to maintain a positive image and gain the trust of their audience.

Ultimately, choosing between a personal and business Instagram account depends on the company’s digital goals.

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Pros & Cons of Business Account 

The Instagram Insights function is one of the most noticeable advantages of a business account. It analyzes post and story performance, audience statistics, reach, follower count, hashtag analytics, and more. Businesses can use this data to enhance their content strategy, identify effective campaigns, and boost engagement, driving traffic and revenue.

The contact button in your bio allows users to contact you more efficiently. Those with a minimum of 10k followers can leverage the swipe-up functionality in Stories to drive traffic. This feature will enable followers to easily access external links, including your website or affiliate links.

A business account allows you to create and track sponsored ads, effectively reaching your audience and enhancing your brand visibility. Additionally, by increasing the audience of successful content, you can boost your posts through sponsored posts on followers’ feeds.

Additionally, Instagram business accounts can pre-schedule posts, ensuring consistency and frequency. 

On the flip side, business Instagram accounts present some potential drawbacks despite the numerous advantages. The less personable tone of a business account can discourage followers as they might perceive it as overly promotional. Balancing business content and authentic, engaging posts is important to maintain a healthy social media presence.

Businesses face difficulty maintaining a social media presence with many competitors. As a result, followers can become overwhelmed with constant advertising and may unfollow accounts that post too frequently. 

Also, there’s no limit on how many photos you can post on Instagram business. However, it may have limitations in terms of posting frequency. Excessive posting or other aggressive activities might trigger Instagram’s algorithms, leading to temporary restrictions.

Consistent monitoring is a requirement for business accounts, which could lead to the need for extra resources. Business accounts require more effort in projecting professionalism and interacting with clients, while personal accounts offer more leeway.

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How To Manage Your Account Type

To successfully navigate the changing Instagram ecosystem, it is essential to manage your account type effectively. Let’s see how you can manage your account, whether upgrading to a business account or switching to a personal profile.

How To Switch Back To Personal Account on Instagram

If you are wondering how to switch back to a personal account on Instagram, don’t worry. It is a straightforward process and helps you build close ties with your audience.

To begin, log in to your Instagram account. Click on settings from the hamburger menu and locate “Account.” At the bottom, locate the Switch account type. Now click the “Switch to Personal Account” button to confirm your choice. 

Remember that you might not have full access to the built-in music library once you switch your professional account. Following the move, there will be a brief outage of certain business tools like Instagram Insights. This phase allows for a closer relationship with your audience, enhancing content with a personal touch.

How To Switch Back To a Professional Account

Switching to a professional account is easy if your digital strategy changes or you want a more refined approach. Follow the abovementioned steps and find the “Switch to Professional Account” option in your account settings. If you want to be sure the switch goes smoothly, just confirm your selection.

It is crucial to carefully assess your digital objectives and audience preferences as you navigate these changes. Users can create an Instagram presence aligned with their goals using business-specific tools or a personal approach.

Switching accounts allows users to customize their Instagram experience according to their preferences, privacy concerns, or strategic adjustments.

Significance of Understanding How To Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

Even though professional profiles offer more advanced features, sometimes reverting to a personal account is the better choice. Knowing why switching accounts is crucial for maintaining a meaningful online presence. Here’s why you should know how to turn off your business account on Instagram:

  • Evolving Preferences: A business account may initially align with your Instagram style, but your preferences and requirements can evolve. Opting for a more relaxed and personal setup may better suit your objectives.
  • Privacy Matters: Setting up business accounts requires providing personal information such as address and contact details, which some people may find intrusive. Creating a personal account can rectify this issue and provide you with a greater sense of security.
  • Streamlining Notifications: Even though Instagram Analytics provides useful information, not everyone finds it interesting to dig into the data. Switching to a personal Instagram account simplifies the experience by reducing statistics and alerts.
  • Exploring Options: The pursuit of knowledge can take us in surprising directions at times. If you open a business account out of curiosity, you may not know how to utilize it effectively. Deactivating your Instagram business account can help you reassess your social media strategy.
  • Adapting Strategies: Your social media strategy should match your company’s evolving objectives. If your plans change, switching back to a personal account will align your Instagram account with your new objectives.
  • Better Interaction: You can usually have more casual and direct conversations with your followers with a personal account. Personally connecting with your audience is possible when you can be yourself without resorting to a corporate identity.

Knowing how to turn off business accounts on Instagram is crucial for customizing your online presence. Instagram demonstrates commitment to users by offering a platform that caters to diverse styles and goals.

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